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I'm Super Excited! Want an Exclusive Place Where We Can Visit? Come On Over!

Ever done anything and it takes you three times to get it right? I know, I can be a slow learner sometimes especially when it comes to Facebook.

When I created my Page at the beginning of the year, I wanted a place where we could interact for those that felt more comfortable on social media. Then uggggg, it takes a rocket scientist to figure out Facebook's algorithm to be sure you get what I am sharing.

But it's different with a Group, you pretty well see everything I am sharing. Did I tell you too that it's easier answering your questions there? 

So I am STOKED and set up an Exclusive Facebook Group just for US. Come on over!!

I set it up so that we can all (new to seasoned homeschooler) support each other. Be sure to read the guidelines because I want it to be a place that everybody feels welcomed.

Then I have so much other to share this past week with you.

Learning About a 6 Generation Skill Here in Ecuador

Look how I spent the day!

This week I just had to tell you about the ancient craft of Ikat Weaving and Makana Shawl in Gualaceo Ecuador. For a year now, I have been wanting to go to the La Casa de la Makana to see the ikat weaving and makana or shawls in Gualaceo Ecuador.

We finally got to go with some other gringos and homeschoolers we have become friends with while we have lived here in Cuenca, Ecuador.

What is so amazing about this cultural experience is that the ikat pattern is not only an ancient pattern and art passed down from previous generations, but this family is one of only about a handful of families that practice this ancient hand work.

Be sure to scoot by and read all about the way they make natural dyes and do this ancient craft on 150 year old looms.

Have you heard about The Cajas Mountains, which is part of the Andes? I will tell you about our adventure to the Cajas next week.

I think you'll love reading about this ancient craft of the Andes.

Human Body Free Unit Study for Middle School

Then, we just can't get enough of doing hands-on things as we are doing our latest unit study, the human body.


I also shared a couple more minibooks for our human body lapbook.

I have an easy body labeling sheet and a question and answer book about the skeletal system.


Then we did a rigid versus flexible bone activity.

7 Step Homeschool Planner

I enjoyed hiking around The Cajas mountains this past week, but I have some new forms coming this next week!

Winter Homeschooling Series

I have one more day coming too in my 5 Days of Homeschooling Winter series. It's all about free and wonderful teacher guides. Stay tuned.

Helps for Homeschool

Then I am always excited to answer your questions. Look at this one by Kimberly. Do you feel this way?


Hi my name is Kimberly I have 4 kids ..

I started homeschooling my oldest son about 4yrs ago but with a school online then my other two oldest wanted me to home school well its very expensive going through a school on the internet .. I have been reading your blog and talking to my husband about just doing it on my own cause we have one more child who will be starting kindergarten next year it will be way to much to stay in this online schooling, but anyways my question to you is if I do the whole homeschooling myself how would they get a high diploma ??? I live in Indiana thanks for your time


Check out my tips How Does my High School Homeschooled Kid Get a Diploma If I Do This Myself? Dynamic Reader Question


Then, do you have regrets when it comes to homeschooling?

Check out 6 Things I Won’t Regret After Homeschooling 16+ Years.

Pinterest Tips

Are you a blogger or trying to grow your Pinterest presence?

Check out my post Pinterest Secret – The 3Cs of a Smart Pin. From a Homeschool Mom Who Grew Her Followers to Almost 35K Without Complicated Algorithms.

Coming Up!!

Teaching reading this year? I have a review and giveaway coming up too for the Reading Lesson.

Don't Forget Come On Over to My New Facebook Group

Just Plain Fun Links

Check out my Fall Pinterest Board and be sure you are following!

Check out my Free Art and Ideas Pinterest Board and be sure you are following!

Did you know I updated my Fall page on my site and have a Free Pumpkin Lapbook for the Littles!

And did you know I have an Apple Unit Study and Lapbooks where you can include your middle and high school kids?

Check out all the other blog posts below!

Hugs and you know I love ya,

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