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Just as this newsletter was being finalized last week, news came through of a huge seizure of rhino horns and elephant ivory made by authorities in Mozambique.

This was notable for a number of reasons; the 65 rhino horns seized make this the largest ever horn seizure made during the current rhino poaching crisis that commenced in 2008 - indeed almost twice the size of the next largest. TRAFFIC immediately issued a statement calling on the authorities to make the most of this opportunity to deal a serious blow to the organized criminal network behind the trafficking. You can find the statement below.

Don't forget the latest edition of the TRAFFIC Bulletin was launched recently - a vital compendium of information on wildlife trade issues, ranging, in the latest issue, from slow lorises as photo props, to pangolins in medicine, to wild meat and Crocodile Lizards and FairWild certification in India. If you aren't a subscriber already and would like to find out more, please take a look at past issues and sign up - for free - here: www.traffic.org/bulletin.

Finally, any bright ideas on how to solve the poaching crisis? I'm sure many of you must have some really creative solutions for using technology to bring down the criminal networks who are profiting from destoying the world's biodiversity. And your idea could be worth up to $500k if you submit it to the USAID-funded Wildlife Crime Tech Challenge. The concept note deadline is 30th June 2015. To find out more about this initiative, of which TRAFFIC is a partner, please visit: http://wildlifecrimetech.org/index We look forward to hearing from you!

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Thank you. Your support is really important to vulnerable animals and plants around the world.

Richard Thomas, Global Communications Co-ordinator, TRAFFIC. Email: richard.thomas@traffic.org Tel: +44 1223 651782.


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