Newsflash 101 – Sending Emails without RSS

Now that you know how to re-send posts from your site with our On Demand mailing feature, you’re ready to learn about another one of our great features which can be combined with On Demand and Groups.

Before we get started, though, we have to ask: Have you ever wanted to contact your subscribers without having to publish the content on your website? Possibly send a special thank you or offer to your email subscribers in appreciation for being a member of your site? Maybe send a group of posts but have a personal introduction paragraph before your site’s content?

You can do this and more with a FeedBlitz Newsflash!

What is a Newsflash?

A Newsflash is a mailing through FeedBlitz, not originally powered by an RSS feed. These free-standing emails can be sent to one or all of your lists, use the template of your newsletters, work with a completely different template if preferred, and can be sent on demand or scheduled for a particular time.

How can I send a Newsflash?

Sending a Newsletter begins in a very similar manner to sending an On Demand mailing. For a basic Newsflash, we created this video to walk you through the process:

Trouble seeing this video? Please click here.

Did you know about the FeedBlitz Support YouTube channel? Find tons of videos like this one to help you up the ante with your email marketing. Check it out!

Why would I want to send a Newsflash?

Our publishers are finding new ways to incorporate Newsflashes into their email marketing plans each week! Below are a few of our top ways to add Newsflashes to your sending schedule:

  • Sending information you don’t want to post to your website

  • Emailing sponsored content with a different template

  • Using a blank template and a private “members only” mailing list to send what resembles personal correspondence from the publisher

    • This is a great idea for coaches of all types, and our publishers who do this often charge a membership fee.

  • Create a weekly email with a personal blurb followed by the week’s posts

  • Compiling Top Articles of the Year / Week / Season (etc.) emails

How do I send a Newsflash with posts from my website like an On Demand mailing?

Combining a Newsflash and On Demand mailing is as easy as clicking one button as opposed to the other!

From here you will be able to select the articles you’d like for your mailing, reorder them as you’d like and then continue to edit content and make any changes to the template you’d like. You may recognize this process, you’re creating an On Demand mailing and then editing it like a Newsflash. It’s that simple!

This is the method used by our publishers who enjoy sending a weekly email containing their latest posts, but with the capability of adding a personalized introductory paragraph, as well as those looking to send a Most Popular Posts email. You can use the same template of your regularly scheduled RSS-to-email mailings, or our support staff can work with you to create a new template.

Pro Tip: For a quick reference guide on how to send an On Demand Newsflash mailing, bookmark this article from our Knowledge Base!

Newsflash mailings are a great way to take your email marketing to the next level. Depending on what you are sending, you can even save and reuse this content or create an Autoresponder from it. The possibilities are as vast  as you let  them be when it comes to email marketing – now go get started on your brainstorming. We can’t wait to see what you come up with for your next Newsflash!

Looking to start working with Newsflashes but have a few more questions? Send us an email at, chat, check out our Help Forum, or give us a call at 1.877.692.5489. Our Support and Sales Desk is available Monday – Friday from 9 am to 5 pm EST.


Easy enough for a blogger to set up in seconds, powerful enough for sophisticated corporate email campaigns, FeedBlitz is an RSS, Email and Social Automation Tool to take your email marketing to the next level. Visit us online to learn more or start your 30 Day Free Trial!

Sending Your Posts On Demand

While we explore the various features old and new (Hello, Groups!) available to our publishers, this week’s post touches on one of our oldest core features. For some, it will be an introduction while for others it will be a refresher. Regardless, we hope you will find a touch of inspiration for one of our most beloved email marketing features.

Have you ever wanted to resend a post which has already gone out to your list? Reasons for doing this can vary, yet there can (and most likely will at some point) come a time when you need to manually resend a particular post. For this purpose FeedBlitz offers the functionality of sending an On Demand mailing.

What is an On Demand mailing?

An On Demand mailing is an email which is manually selected and sent to an audience. This links in with our On Demand scheduling option which prevents mailings from being sent automatically.

How do I send an On Demand mailing?

It’s very easy to send an On Demand mailing! Our FeedBlitz Support Team put together this quick video tutorial to walk you through the steps:

Trouble viewing this video? Please click here.

You can also bookmark our quick guide with screenshots in our Knowledge Base.

Why would I want to send an On Demand mailing?

  • Manually send posts from your website.

  • Re-send a mailing to those who did not open or click the initial mailing.

Pro Tip:A majority of emails have an estimated 20% open rate. (Hint: Unless you are a deal blogger, this is a target open rate goal to reach!) The funny thing is that each day your 20% can be comprised of a completely different 20% of your subscribers. This is why the occasional re-sending of an important post is efficient in helping you reach a wider portion of your audience! But we caution – use this tactic sparingly so as to not upset those who do open every email you send.

FeedBlitz How To: Use a Segment to pull email addresses for those who did not open or click in the mailing. The segment code to use is: NOT (opened>=”YEAR-MM-DD”) and NOT(clicked>=”YEAR-MM-DD”) When using a segment, be sure to always select Check Segment Syntax and Count Included Subscribers to ensure the segment is correct and the subscriber count is in line with your estimate.

  • Email a post to additional lists in your account.

  • Create a roundup of posts to send in one email.

On Demand mailings can include as many or as few articles as you would like. As long as the post is in your feed, you are able to send it On Demand. (This is GREAT when sending year-end round-ups, which we’ll talk about more next week!)

Once you have selected the articles for your mailing, you can reorder them in any way you choose before hitting send. On Demand mailings are even set up to use the email template of the list, so there’s no extra worry about design or layout. And if you remember our previous post on Groups, you can use this feature to help specify even further the audience who will receive your On Demand mailings.

Many of our publishers enjoy using our On Demand feature with their email marketing. Whether used regularly or sparingly, this feature is available for all FeedBlitz publishers. If you have questions about how to send an On Demand mailing, send us an email at, chat, check out our Help Forum, or give us a call at 1.877.692.5489. Our Support and Sales Desk is available Monday – Friday from 9 am to 5 pm EST.


Easy enough for a blogger to set up in seconds, powerful enough for sophisticated corporate email campaigns, FeedBlitz is an RSS, Email and Social Automation Tool to take your email marketing to the next level. Visit us online to learn more or start your 30 Day Free Trial!

We’ve Updated our Terms of Service

Last week I told you about how we’d updated our privacy policy. This week, it’s the terms of service’s turn for a little sprucing up.

It’s the same deal, basically. No changes in who we are, how we approach business, and what we do.

As part of modernizing it, we’ve added sections to cover the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (the “DMCA”) and how we deal with account ownership disputes. It’s very dry reading (something perhaps only a lawyer can love?), but it is our contract with you unless we have a separate agreement in place.

So the usual words apply: If you continue to use FeedBlitz, you agree to these terms. In brief:

  • There are no guarantees.
  • You are responsible for your own content, and its compliance with applicable law.
  • FeedBlitz is not liable for damages, including (but not limited to) those arising from any use, abuse, misuse or non-performance of the FeedBlitz service or the information provided by third party publishers.
  • FeedBlitz is not liable for third party content redistributed using FeedBlitz.
  • These terms of service can change at any time; if you continue to use the service you have implicitly agreed to the changes.
  • Your FeedBlitz account may be terminated by FeedBlitz at any time for any reason and for no reason.
  • You may cancel your use of our services at any time.
  • Any refunds other than for fraud, or billing errors, are at FeedBlitz’s sole discretion.
  • FeedBlitz may insert advertising depending on current program policies and your level of participation.
  • FeedBlitz may require upgrades or payment depending on prevailing policies.
  • FeedBlitz may suspend mailings on your behalf after any grace period expires or for suspected abuse.
  • FeedBlitz will not sell, rent or otherwise deliberately reveal your email address (see our privacy policy).

And because our lawyers will have a fit if I don’t say this, the words that count are on the terms of service page, here.


RSS Feed Service Degradation Jun 9 2016 – Resolved

Like many start ups, we use cloud computing services from major providers to provide core elements of our infrastructure. Right now, one of them is experiencing major issues across the board in the part of their cloud that we use. That has meant that feed serving from our data centers has been unstable for the last couple of hours, and that the options available to us to mitigate the effects are limited, as they would rely on the same cloud provider that’s currently in trouble.

We apologize for the inconvenience. We’re working mitigate the effects of their outage as quickly as we can. Right now we’re serving feeds, but on limited capacity and so it’s slow. We’re adding more capacity where it’s robust to do so in order to get back to full availability for RSS clients.

Update: Around 4:20pm eastern the provider in question started to recover. RSS feed services are now back to full strength

Introducing Groups: The Newest FeedBlitz Feature!

Your publishing capabilities are so much more than sending automatic emails powered by your RSS feed, and we want to make sure you’re maximizing all the publishing capabilities we have to offer! Over the next few weeks, we’ll be exploring these capabilities here on the FeedBlitz Blog.

First up in our series, we’re going to explore one of our most recently released features: FeedBlitz Groups! We are always striving to bring you the latest features and capabilities in email marketing, and know you will be really pleased with this added feature.

What are Groups?

Groups are a new feature within the FeedBlitz publisher’s platform.

Not associated with any list in your account, a group is a separate, static list of emails. To create a group you can import emails, manually type them in, or add subscribers from a list with our move/copy feature. Your subscribers won’t receive a notification when they are being added to a group as this feature is purely for publisher use.

What are some ways I can use Groups in my email marketing?

If you’re ready to take your email marketing to the next level and begin target marketing your subscribers, groups are here to help you make it happen. With groups you can:

  • Pull subscribers who have opened a particular set of emails or clicked a select link in an email. This will help you narrow down those who are interested in a specific category or offer, information you can use to target these individuals directly in the future.

  • House subscribers who have previously purchased a product or completed a course. If you use one mailing list for sales pitches, create a group for those individuals who’ve purchased and you no longer want to pitch them on a particular product. We can assist you in setting up triggers for the subscriber to be automatically removed from a mailing list and added to this group.

  • Create a group of inactive subscribers as opposed to a separate list. When performing list hygiene, we often delete those subscribers no longer active in our list. Now you can create a group for these emails which will not affect your pricing tier.

  • Easily exclude or include subscribers from a mailing. You are able to use groups when sending On Demand or Newsflash emails under the Audience Inclusion and Audience Suppression tabs. Groups further narrow down or widen the scope of who will receive targeted emails without risk of a single subscriber receiving duplicate emails.

  • Use custom fields and tags on your subscription forms to create groups based on subscriber location. This is especially handy if you travel for speaking events, host conferences, or have multiple locations and offices.

Take some time over this next week to explore our new groups feature, even brainstorm different ways groups can help enhance your email marketing efforts. If you come up with a brilliant way to utilize groups, or even find yourself having great success using one of the methods we mentioned above, please send us an email to let us know! Your idea or success could be featured in one of our FeedBlitz social channels or in our Knowledge Base Support Forum.

Ready to get started utilizing groups in your account but want a little more information? Send us an email at, chat, check out our Help Forum, or give us a call at 1.877.692.5489. Our Support and Sales Desk is available Monday – Friday from 9 am to 5 pm EST.


Easy enough for a blogger to set up in seconds, powerful enough for sophisticated corporate email campaigns, FeedBlitz is an RSS, Email and Social Automation Tool to take your email marketing to the next level. Visit us online to learn more or start your 30 Day Free Trial!

We’ve Updated Our Privacy Policy

The good news is, nothing material has changed. FeedBlitz is continuing to adhere to the same high standards we set ourselves from the start, in terms of both how we run our business and our obligations to you, our users.

The better news is, the updated privacy policy is I think not only clearer, it’s actually helpful, in that it contains things like links to third party sites where you can control how third party services we use (such as Google Analytics) treat your information. Light reading it is not, but it’s not exactly “War and Peace” either. If you care about how information about you is collected and used, it’s worth a read.

In more or less plain English, this is what our updated privacy policy says:

  • You have the right to control your personal information.
  • FeedBlitz never sells, rents or buys email addresses.
  • List owners can see the information you give them as part of our services.
  • FeedBlitz uses cookies, tracking and logging to make FeedBlitz work and tell list owners about activity on their lists.
  • FeedBlitz emails globally, but is a US-based business with a US-based infrastructure.

So why update it? Well, periodically, we review what we do and how we do it. As part of that process, our lawyers urged us to update our privacy policy to be both clearer, and to reflect modern realities. For example, the part about our servers being in the US turns out to be fairly important for non-US users. We didn’t have that before.

Anyway, lawyers are expensive (but for good reason), and it seems silly to waste all that money! You can find our freshly updated privacy policy here.


Are you a FeedBlitz Affiliate?

Over the past few weeks, we’ve walked you through the process of monetizing your mailings. (Haven’t caught up on those posts? Check them out here!) Today let’s talk about a different form of monetization: The FeedBlitz Affiliate Program

What is the FeedBlitz Affiliate Program?

We know you love our services, and the FeedBlitz Affiliate Program is our way of rewarding you for loving our services and telling your friends about us. To summarize the program, you refer FeedBlitz to your network, they sign up, you earn income. And that’s it!

Our goal is to enhance your relationships by offering to your network the value, customer service and email marketing automation features of FeedBlitz you have come to know so well. Ideal for bloggers, businesses, agencies, virtual assistants and more, the FeedBlitz Affiliate Program is great for any member of the FeedBlitz family! Many of our bloggers and marketing agencies alike have found great value (and received great revenue) from being affiliate partners.

How does the program work?

Once you sign up for the FeedBlitz Affiliate Program, a unique affiliate link, or API, is created which you can use when promoting or recommending our services to others. Please note, this is only one way we track referrals, a quick email to our support staff and we can apply the proper affiliate account as well!

From here, it’s up to you how you wish to proceed in referring our services. You can do so through paid advertising, sponsored posts, content, conference representation, etc. Our team is here to help you in any way possible and have collaborated with our publishers on webcasts, podcasts, instructional content and more.

We use a variety of techniques to track the success of your individual program and affiliate members. Using tactics such as special offer promotional codes and custom landing pages, along with your unique publisher API, we can identify and properly delegate new publishers as they join.

What’s the benefit of joining the FeedBlitz Affiliate Program?

When a new publisher signs up for FeedBlitz, thanks to your efforts, and completes their free 30 day trial, you will then receive a share of their monthly or annual billing cycle. Revenue share rates begin at 10% and increase as high as 40% on all billing fees earned. These percentages are based on the payment tier being billed for the new publisher.

Curious about your earning potential?

Check out our Affiliate Program commission rates and tiers!

There really is no limit to your earning potential with the FeedBlitz Affiliate Program. The more publishers you send our way who utilize our services, the more income generated on your behalf. And all of this taking place without you needing to worry about tracking or payments!  *Because you know how much we like our set-it-and-forget-it way of life here at ‘blitz headquarters!

What else should I know about the program?

Before joining our FeedBlitz Affiliate Program we ask that you please take a moment to read our Terms and Conditions which can be found on our site. This gives you all the minor details, the ins and outs about the program and can answer most of your questions.

A Word for our current Affiliate Program Partners: Referring a service to your friends and network is no small act, and we take great pride in our publisher’s referrals. Your referral is a vote of confidence in our company, services and staff, and it is our duty to exceed the expectations of your network. We want to thank you for trusting us not only with the success of your email marketing, but that of your valued friends and network as well!

Interested in joining our affiliate program but still have a few lingering questions? Send us an email at, chat, check out our Help Forum, or give us a call at 1.877.692.5489. Our Support and Sales Desk is available Monday – Friday from 9 am to 5 pm EST.


Easy enough for a blogger to set up in seconds, powerful enough for sophisticated corporate email campaigns, FeedBlitz is an RSS, Email and Social Automation Tool to take your email marketing to the next level. Visit us online to learn more or start your 30 Day Free Trial!

Monetizing Your Mailings by Selling Digital Content

We touched on this topic not too long ago in our post Using Autoresponders to Help you Sell and today we are going to take a closer look at how to get started selling digital products to monetize your mailings to generate another income stream.

Most blogs should be able to create a digital product to sell and generate income. While it might be hard to see how this revenue model relates to a mailing list, remember the subscribers on your list have given you permission to contact them via email. Signing up for an email list is a transaction. In this way, your email subscribers are already clients, they just haven’t paid (yet!).

As long as you’ve done the legwork on your part of the relationship, delivering high-value content, you have established a strong, trusting connection between your subscriber and your brand. With digital products, you can turn these individuals into paying clients!

How can I get started selling Digital Content?

Ebooks and email courses are the most popular forms of digital products our publishers promote and sell to their mailing lists. If you are new to offering digital products on your site, here are two different ways to begin introducing the process:

  • The Enticement

    • Use content on your site that touches people looking to solve a problem or fulfill a need related to your digital product. (How-to posts are great for this!)

    • Solve this issue in the content on the site, but offer a free enhancement to that solution. To receive the free enhancement, the reader must submit their email address and confirm their subscription.

    • Deliver your freebie with an Autoresponder after the subscription has been confirmed, and in the same email offer your digital product.

  • The Bundle Strategy:

    • Create small products (short eBooks or printables) and add them to your digital product inventory. While each of these items should be purchasable individually, they will be used to increase the value perception when bundling them together.

      • Example: If you had 10 ebooks at $4.95 each, that’s a $49.95 value, however the bundle would be available at a lower price. Remember that you had no actual intention of selling a standalone ebook. If someone buys a single one, that’s just a happy bonus.

    • Follow the same method mentioned in the enticement strategy to pitch the bundle. Emphasize this is their only opportunity to purchase at the discounted, bundled price.

    • You can also offer this bundle in various other places in your mailings, linking them to Autoresponders as well.

What about my current subscribers?

Never forget about current subscribers! Make them feel special by always offering your list an opportunity to buy from you before officially launching any product on your website. This is also a great way to test a new product’s market potential. If you are about to offer a new free printable, download or eBook, send a Newsflash to your current lists with the content first. As long as you use an autoresponder to deliver the incentive to your new subscribers, you don’t have to worry about duplication.

Brainstorming Time!

  • First, list any digital products you have purchased in the past 2-3 years.
  • Why did you buy these products? Was it the content? The offer itself?
  • Now think about the content on your site. List 3 ways you could use your current content to create a digital product.
  • Take it a step further and list 3 new digital products you would like to offer in the future.

And there you have it! Recognize what sparked your interest in purchasing other publisher’s digital content and look at how you can incorporate it into your site. We’re willing to bet you already have at least 3 digital products waiting to be packaged together with the current content on your site. The next step is creating the Autoresponders and Parsers to set it all in motion!

When you begin to sell digital content, the most important aspect is to always deliver on your promises. Each transaction and each email should be one which reaffirms your customer’s trust in you and your product. Test this process in detail to ensure all aspects are in line and processing correctly before you launch it to the world. If you have any questions, or team is here to act as guides and walk you through the setup if needed!

Questions, comments or suggestions on what you’ve read here today? We’d love to hear your feedback! Send us an email at, chat, check out our Help Forum, or give us a call at 1.877.692.5489. Our Support and Sales Desk is available Monday – Friday from 9 am to 5 pm EST.


Easy enough for a blogger to set up in seconds, powerful enough for sophisticated corporate email campaigns, FeedBlitz is an RSS, Email and Social Automation Tool to take your email marketing to the next level. Visit us online to learn more or start your 30 Day Free Trial!

A Word on Monetizing your Mailings

Monetizing can be a wonderful addition to your mailings as it can help offset your costs of maintaining a mailing list. However, if you haven’t yet begun monetizing your mailings, there are a few things we want to touch on before you start. If you are currently monetizing your mailings, this will be a simple reminder, and we’ll give a few ideas on how you can increase your efforts later in the post.

Your Purpose is Your Priority

It’s true that your mailings can be a very powerful tool in monetizing your online efforts, and because of this we, as publishers, must put extra thought into our choices. The quality of your email list relies on the trust between you and your audience. When choosing which methods, you’ll use to earn revenue, ensure that your choices do not violate the agreement you made with your reader when they gave you permission to access their inbox.

It is also important to remember, as much as we try, we cannot always please everyone. Unsubscribes happen and as a blogger or small business owner, we should not take this personally. (Even though it’s hard not too sometimes!) Think of it this way, you are paying per unique active subscriber. Do you really want to pay for people who are not interested in your content or products? Those who unsubscribe are self-selecting out of your potential client base. In reality, this is A-Okay! It leaves you with a more focused list.

PRO TIP: Pay close attention to any spikes in unsubscribes when you change your monetization strategy. Check your FeedBlitz reporting to see why a reader has unsubscribed. Use this information to guide your choices about content and your monetization strategy moving forward!

Often, significant changes in your strategy can lead to a temporary bump in the rate readers unsubscribe. This is perfectly normal and will settle out over time.  Unsubscribes happen because not everyone will be open to your new strategy. It is part of the growth process, which can be uncomfortable at times, but it’s often necessary as our sites grow and change with us.

Keep an eye on your open rates.

Coupon and deal bloggers aside, the open rate goal for your list should be about 20%. In an ideal world, every subscriber would open, read, click through and rave about every mailing we send. However, we all know this isn’t the case. (Trust us, we’d love for that to happen, too!) That is why the average open rate falls at about 20% for most mailing lists. And to be even more complicated, the 20% that opens your email one day, most likely won’t be the same 20% that opens your email the next.

While this can seem frustrating, if you notice a sudden, recurring drop in open rates after implementing your monetization tactics, take a few minutes to decide if it is a result of your monetization strategy or a consequence of one of the following conditions:

  • The content has drifted from what was originally promised.

  • The content has dropped in quality.

  • The content has increased or decreased in frequency.

  • The mailing itself is no longer being seen, perhaps landing in spam folders. Watch your content carefully when trying to make a sale, take a tour of your spam folder to see what terms and practices to avoid. Too many punctuation marks, too much repetition of terms like “free” or “deal” look spammy.

Working with Your Monetization Strategy

If you’ve been monetizing your mailings for quite some time now, you are most likely past the regular fluctuations of beginning an initial monetizing strategy. You can very well be positioned strategically enhance your efforts.

An example of this would be testing the various layouts and number of ads which appear in your mailings. Do you prefer square ads between posts, or have you tried for a marquee or banner ad? Do your ads appear after every post, or every 2-3 posts in weekly or monthly mailings? These are all items you can easily adjust in your FeedBlitz ad dashboard. If you plan on editing your ad placement or frequency, we recommend allowing the changes to remain in place  for at least 1-2 months in order to truly gauge the effectiveness of the change as ad revenue fluctuates with the market

When it comes to sponsored and affiliate content, when is the last time you spoke with these vendors? Have you considered updating your contract to include guest posts from their representatives? Or possibly adding their logo to your template for a select time frame. At FeedBlitz, we like to batch our content into monthly or bi-monthly themes. This could be something you may consider offering to a vendor – sponsoring a month-long theme as opposed to an occasional post. There are many options when working with sponsors or affiliates! Re-examine your strategy and pinpoint any areas to shine new light on it.

In the end, it’s always best to remember that your website is your platform and you ultimately determine the tactics which will best move you forward. If at first your subscribers are not happy about your jump into monetization, they either will be one day, or they will make way for those who are.

As one publisher so appropriately phrased it to us at a blogging convention:

It’s your own, personal sandbox. What toys you choose to put in your sandbox is up to you, you’re the owner, but don’t be surprised if there are some people who are no longer interested in playing in your sandbox after you shake things up a bit. That’s OK. There’s another sandbox which fits them perfectly, and that leaves an open space for new people to join your sandbox to play.

We really do love hearing from our readers! If you have any questions on today’s post or would like to offer a topic for a future post, please send us an email at, chat, check out our Help Forum, or give us a call at 1.877.692.5489. Our Support and Sales Desk is available Monday – Friday from 9 am to 5 pm EST.


Easy enough for a blogger to set up in seconds, powerful enough for sophisticated corporate email campaigns, FeedBlitz is an RSS, Email, and Social Automation Tool to take your email marketing to the next level. Visit us online to learn more or start your 30 Day Free Trial!

How to Start Monetizing Your Mailings

It’s truly wonderful when a passion or hobby is an income generator. Even if making money from blogging isn’t on your radar, you may be surprised by just how simple it can be to earn from your mailings! There are many ways you can begin generating revenue from the work you’re already creating. In this post, we are going to focus on three very simple ways you can begin monetizing your mailings:

Banner Ads – Sponsored Mailings – Affiliate Links

banner ads screen shot.PNG

Banner Ads: The Simplest Way to Monetize Your Mailings

Just as ads can be used to monetize your website, they can be added to emails as well. You can sell ad space yourself, track the statistics and manually insert the jpgs or gifs into each mailing, or you can join the FeedBlitz Ad Network and let us do the work for you!

FeedBlitz works with a set and forget ad network, LiveIntent, to handle all the details, removing the headache and guesswork that can accompany monetizing with ads. With this system, publishers are able to enable ads in their chosen category, and then never give them another thought.

Pro Tip: This monetization strategy is ideal for sites who publish frequently and rely on consistent content production to drive their earnings.

Within the FeedBlitz system, you can determine the type of ads in your mailings and precisely how often and where you would like for them to appear. After logging in, select My Account from the left-hand menu, then Ad Revenue Share. Turn ads on by selecting Change Ad Insertion Settings. Here you can choose the marquee ad, our top earner, shown above, or you can insert them into other areas of your mailing. Selecting this option will show the below options:

Ad Insertion Settings Main.PNG

Similar to banner ads on the web, the revenue of these ads are CPM. ) The more opens, the more ad views, the more income you can generate. You can check your earnings at anytime by logging into FeedBlitz, clicking on Earned Ad Revenue and then clicking Earnings.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Ads are a truly passive method of monetizing your email list and may not always be an appropriate addition to your emails. We highly recommend suppressing or removing ads when their presence would detract from the purpose of the mailing such as:

  • Activation Emails – Ads can distract the potential subscriber from clicking the link and completing the subscription process.

  • Sales Funnel Emails – The goal of your email is for the subscriber to perform an action other than consuming content. Minimize any distraction from your goal of moving subscribers along your sales funnel.

  • Sponsored Content – You don’t want your sponsor to have to compete for your reader’s attention, or worse have a competitive brand’s ad display in the same mailing.

  • Very Personal Notes – Sometimes we as publishers have to write about situations or events which are too personal, too important, or too sad for ads of any kind to be appropriate.

    • Use the tag noads in your post for ads to automatically be removed from that mailing only!

Sponsored Content and Affiliate Links

Affiliate programs can be a great revenue generator depending on your niche.

Caution! Not all email service providers are affiliate-friendly. FeedBlitz of course is, but should you be working with another provider, please be sure to check their terms of service before proceeding. Additionally, be aware that not all affiliate programs allow links to be sent via email. 

Affiliate links can be added to any mailing where they would make sense. It can be as simple adding an affiliate link to a product you mentioned or adding linked images for products related to your topic. Once you’ve been accepted into an affiliate program and know the rules, you can add the links wherever they make sense and fit the program’s guidelines.

If your list has a strong focus or is geared to a specific demographic, you may find brands that are interested in buying sponsored content. You can get very creative with who you approach for this avenue of monetization. The important thing to remember is to ensure the content offers the same value you promised your subscribers when they joined your list.

Before approaching a brand with a sponsorship proposal, you will want to have the following information handy.

  • Set the number of emails and their schedule as part of the package.

  • Include the number of subscribers, as well as your open and click through rates.

    • Don’t forget to give a brief summary of your readers’ demographics!

  • Decide whether you will be offering a focused newsflash (content sent only to the list and not posted on the site), the exact content posted to the site, or an introduction and teaser to encourage clickthroughs to the full content published on your site.

  • Offering a sponsorship can be used as an upsell or a negotiation tool to secure a better rate.

    • If the campaign is set to run for a select number of days or weeks, consider adding the sponsor to the mailing’s template with a banner or by thanking them in the footer of each mailing sent during the campaign.

You don’t have to start with large corporate brands to begin earning sponsorship revenue. It is often easier to attract smaller brands to build your portfolio before reaching out to larger businesses and corporations.

And let’s not forget compensation can come in forms other than money! (Even if that is our favorite and the one we use to pay the bills.) You can always explore trades of services or a group post sharing to wet your feet with sponsored or affiliate content.

Brainstorming Time:

  • Before you begin monetizing your mailings, you first need to fully and completely understand your reading audience. Take a few minutes to write a bit about them: How old are they? Where do they live? What is their family situation? Their hobbies? What are their interests and other websites they may read?
  • Next list the top 3 topics you write about and then brainstorm a few items that could be associated with those topics. For example: If you write a lot about organization tips, you can associate items like planners, shelving or cleaning supplies.
  • Now look at everything you’ve written down. You’ll have a good idea of the type of ads your readers may enjoy as well as possible sponsors or affiliate partnership potentials to reach out and work with. You can take this exercise into much greater detail, or just do a quick run through in 5 minutes or less to get your mind thinking about monetizing.

Monetizing your mailings is a great way to generate income from your writing, but it isn’t always for everyone. Next week, we will touch on some common worries many publishers have before monetizing, and some warning signs that may mean you have gone too far. For those who are already generating income with their mailing, we’ll discuss a few ways to take your monetizing to the next level.

Do you have questions on the best practices to begin monetizing your mailings or how you can enhance your ad program? We are here to help! Send us an email at, chat, check out our Help Forum, or give us a call at 1.877.692.5489. Our Support and Sales Desk is available Monday – Friday from 9 am to 5 pm EST.


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