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Newsletter Edition Features

FeedBlitz Newsletter Edition is the only service to send and receive newsletters from email and IM and RSS and the web and more.

Message Delivery

Send to email and more in one operation
Delivery to Email, web, RSS, instant message, audio podcast and Twitter in one operation
Personalization / Mail Merge
List segmentation
Automated or Manual Scheduling
Open and automatic click-through tracking
CAN-SPAM compliant
Unlimited emails per month
Unlimited mailing lists
Unlimited Multi-Step Autoresponders
Established deliverability with major ISPs
Sender ID and SPF authentication in all mailings
Third party delivery verification and major blacklist monitoring
Average number of blacklists for last 2 years: Zero
Forward to a friend
Article voting system
Publication portal for easy article drafting.


Easy Deployment

Simple set up wizard
Sign up form for your site
Widgets for easy web-site integration
Add articles from the Web, email or IM
Custom branding
Private label domains
Test email and online preview capabilities
Automatic web archive
Enhanced RSS versions

Subscriber Management

Subscriber self-service portal
Automated soft and hard bounce handling
Email sign-up and unsubscribe notifications
Real-time reporting
Unsubscribe surveys
Full import/export


Real-Time Reporting

Real-time reporting
Referring pages analysis
SpamAssasin trends for each transmission
Unsubscribe survey
Subscriber-level click-through and open rates
Subscriber self-service portal


Advanced Capabilities

Create your newsletter from a blog or RSS feed
API to embed our capabilities in your web site
Hidden custom fields for internal data
Conditional custom fields for segmentation and formatting
Tags and categories
Email marketing blasts and segmentation

Next Steps