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With "Chartology", you'll be sitting in the front row as I discuss price action analysis, market cycles, chart pattern setups, optimal trading time and volatility analysis, as well as the psychology behind price action. Put these tools together and you're looking at how to begin mastering the charts. In fact, be sure to watch the "Your Forex Questions Answered" video here. Every day, occasionally more often, I'll additionally discuss order entry, U.S. Dollar Index, crude oil, gold, and the Dow. Forex trading allows and requires a viewpoint that goes beyond simply analyzing the pairs. I'll explain in detail how I scan for trades FFD I call it "triage" FFD how I set up trades proactively, and how I manage entries and risk. Trading isn't all that diffcult but the process of finding your tools and approach and trusting them is. So here's your front row in my trading office, thanks for reading, let's get going!
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