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All in all, there were some very positive developments this week in the international response to tackling wildlife crime.

The week began with the launch in Japan by TRAFFIC of the Setting Suns report. It is a comprehesive review of what brought about the rapid declines in the once vibrant ivory and rhino horn markets in Japan - the world's largest consumer of such commodities in the 1970s and 1980s.

The report contains valuable lessons from history that should provide powerful insights into changing consumer behaviour as the world grapples with the current elephant and rhino poaching crisis.

And from Viet Nam come some very encouraging news for those ongoing efforts to change attitudes, with the engagement of Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT), Viet Nam’s leading posts-telecommunications company, as the first State-owned enterprise to support a nationwide campaign to protect wildlife through corporate social responsibility.

The positive engagement with the private sector was echoed in Africa, where the airline industry pledged to work with the Government of Cameroon jointly to tackle illegal wildlife trade.

And finally, an international campaign was launched that will engage zoos and their supporters in a powerful community campaign to combat the illegal wildlife trade. The zoos hope that the campaign will inspire the public to report wildlife trade offences when they see or suspect them via a free smartphone app.

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