Better Video in Emails

Video in email has long been a source of frustration. Thanks to the efforts of virus writers, malware developers and security holes the vast majority of email client software will not run embedded video players as they pose a security risk. The videos don’t display, and for bloggers and emailers making use of embedded video it is a source of aggravation when sent to email clients. We’ve had questions about video so often that we’ve written a knowledge base article about email and video here.

The workaround – to put in a static thumbnail linked back to the video site – is time consuming and yet another hassle for publishers.

Now FeedBlitz is all about automating the tedious tasks normally associated with email contact marketing. And today we’ve moved email in video forward significantly by automating the thumbnail and link generation processes for popular video sharing sites.

As of now, FeedBlitz will automatically generate thumbnail images and links back to the site for videos embedded using standard embed codes for the following video sites:

This is great news for the increasing number of marketers, new media companies and bloggers using video online – now the video experience for email subscribers is dramatically better.

Here’s a quick example, using FeedBlitz’s demo video which is hosted on YouTube. If you view this online at the blog, you get the full-featured player below. If you’re viewing this in email, though, you’ll get a screenshot from the video which takes you right there when you click it. And it’s the same for the other sites that we’re supporting out of the box.

Another chore for video email marketers and social media mavens eliminated! Start an evaluation today.