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"fruitful faith" - 5 new articles

  1. uncomfortable majority
  2. the psalm 8 balance
  3. inclusivism
  4. epiclesis at a free church communion table
  5. mary – channel of salvation?
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uncomfortable majority

Democracy’s main weakness is that it makes it possible for popular error to hold sway. ...

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the psalm 8 balance

One of my favourite Psalms is the eighth. I’m using it – very briefly – for a...

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Attending Catholic Mass, one will hear from time to time a prayer (below) that I think beautifully...

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epiclesis at a free church communion table

After taking bread, and before breaking and giving it to the disciples, Jesus blessed it.  We are...

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mary – channel of salvation?

My recent time at Kopua Monastery and my reading this morning of ‘The Church of Mercy‘...

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