The Money’s In The List: BlogWorld L.A. Monetization Video

Here’s the video of my BlogWorld L.A. presentation on email marketing and blog monetization, a.k.a. “The Money’s In the List.”

If you can’t see the video, it’s available on YouTube here:

Watch the FeedBlitz v4 intro video now

FeedBlitz v4 is ready for its close-up, Mr. De Mille! At a little over three minutes this short video gives you a quick view into using the new user interface (and a link to get started too). Take a peek and then start your adventure into v4 (it’s backwards compatible with “old” FeedBlitz).

If the thumbnail below is too small, click through to YouTube where you can watch it all the way up to 1280p HD!

Five Easy Steps for Easy Video Marketing Online

Video marketing online is exploding. The average US viewer now watches more than 187 videos online per month, and that number is only increasing.

To help your business attract customers through this exploding new medium, I recommend video blogging. While many people are intimidated by the technical complexities of producing online video (or are just shy about appearing on camera), video posts to your blog are easier than you think.

Five Easy Steps for Easy Video Marketing Online

To get started in online video there are a lot of complicated strategies and equipment that you can use. Instead here’s the plain and simple way I recommend that can get you started in online video quickly and inexpensively:

  1. Camera: Almost any video camera today can plug into your PC to upload video to the web. Use your point and shoot digital camera, a hand held camcorder like the Flip, or my personal preference, a web cam.
  2. Setup: Prep some notes about what you want to say, and find a pleasant, quiet and well lit spot to use as a background for your video shoot.
  3. Shoot: Turn on the camera and start talking. Save it when finished.
  4. Upload your video to YouTube: This is the part where non-technical people get intimidated but it’s really quite easy. An account at YouTube is free. After you have one simply go in and click the button that says “upload”. “Browse” to find the new video file on your hard drive and click to upload it. You can even use a webcam to record directly onto YouTube, if you would like.
  5. Distribute Your Video: Here’s where the marketing part kicks in! Once your video is live on YouTube, you can syndicate it around the web. Grab the URL of the video’s page on YouTube and promote it on your blog, Facebook, Tweet about it, and share it with your friends and business associates.
    Even better than sharing the URL is to copy the “embed code”. If you have access to the HTML of your website or blog’s pages, you can paste this embed code in to make a YouTube video player appear on your site. That way visitors can watch your video without leaving your site.

The cost of all this? FREE!

BONUS TIP: Automatic Video Syndication by Email

My favorite online video syndication technique it is to share my videos by e-mail, too. This may sound complex but FeedBlitz makes it easy!

If you use FeedBlitz to turn your blog’s RSS feed into newsletters, you’ll also discover that FeedBlitz offers a great feature that automatically captures a still image from your video and places it in the e-mail newsletter.

Your e-mail newsletter subscribers will see a nice big JPEG taken from your video. They can click on that picture to visit your site and play the video right away. This is a super handy FeedBlitz feature that can help you get double duty from your online videos. It also attracts much higher clickthrough rates than simply including a URL.

Example: Each week I send an email newsletter to the readers of my books, Internet Riches and e-Riches 2.0: Next Generation Online Marketing Strategies.

So to share a new video I follow the steps above: I shoot and upload the video to YouTube, followed by posting the new video on my blog at by pasting the YouTube embed code into a post. Then, when my e-mail newsletter goes out each week via FeedBlitz, attractive, clickable JPGs from the videos I post are automatically included!

To see this technique in action please visit to subscribe to my free e-mail newsletters. Each week I’ll share with you more practical online marketing and e-commerce money-making strategies just like those detailed here.

I’m looking forward to seeing your smiling face soon in an online video, too!
  • What are your online video marketing tips?
  • Are you posting your videos in your Feedblitz emails yet?

About the Author

Scott Fox is the host of the online marketing success coaching community He is a serial startup executive, podcaster, and author whose e-business strategy coaching helps solopreneurs, small business owners, and corporations make more money online. He is the best-selling author of two books: Internet Riches and e-Riches 2.0: Next Generation Online Marketing Strategies. Visit for free email newsletters and for a free trial of his personalized coaching community.

Video for Email Marketing – and Hulu Added

Another step forward for bloggers, email marketers and new media companies using embedded video – FeedBlitz has extended its video capabilities to include videos embedded in blog posts from and Hulu. Since email programs don’t run embedded video players, FeedBlitz converts these players into a thumbnail image taken from the video, and links back to the movie with a single click. Plus we have updated our YouTube integration, so now it produces thumbnails even when you don’t use the standard YouTube embedding code.

Result? Emails with embedded video are richer, better rendered and more functional. And that translates directly into more click-throughs, more video views, and much less hassle for everyone.

Better Video in Emails

Video in email has long been a source of frustration. Thanks to the efforts of virus writers, malware developers and security holes the vast majority of email client software will not run embedded video players as they pose a security risk. The videos don’t display, and for bloggers and emailers making use of embedded video it is a source of aggravation when sent to email clients. We’ve had questions about video so often that we’ve written a knowledge base article about email and video here.

The workaround – to put in a static thumbnail linked back to the video site – is time consuming and yet another hassle for publishers.

Now FeedBlitz is all about automating the tedious tasks normally associated with email contact marketing. And today we’ve moved email in video forward significantly by automating the thumbnail and link generation processes for popular video sharing sites.

As of now, FeedBlitz will automatically generate thumbnail images and links back to the site for videos embedded using standard embed codes for the following video sites:

This is great news for the increasing number of marketers, new media companies and bloggers using video online – now the video experience for email subscribers is dramatically better.

Here’s a quick example, using FeedBlitz’s demo video which is hosted on YouTube. If you view this online at the blog, you get the full-featured player below. If you’re viewing this in email, though, you’ll get a screenshot from the video which takes you right there when you click it. And it’s the same for the other sites that we’re supporting out of the box.

Another chore for video email marketers and social media mavens eliminated! Start an evaluation today.