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3 Tips For Raising Middle School Book Lovers & Giveaway.

With one foot in the elementary grades and high school on the horizon, homeschooling middle school is a challenge.

Add in a struggling middle school reader and it seems it is almost impossible to prepare them for the reading load of the upper grades.

You know my love for middle and high school kids.

So check out 3 Tips For Raising Middle School Book Lovers and a Sweet Giveaway sponsored by Read Brightly and Random House.

Too, Read Brightly is a new online reading resource that I am proud to partner with that helps parents raise lifelong readers and book lovers. You have to check out their tips on their new website.

They have a super giveaway that you need to enter.

(Remember, my motto: ENTER EVERYTHING,YOU NEVER KNOW, YOU MIGHT WIN). For the giveaway, you have a choice of books for 5 to 6 years old all the way up to teens!

Our New Unit Study - Ancient Greece

After completing our Human Body Unit Study and Lapbook, Tiny had his choice of what to study next.

He chose Ancient Greece.

Though this will be my third or fourth time to study it, I am ALWAYS tickled to study this topic with another son.

There is ALWAYS room for a new twist or something I hadn't done with my other two sons.

Before I show you what we did this week, you can grab my first Ancient Greece Lapbook here.

Then, before I started our study, I rounded up some super fun hands-on activities and great freebies.

Be sure to look over my article, Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts - Great Big List of Freebies and grab some awesome freebies.

Then look our first new minibook, which is a giant pull tab book about Ancient Greeks and their Contributions.

Heads Up: This SECOND ANCIENT GREECE Lapbook is a SUBSCRIBER ONLY freebie.

This means as I create the lapbook, the minibooks will be in the Subscriber Freebie Area.

Too, I rounded up some of our favorite Ancient Greece Living Books that help to round out our newest unit study.

Lapbooks - Interactive Tools NOT Just for Young Kids

I hope you never get the wrong impression of me because I never viewed myself as a crafty mom.

I still am not one of those kinds of moms.

However, I do KNOW that hands-on learning works and is best though sometimes it is not the easiest way. But, it is well worth it.

I rounded up 75 AWESOME Things to Add to a Lapbook.

Homeschool Help & Encouragement

Embracing the term boy mom was not something I was prepared for, but in some ways I don’t feel that I was perfectly prepared for homeschooling either. It was just laid on me.

Check out my Top 10 Tips For Homeschooling Boys (They Do Grow Into Men).

Don't Forget Scoot by and Check out Read Brightly's  Giveaway.

So I am STOKED and set up an Exclusive Facebook Group just for us. Come on over!!

I set it up so that we can all (new to seasoned homeschooler) support each other.

Be sure to read the guidelines because I want it to be a place that everybody feels welcomed.

Just Plain Fun Things I Rounded Up

Then I love this article Why the School at Home Drives Me Crazy.

Then, check out this great line up activities to do for fall now that the weather is changing, Learning With Pumpkins.

Then you'll love my Free Winter Lapbook and Unit Study.

Check out all the other blog posts below!

Hugs and you know I love ya,

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