Infographic – Switching from FeedBurner [Updated]

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Decision Tree Infographic - Switching from FeedBurner

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Last month, FeedBlitz introduced our dynamic, interactive guide to switching from FeedBurner, a clickable decision tree that steps you through the pros and cons of how and when to leave FeedBurner, depending on the services (RSS, Email, Podcast) that you’re using over there.

Well, now we have the same information in a handy-dandy infographic (OK, it’s still a decision tree, for all you pedants out there!).

As is the trend these days, it’s a long, tall drink of water. Click the thumbnail on the left (or here) to access the whole image, but be aware your browser may still resize it because it’s so large — you might need to adjust your browser’s size on your computer to see the whole thing in all its glory. You can also right click the link or image to download the graphic to your desktop.

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The FeedBurner Migration Manual: Troubleshooting Tips

FeedBurnerIf you’ve been following along these last few months, you’ve learned how simple it really is to migrate your feeds from FeedBurner to FeedBlitz.

As always, the full FeedBurner Migration Manual is available here, and, as always, it’s free. The series wraps up today, and what better way to do so then by sharing a few important troubleshooting tips!

Let’s get started…

Troubleshooting Tips

My feed has no articles.

This indicates that the RSS feed source is incorrectly defined at FeedBlitz. Go to the feed’s main page in FeedBlitz, and then click the “Settings” button; there is a problem with the feed source, usually one of the following: [Read more...]

The FeedBurner Migration Manual: Delete the FeedBurner Feed

FeedBurnerEventually, you will have moved everyone you can control over to your new feed and mailing list, and everyone else who can be made to resubscribe will have done.

It’s time to make the next, final decision “ are you going to delete the FeedBurner feed for good?

In this section of the FeedBurner Migration Manual series, you will learn:

1) Why you would want to delete your FeedBurner RSS feed.
2) Why you might NOT want to.
3) How to do it right.
4) What to do if you deleted your FeedBurner feed too soon. [Read more...]

The FeedBurner Migration Manual: Migrate Remaining FeedBurner RSS Subscribers

FeedBurnerCarrying on from last week’s epic post, let’s just jump right back into this migration!

If you had access to your FeedBurner login and worked through the steps from last week, FeedBlitz is now serving your RSS feed for you and handling your email and social media updates.

The people left over at FeedBurner are those RSS subscribers subscribing directly to the FeedBurner feed URL, as opposed to all the other mechanisms you control and have just updated.

This is true even if you were using a CNAME / MyBrand at FeedBurner; some visitors will have subscribed directly to the FeedBurner feed URL, and so changing the CNAME entry will not have affected them.

Unfortunately, people subscribing directly to the FeedBurner URL can’t be moved off FeedBurner easily.

You don’t know who they are (RSS and feed readers hide that data); you can only move things you control like your mailing list and third party services. [Read more...]

The FeedBurner Migration Manual: Set Up Your FeedBlitz Email Delivery, Pt. 2

FeedBurnerIn today’s instalment of The FeedBurner Migration Manual, we look at part two of setting up your email delivery system, including migrating multiple FeedBurner feeds.

If you have more than one FeedBurner feed, and it is for a different web site you manage, you can simply repeat the process outlined in this section.

FeedBurner Migration

Go to your main dashboard, click “Add Site” and continue. Remember, you can have multiple feeds in a single FeedBlitz account “ there’s no need to create a new FeedBlitz account just to manage your feeds for a different site. [Read more...]

Interactive FeedBurner Decision Tree

One of the things that we here at FeedBlitz have which nobody else does is a whole set of tools, procedures and technologies that enable you to leave FeedBurner more safely than any other approach.

Click to use the interactive guide

But still – it’s all a bit dry, isn’t it? And what if you’re at the early stage of researching a FeedBurner alternative? For some, our approach might be overkill. Or you don’t know if it is or not. How would you, as a blogger, small business or podcaster, and not an expert in all things RSS and email, be able to determine the right course of action?

Introducing our Interactive “So you’re thinking of leaving FeedBurner” Decision Tree. It’s fun, kinda cool, and will help you understand the risks and rewards of each option you have, for each of the FeedBurner services you use.

Think if it as a dynamic infographic, if you like.. Click the link or the image above to check it out.

The FeedBurner Migration Manual: Set Up Your FeedBlitz Email Delivery


In this week’s chapter of the FeedBurner Migration Manual, we take the final steps toward successful set up of your FeedBlitz email delivery system.

If you created a mailing list or imported email subscribers from FeedBurner, you will see “Email Subscription Form” and a “Get Your Email Subscription Form>>” button at the foot of the integration instructions page.

Once you have successfully verified that your source feed is properly redirecting and that FeedBurner itself is redirected as well, click this button to go to the next step. (If you did not import email subscribers or set up a list, the button at the foot of the page will take you to the FeedBlitz site dashboard instead).

Your FeedBlitz emails will go out about the same time as they did at FeedBurner, and look pretty similar (you can change both of these settings later). [Read more...]

The FeedBurner Migration Manual: Update Your Site to Use FeedBlitz

FeedBurnerIn this week’s portion of The FeedBurner Migration Guide we walk you through:

1. Changing RSS feed serving redirection
2. Confirming the process has worked

If you haven’t already done so, click the “Site Integration” button on the page you landed on after the initial FeedBurner import was done.

The page that appears will vary, depending on your blogging platform (WordPress, Blogger, etc.).

They all look fairly similar “ here’s a sample Blogger integration page: [Read more...]

The FeedBurner Migration Manual: Importing From FeedBurner

FeedBurnerHello again to another Thursday.

I hope you’ve had a great week so far.

In this portion of the FeedBurner Migration Manual series, we’re going to walk you through the steps to take to begin your import from FeedBurner to FeedBlitz.

Step #3 – Importing from FeedBurner

When you click the button on the “Step 3” screen FeedBlitz will look at your FeedBurner settings for the feed you picked, and replicate them as best we can in FeedBlitz. The resulting feeds and mailings will start off being very similar. [Read more...]

How to Survive Social Media: Aggregate, Consolidate, Hibernate

social mediaAs a wife, mother of two boys, small business owner, and java developer who moonlights as a fiction writer, I have a long list of responsibilities.

With the recent release of my short story collection, Moon Dust Castles (and other shorts), I’ve added one more item to my to-do list: marketing.

These days, authors are expected to handle their own marketing via social media.

Authors are also expected (though not required) to maintain their sanity at the same time so they can continue to write (while simultaneously holding down a day job, parenting their children, and making sure everyone in the general vicinity, including the cat, is happy).

This is no small feat, especially for writers, who tend to be of the introverted, slightly OCD variety. [Read more...]