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Eeeeekkk!! I am SO excited because the brand new 'do for my blog has been started.

Of course, it is 'behind the scenes' now, but you can bet you will be the FIRST one to know when it's done.

It is going to be sooo PRETTY!!! Too, you know I'm obsessed a bit with organization and I needed something laid out a bit easier for you to navigate everything on the site.

It hasn't slowed down my unit studies, printables and planner pages this week though. 

Too, we got back on track for our Earth Structures lapbook and I am sharing two more printables in this round up of posts today.

Also, I am starting a new series for free history copywork in this roundup of posts today.  I realized there is just not that much available and in order to enrich our history unit studies, I will be needing some more.

This past week too, the thought that many will be starting up homeschooling has been weighing heavy on my heart, so I have a few pointed blog articles about facing fears and keep homeschooling real.

Also, next we are scooting on to a big Ancient Egypt unit study that I can't wait to start sharing with you.

Another big piece of news is that I will be having a facebook party to giveaway some of my favorite Usborne books on April 13.  Be sure you are following me over there to win free books. And always, always, join the giveaway because you never know you might win!

Me? I never win much, but I LOVE trying!!

Lastly, I have the 2 page appointment keeper for 2016 ready!

I know you may think it's too early to think about 2016, but I know you like to long range plan like I do. I think you'll love the Sparkle color theme.

Don't tell me you do Spring Break. Is it over yet? I use to do spring break, then I realized I can break anytime I want to, spring or otherwise.

Hope you love the round up of posts today!

Did you see I have another one for middle school kids on the French and Indian war? I am telling you, we can't stay away from history or geography either one.

Hugs and you know I love ya,

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