Heartlight | Parenting Today's Teens Radio Apr. 24, 2014
Parenting Today's Teens with Mark Gregston
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Families Spinning Out of Control

If you're a mom or dad, your worst nightmare is to watch your family spin out of control. But for some, the nightmare is reality. Today on Parenting Today's Teens, Mark Gregston encourages hopeless parents to take action when their families are careening toward a crisis.

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3 Book SetWhen Your Teen is Struggling

Don't know why your teen is struggling? Or fearful that your upcoming teen will face some struggles? If you're beginning to ask those questions, then find answers in Mark Gregston's premiere and signature book. Based on 40 years of working with teens and parents, Mark's wit and wisdom shines and resonates with parents wherever they are in their parenting journey. Order this best selling book now!


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Date Event Location
Apr. 26 Friends of Heartlight Dinner Portland, OR
Apr. 26 Tough Guys & Drama Queens Seminar Portland, OR
Apr. 27 Mark to speak at Grace Chapel Wilsonville, OR
May 2 - 3 Evening with Mark Gregston Flagstaff, AZ
May 6 Tough Guys & Drama Queens Seminar The Woodlands, TX
May 8 Heartlight Open House  Longview, TX
May 9 – 11 Heartlight Spring Family Retreat Longview, TX
May 17 – 18 Tough Guys & Drama Queens Seminar Fort Worth, TX
May 29 TBN Filming w/ Kirk Cameron  Los Angeles, CA
June 15 Calvary Community Church Westlake Village, CA
June 20 – 21 Heartlight Parent Retreat Longview, TX
June 26 – 28  Families in Crisis Conference Longview, TX
July 11 – 12 Heartlight Parent Retreat Longview, TX
July 29 Tough Guys & Drama Queens Seminar Augusta, SC




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