Better Video in Emails

Video in email has long been a source of frustration. Thanks to the efforts of virus writers, malware developers and security holes the vast majority of email client software will not run embedded video players as they pose a security risk. The videos don’t display, and for bloggers and emailers making use of embedded video it is a source of aggravation when sent to email clients. We’ve had questions about video so often that we’ve written a knowledge base article about email and video here.

The workaround – to put in a static thumbnail linked back to the video site – is time consuming and yet another hassle for publishers.

Now FeedBlitz is all about automating the tedious tasks normally associated with email contact marketing. And today we’ve moved email in video forward significantly by automating the thumbnail and link generation processes for popular video sharing sites.

As of now, FeedBlitz will automatically generate thumbnail images and links back to the site for videos embedded using standard embed codes for the following video sites:

This is great news for the increasing number of marketers, new media companies and bloggers using video online – now the video experience for email subscribers is dramatically better.

Here’s a quick example, using FeedBlitz’s demo video which is hosted on YouTube. If you view this online at the blog, you get the full-featured player below. If you’re viewing this in email, though, you’ll get a screenshot from the video which takes you right there when you click it. And it’s the same for the other sites that we’re supporting out of the box.

Another chore for video email marketers and social media mavens eliminated! Start an evaluation today.


  1. Mark says:

    Please add, too!!

  2. Phil Hollows says:

    Hi Mark:

    We have a support request in to them to see if we can get the data we need. We'll update the post or tweet if and when we get some traction there.



  3. Haiti Notes says:

    Total Feedblitz newbie here, so I need to catch up to speed.

    With linking to an embedded video in a standard webpage, has this same email problem existed?

    If one's preference is to link to a Youtube video, embedded 'on site' (versus YouTube.Com), does this advance bring any value?

    What if we're planning on branding Flow Player for our video needs?

  4. Phil Hollows says:

    The problem exists in email for any embedded player, HTML 5 may solve the issue but don't hold your breath for email clients (e.g. older MS Outlook versions) to support it.

    The feature works when you use (say) YouTube's "embed" links to add the vide ot your won site. However, when the user clicks the image FeedBlitz inserts it takes you to your video at YouTube.

    The value is that the emails sent don't contain lots of ugly whitespace and that there is *something* there for subscribers to see when you post about the clip.

    FlowPlayer is somewhat trickier as there are so many variables and parameters. With all that flexibility it is hard to reliably determine where the movie and its thumbnail actually live. As and when you get your FP site running mail us at support and we'll see whether we can do anything with it.

  5. Ten says:

    When I click on the video in a feedbliz email, I am taken to YouTube to watch the video. However, it just goes to a "regular" YouTube space to play my video. Is there some way to link so that it goes into my YouTube channel to play it?

  6. Phil Hollows says:

    @Ten Not at the moment. But does't the "regular" page link to your channel?

  7. Phil Hollows says:

    @Mark Wish granted! is being added tonight (Sunday April 25th).

    We will also be updating our YouTube capabilities so the thumbnail will be generated even if you are NOT using the standard YouTube embed code (e.g. your own player)

  8. Ten says:

    Hi Phil, It takes me to a YouTube page that includes a text link to the rest of my videos, but shows
    'related videos' all along the right side. I want those 'related videos' to be MY videos. :) I also want the 'suggested videos' that YT puts at the bottom of my video to be my videos, but that is not your department! Thanks for getting back to me.

  9. Brian says:

    Good video and nice service

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