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{Newsletter summer August 26, 2015}

Come on Over! - Another SWEET Giveaway!!

I still have one more piece of curriculum to order for Tiny and I will be sharing a few of them soon.

But when we start back to school, we don’t start off doing all the subjects anyway. I like slow mode nowadays.

Well one reason we have been soaking up a few more summer days is because we have been playing with a fun new history app about colonial life and about George Washington that we received from Jolly Books.

I have a lot to tell you about the True Heroes History App on my post and guess what? I have ANOTHER giveaway.

 You have to scoot by my blog because like I say, I have to give these babies to somebody.

Don’t give up on me yet, I have way more goodies coming too after this one.

Click Here to Go to True Heroes History iPad App – Pssst!! Another Sweet Giveaway

7 Step Homeschool Planner Updates

Also, I have been fixated on updating as many forms as I could for the 7 Step Homeschool Planner.

So I have the new 2016 Physical Calendars dreaming updated. You told me how much you loved this color scheme, so I have one ready for 2016.

You can grab the 2016 Dreaming Calendar Here.

Last year with the move overseas, I didn’t update the free goal form.

Too, goal making caught up with me quick. So this year I wanted plenty of time to make goals and put my sheets in my new planner.

I updated the free goal making sheet and have it ready too.

You can grab the free 2016 goal making sheet here.

Helps for the New Homeschool Year


Also I have a few things to help you kick off the new year, check out 3 Tips from the Pros Before You Become a Homeschool Educator and please don't think cleaning your house this year should be done all by yourself.

I know, it's hard to not want to clean it all yourself because then the job is 'right' but hear my heart on taking time to train your children.

Coming Up!!

Tiny decided he wanted to play a game on our latest unit study about American History through the life of Wyatt Earp, so I have been working on a new free printable history board game.

I'll let you know when it's up!

Just Plain Fun Links

Check out my Fall Pinterest Board and be sure you are following!

Check out my Free Art and Ideas Pinterest Board and be sure you are following!

Did you know I updated my Fall page on my site and have a Free Pumpkin Lapbook for the Littles!

Check out the other blog posts below!

I know, I always have a LOT to share, but don't FORGET to scoot by and enter the SWEET Giveaway for the History App about colonial life. You'll love it!

Hugs and you know I love ya,

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