Affiliate Program Open to All, Super Affiliate Commissions Added

Two great news items for agencies and affiliate marketers today from FeedBlitz. Firstly, our affiliate program is now open to all on a self-service basis; anyone can join. Our commissions for clients you refer range from 10% to 40%, each and every month. If you’re interested in our recurring revenue affiliate program, sign up here.

Secondly, we’ve added tier 2 / super-affiliate commissions. Basically, if you are an affiliate and bring us clients, and those clients in turn become affiliates, you earn from billings created by your affiliates. Super affiliate commissions are up to 10% of end user billing amounts, and are again recurring revenues for you. Check out the commission rates and join the program here.

If you’re a VA (virtual assistant), agency or graphic designer you should know that FeedBlitz’s affiliate functions include allowing you to register and manage client accounts direct from the FeedBlitz app.

All affilaite features are available in the FeedBlitz navigation. If you don’t see them after you log in to FeedBlitz, you can enable them by going to My Account | Customize and choosing the “power user” option.

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