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blackberry cheesecake galette

That was close. We almost went half the summer without a new pie recipe. I do solemnly swear to never let that happen. making the dough Common cooking theory goes that galettes are a lazy person's pie, except one person's lazy is might just be another person having life priorities that do not include lattice-weaving, I'm just saying. Galettes don't need to throw shade to be awesome. They're no frills, no fuss and you cannot mess them up. Leaky? No, pretty. Lopsided? You mean inviting. Barely sweet? Breakfast! hi pretties! But if there could be a singular limitation of galettes, it's volume. Because they're baked flat on a sheet, you can't fill them too much of anything. They are not a cup; they cannot hold water. However, when working the kinks out of a cookbook recipe this spring, I realized that if you take you galette and drape it inside anything with walls -- a pie plate, a cake pan, a tart pan, anything, you create just enough wall that you can pour in a slightly messier filling and have a good chance of your galette holding onto it through the baking time. Uh, "Doesn't that just make it a pie Deb?" you might ask. But you're still skipping the trimming, the crimping, the parbaking and lid-having noise so yes, you're still coming out ahead. lightly macerated 
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corn, bacon and parmesan pasta

Oh, hi, I am ready for summer now. What did I miss? Because the first half of this summer was so busy -- a manuscript due, a redesign set off into the world, a birthday, and a zillion other bits of happy work/life chaos -- I'm in this funny position of looking up for the first time mid-July and realizing that no mysterious person has arrived while I was buried in winter recipe testing and font fine-tunings and filled my freezer with popsicles, put a bowl of heirloom tomatoes on the counter, ready for their caprese closeup [realistically, this doesn't happen even if I had been paying attention, but let me enjoy this rose-colored Pinterest fantasy just the same] and beach? Hadn't seen it since May. I have about seven weeks left to catch up, except I know at least five of those will be buried under recipe testing and book edits, which basically means it's now or never to do all the summer things I haven't yet. what you'll need diced thick-cut bacon cutting the corn off the cob Beach? Check. Swimming? Check. Grilling? Check, check, check. Scheduled 7-hour flight with 4 adults and 5 children to a faraway beach town in the name of vacation? I'm scared but: check! Do everything I can with sweet summer corn while it lasts? Let's get to work! those curls of steam (!) 
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peaches and cream bunny cake

There are parents that sew their kids' clothes, carry them in an Ergo until kindergarten and take them to Disney World at least twice before they even reach 2nd grade, but if you don't mind, please don't tell my kids that such people are options, at, like, the Parent Store. I, in turn, will not tell yours that while I am decidedly none of the above types I insist upon making all our birthday cakes from scratch. 
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welcome to the shiny new smitten kitchen 2.0

9.85 years ago, I decided that I was going to start a home cooking blog and that I would design the site myself, which is hilarious because my HTML and CSS skill level is equivalent to that thing you do when you don’t know which circuit on the panel blew so you just flip them […]

funnel cake

Source: Adapted, just barely, from Taste of Home
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