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Ministers from 21 Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC) economies pledged to reduce demand for illegal wildlife products, welcoming initiatives such as the APEC Capacity Building Workshop on Reduction of Demand for Illegally Traded Wildlife held in Hanoi last month. TRAFFIC provided technical support to the workshop, including leading a ‘road-mapping’ session to provide delegates with a structured framework for designing behaviour change campaigns.  See APEC commits to reducing demand for illegal wildlife on www.traffic.org for more details.

A call for abstracts has been issued for a symposium aiming to explore the role of community-based interventions in combating illegal use and trade of wildlife and supporting governments and other organizations striving to meet relevant international commitments.  TRAFFIC is a co-organizer of the symposium, which is due to be held in South Africa from 27 February--1 March 2015. See Beyond enforcement: Communities, governance, incentives and sustainable use in combating illegal wildlife trade on www.traffic.org for further information.

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