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An important report was launched at the beginning of the week, highlighting the loopholes that exist in Thai legislation that fail to protect non-native species: apes in this instance although TRAFFIC has previously highlighted their failure to protect non-native turtles and bird species too. Closing of the loophole is possible, as demonstrated by Thailand's response to international pressure regarding its domestic ivory markets, where legislative changes included protection for African Elephants. However, that was only one species and there are many more in need of protection.

Later in the week, TRAFFIC and the National Centre for Health Communication and Education in Viet Nam convened two meetings where 50 leaders and lecturers at Traditional Medicine (TM) schools and universities were encouraged to help instill the next generation of TM practitioners with an attitude of zero-tolerance towards the consumption of threatened animals and plants in their TM practices. The meetings formed another small, but significant step in the long-term plans to reduce demand for threatened wildlife products in the country.

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