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At the end of last week, more than 100 Customs, Forestry Department, timber trade enforcement and private sector representatives and others from across Malaysia met to develop timber trade guidelines to assist frontline Customs officers in their work. To the outsider, it may seem surprising that resources on this scale were put into this one meeting. Yet timber is the most valuable natural resource commodity traded globally. Given that fact, perhaps the surprise should be that more resources are not directed into ensuring timber supplies are sustainably and legally sourced. Last week's meeting was an important step on that path.

The second most valuable natural resource commodity - fisheries products - could also be said to receive far too few resources to ensure it is well governed given its global importance. But next week a vital meeting of the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission takes place in La Reunion. There, Member States of the IOTC are being asked to make decisions that will help to begin the long road to restoration of Yellowfin Tuna stocks - stocks that have plummetted such that the IOTC’s Scientific Committee recently changed its status from green to red. Next week's decisions affect not just the recovery of Yellowfin Tunas but the long-term livelihoods of those who depend upon this natural resource. We trust they will be taken wisely.

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