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Only email subscribers determine price RSS subscribers do not affect pricing
Unique EMAIL
Fee (USD $)
200,000 and up$100.00 per extra
50k subscriber block

FeedBlitz Services

Unlimited subscribers, unlimited lists, unlimited messages, unlimited surveys, unlimited custom fields, unlimited autoresponders, unlimited RSS. No hidden charges.

Premium Pricing

The upgrade enables our RSS management services and keeps your email messages ad-free. Only email subscribers affect the price, so you can use our RSS services for as many RSS subscribers as you have for the zero email newsletter subscriber count rate (just $1.49 per month).

You are not required to use our RSS service in order to use our email offerings; we are happy to work with any valid RSS feed from any provider, service or third party software package. Payment is required after a 30-day trial for all new publishers starting on or after 1/1/2009.

How it works

Our paid service prevents ads from being placed in any email messages we send on your behalf, and is also required to enable our RSS services. The monthly fee is based on the average number of daily active email newsletter (not RSS) subscribers in your account. RSS subscribers do not alter or affect pricing. You may have unlimited RSS subscribers with this paid account, no matter how large or small your mailing list with us may be. Prices shown are monthly, in US Dollars $.

An active newsletter subscriber is one to whom FeedBlitz is attempting to email on your behalf. It therefore counts only opted in subscribers who are OK, or who appear to be temporarily undeliverable (soft bounces). Subscribers removed automatically by the bounce processor no longer count towards the total, nor do pending (not opted in) or unsubscribed readers. Imports add immediately to your subscriber count.

The number of newsletters in your account does not affect pricing, nor does how much you do (or do not) mail. Pricing is solely determined by the total number of unique active newsletter subscribers in your account (RSS subscribers don't count for pricing). So, for example, if you have four newsletters in the same account with 99 different subscribers in each list, your fee is $9.98 per month in total (because you have 396 unique newsletter subscribers altogether), and not 4 x $4.95

Terms and Conditions

FeedBlitz ad-funded free services are available to existing free-service publishers with active newsletters created at FeedBlitz prior to January 1, 2009, unless your site distributes adult content, in which case a premium account is required.

For new publishers joining on or after 1 January, 2009, FeedBlitz offers a 30-day free trial without ads to new publishers. At the end of the trial the pricing in the table below is used if the account is not cancelled.

For new publishers whose accounts were created via an online partner or other mechanism, the trial period is ad-funded. At the end of the trial mailings will be suspended until the account is upgraded.

Premium publishers who cancel or where payment is declined for whatever reason will be treated as new and revert to the ad-funded trial, no matter when the account was originally created, and they must upgrade to remove ads and continue receiving services after the trial expires.

You need the FeedBlitz Newsletter Edition and its comprehensive feature set.

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