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This week the Wildlife Consumer Behaviour Change Toolkit was launched. The online toolkit has been developed by TRAFFIC as a resource for a demand reduction “Community of Practice”. It arose after TRAFFIC helped convene experts in this field over recent years to encourage innovation and identification of best practice, then created this common platform to help ensure that interventions across a wide arrange of NGO and government actors will have greater impact in future. It is the first time a resource of this type has been developed. Coinciding with the launch was the release of the workshop proceedings where the Toolkit was first showcased and two videos where the views of some of those taking part are aired. You can find links to all in this week's newsletter.

Aside from the Toolkit launch, the week also saw the release of a TRAFFIC co-authored study into the (wild) birds found in Thailand's notorious Chatuchak market, while at the end of the week came news from the Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum, where TRAFFIC and WWF colleagues helped raise the issue of curbing online wildlife trafficking with the community whose role is to keep the internet free from such abuse.

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