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As the dust settles on the recent CITES meeting in South Africa, we can reflect on what was overall a successful meeting with some positive conservation outcomes. However, this is where the hard work now begins: ensuring the commitments made during CITES CoP17 are turned into meaningful action on the ground. The forthcoming Hanoi Conference hosted by Viet Nam is one venue where we hope to see reaffirmation of some of those promises made by world governments, while sufficient time will have elapsed for some to have created firm plans to turn their commitments into action.

In the meantime, in this week's newsletter you can read about TRAFFIC's findings regarding the physical ivory markets in the USA - a country that has been at the forefront of the drive to close domestic ivory markets worldwide.

In Malaysia, the Department of Wildlife and National Parks Peninsular Malaysia (PERHILITAN) has continued its drive against wildlife trafficking online and this week announced the arrest five people in connection with a series of raids that recently took place.

Finally, at the end of this week, and timed to coincide with a UN meeting on Snow Leopards and this Sunday's International Snow Leopard Day, TRAFFIC released the findings of our investigations into poaching of these iconic mammals. We found evidence of a staggering four animals a week illegally killed - largely in retaliation for livestock killings rather than to supply illegal trade. The study points towards the urgent need to to reduce human-wildlife conflict drastically and ensure that mountain communities can co-exist with Snow Leopards.

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