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Contact FeedBlitz

The preferred way to reach FeedBlitz is via email using one of the addresses below. All messages will be dealt with in a timely and appropriate fashion.

Key Email Addresses

Phone and Fax


By Mail

FeedBlitz, LLC.
9 Thoreau Way
Sudbury, MA 01776

Before you write, though, please check out the links on the main support page - your answer may well be there.

IMPORTANT: Due to the massive amount of junk mail we get every second, all inbound email to FeedBlitz accounts is filtered. Mail that looks like spam or malware is deleted without review and cannot be recovered. To help ensure that your mail reaches us, try to make sure that your message doesn't even look like it might be junk.

Here are a few easy tips:

  • Do not use Outlook Express - nearly all mail from Outlook Express is spam or a virus, and we don't accept mail sent from it. If this is your email system, please use a different email application or online email service instead.
  • Do not over-use CAPS! and exclamations! Email that SHOUTS or is! very!! exciting!!! is usually spam! Instead, write calmly and clearly, with normal punctuation and case usage.
  • Do not use runs of the same letter or character in your message, such as "aaa" or "###".
  • Don't use words that appear in a lot of junk mail, such as "viagra."
  • Do not use profanity (swearing).
  • Ensure your message has a clear subject line, and not just "HELP!!!"