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{Newsletter 5.19.2015}

I have a giveaway that started today.

Before I get to that though, I think I started my summer mode for my blog already too.

I just got so excited blogging about all that is on my mind and got relaxed about sending them to you. It's been about 2 weeks since I talked to you last about our trek in the Amazon rainforest.

Can you believe it's already the end of another school year?  Will you be celebrating a graduation this year?

I will be having my second highschooler to graduate and I hope I will be able to tell you about it without being all choked up.  I admit it, I get teary eyed thinking about my second 'baby' to graduate.

 It will be a delayed celebration because with the move here to Ecuador, he got a bit behind.

But it's all good because does it really matter if he graduates now or in a month or two? I am already planning his graduation and will share that with you in the next few months or so.

Be sure to not miss any post I have for you below, I have a ton of them to share this time.

I have some free printable carnivorous notebooking pages along with an easy hands-on activity.

I have some ancient civilization history living books, some how tos and free forms on preparing a high school transcript, a new cover choice for the homeschool planner, 30 summer activities to keep those middle school kids active and of course I always have some love for the new bees.

Too, if you have elementary age children, then scoot by my blog today and enter the giveaway for the ebook A Child's Life in the Andes. It is a great supplement if you will be studying about South America. The giveaway starts today and ends Friday May 22. 

So scoot on by today!

We will be schooling through the summer so Mr. Awesome can finish up. How about you?

Hugs and you know I love ya,

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