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  1. The Best Twin Stroller For Traveling
  2. Five Things A Young Mom Wouldn’t Want to Hear
  3. Teen Moms Can Reduce Pregnancy Symptoms With Simple Changes
  4. Decorating A Bedroom For Twins
  5. Fascol Scooter Quality Has Outraced Micro Scooter
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The Best Twin Stroller For Traveling

Umbrella strollers are usually the best to take your baby out with you. For a regular walk with your baby, these strollers serve best to you. But for travel, you need some extra facilities from a stroller. A top umbrella stroller is the best for traveling as they provide some extra features unavailable in regular strollers. These extra features will help you to make the travel comfortable with your baby.

For traveling with your baby, the stroller needs an extra comfortable reclining seat for baby, large canopy to save the baby from the sun, huge storage basket for storing necessaries and durable and firm wheels for smooth ride. As traveling means a lot of walking, the stroller needs to be controlled easily. But this is recommended for only baby.

Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller, Dragonfly  from Graco

If you’re traveling with two babies, we recommend the Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller. Some of its features include:

  • Double stroller
  • Relaxed seating style
  • Standing folding with one hand
  • Made with Plastic, Metal, and Polyester
  • Extra large storage basket
  • Large Canopy and footrest
  • Reclining seat with harness

If the parents have two babies, they need to control two babies. Parents can’t carry two strollers for two babies while traveling. This stroller by Graco is like a dream come true for the parents because this stroller has all the necessary facilities in it for two babies. Its vehicle type seating system gives a ride like a bus or a roller coaster. It has two stadium like seats, one in the front, and the other in the back. The back seat reclines completely flat to give extra comfort and relax. The back seat of this duo glider stroller is slightly raised to get a better view. Both seats are soft and have safety harnesses for protection. You can attach car seats too with it. The fabric of the seat is made of polyester so should last a long time. Both seats include large sized adjustable canopies to protect your babies from sunlight. Footrests of this stroller provide relaxed seating.

The frame of this double stroller is made with high-quality plastic and metal for greater firmness and to hold more weight. Both roomy seats holds up to 40 lbs of weight. The wheels are easy to move and brake for better stability. A huge storage basket of it gives you freedom to take all the essentials for your babies, and the cup holders are very convenient for you and for your babies. To move the stroller slowly or fast and to steer the stroller easily while walking, you can use the unique handlebar. For easy travel and easy storing, this travel stroller has the one-hand self-standing folding system which latches and stows quickly and easily.


Five Things A Young Mom Wouldn’t Want to Hear

Five Things a Young Mom Wouldn’t Want to Hear

Being a young mom is one of the emotionally overwhelming things a person can experience on a daily basis. This is because most people in the society don’t get it, and they end up making peculiar comments about the whole situation. In many cases, young moms can’t stand hearing such opinions. Here are five common comments that young moms are tired of hearing every day.

You Are Too Young To Have A Baby

This is one of the most depressing comments young women have to endure occasionally. She might be 19 or 20, but it has a happened. She did it, and now she is a proud mom who has no regrets whatsoever. It is quite strange that most people find it difficult to come to terms with a pregnant girl who is in her early twenties because of some cultural norms in certain communities. Such people need to know that it is not impossible to handle motherhood at a tender age. It is not the hardest thing they will have to do in their entire life. With time, it becomes simple and normal.

Why Didn’t You Consider Other Options

We all know that a pregnant woman has options like abortion, infant adoption and keeping the child to choose. If she decides to keep the child, there should be no big deal. After all, a child is a blessing, and age is just a number. It does not mean that her entire life is over when she decides to be a mother at a young age. Though adoption can be a better option, the child can end up in the hands of abusive parents. No responsible girl would want that for her child.

You Have Ruined Your Life

A young mother hasn’t destroyed her life. Her heart is still beating. She is still breathing, and she can do the same things she used to do before she became a mother. She can still wake up at five to do her chores. She can still manage her normal routines such as upholstery cleaner for a clean environment. Her pregnancy was only a mistake that has the potential to shape up her life for the better. She is in a good position to pick herself up, dust off and move on with life in a calm and ambitious manner. Even though her life is slightly different, she still has the chance to continue her education and get the dream job she always wanted. If you also think she can’t have a boyfriend or a husband, you are very wrong because there are men out there who admire and adore ladies with children.

You Will Miss Being Young

Come on. She is still young and beautiful regardless of her current situation. She still has the ability and the right to exercise and eat well to keep a perfect shape and health. In short, having a baby at a young age does not mean that she has a spot among older people. She still has a whole life ahead of her to enjoy. She still got the best career waiting for her at some point in life.

Why Did You Make the Mistake?

Most people who ask this question expect young moms to tell them that it was an accident. If this was so, then it means that every child born is an accident. Getting a child is not a mistake or punishment. It is a blessing that every young mom should cherish. Though the pregnancy was unplanned, young moms should give their child proper care marked with a lot of love instead of pitying themselves.

In short, being a young mom is not the end of the world, but the beginning of a more responsible face of life. The society should always be there for this special group and support them in whichever way possible. Nobody should make them feel bad about themselves by making reckless comments.


Teen Moms Can Reduce Pregnancy Symptoms With Simple Changes

Teen Moms Can Reduce Pregnancy Symptoms With Simple Changes

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 24 out of every 100 girls between the ages of 15 and 19 became pregnant in a single year. Though teen pregnancy rates actually dropped over the last few decades, the United States still has a higher rate of teen pregnancies than other developed countries do. Some women become pregnant at a younger age because of pressure from their friends and boyfriends, but other young women simply do not have access to birth control. When you learn that you are with child, you’ll notice some big changes happening in your body over the coming months.

Social Changes

Whether you decide to keep your child or put the baby up for adoption, you should expect to see your social life change. As much as your friends love you, they may not want to hang out and do all the things they did with you before. Many pregnant teens find themselves spending more time at home and more time with their family than they do their friends. Even if your friends want to spend time with you, you may suffer from symptoms that make hanging out hard.

Emotional Changes

Mood swings are a normal part of any pregnancy, but these emotional changes can wreak havoc on your body and minds. The odds are good that you’ll find yourself crying more than you did before and suffering from mood swings. These mood swings can make you feel happy and elated one hour to sad and depressed a few hours later. Until your body adjusts to your new hormone levels and learns how to regulate those hormones, emotional changes and mood swings are common. You may even find that you prefer sitting at home with a movie or curling up in bed with a book instead of going to a party with your friends.

Physical Symptoms

The symptoms that you experience vary during each stage of your pregnancy. Some of those early symptoms may include morning sickness, tender or swollen breasts, changes in the way food tastes and the need to urinate more frequently. Women of all ages may experience nausea and vomiting early in the morning or right after they first wake, but other women experience morning sickness that lasts all day. Other symptoms include muscle aches, constipation, hemorrhoids and chronic headaches.

Improving Your Health

Teen moms are more susceptible to some medical conditions, which is why you should speak with your doctor and look at ways you can improve your overall health. Your doctor may recommend that you change your diet and eat foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals like lean cuts of red meat, fresh vegetables and oatmeal with fresh fruit. You’ll also want to cut back on your consumption of both junk foods high in sugars and calories and caffeinated drinks. The doctor will also give you prenatal vitamins that provide nutrients for your unborn baby and increase your chances to giving birth to a healthy baby.

Changing Your Environment

Changing your environment can also help you have a healthy pregnancy. You’ll want to make sure that someone in your house cleans up after your pets to reduce your exposure to pet urine and feces. Installing an air purifier that removes toxins and impurities from the air can help you breathe easier too. Other ways you can change your environment include hiring carpet cleaners to remove dirt and irritants from your carpets, washing your bedding at least once a week and opening the windows to let in some fresh air a few times a week.

Going through a pregnancy as a teen is hard because you’ll notice some big changes in your body and with your emotions. Improving your health and changing your environment can help you better handle your symptoms and feel more confident about the general health and well-being of your baby.


Decorating A Bedroom For Twins

Twins Photo

Decorating a kids’ room can be a very complicated task. Decorating a room for twins? Well, double trouble. No matter if we are talking about a nursery room or a room for a bit older little angles, the most important thing to know is that you should respect children’s individuality in that process. That should not prevent you from creating a coherent and balanced overall design, though. This may sound too complicated, but it is, in fact, quite easy to pull off. Here are a few tips that should help you to accomplish a harmonic decor in a room for two.

Two Kids – Two Territories

Before you start decorating, think of the room as two independent spaces, as your children are two independent personalities. The easiest way to define their territories is with paint colors. Sure, you can paint everything the same, and just separate later with decorative elements. When they are very young, they will not even notice the difference, but as they grow older, the knowledge that something belongs just to them will be much more important. You can go for the monochromatic paint, and just change the shade a bit on one half of the room, or for completely different (yet complementary) hues.

Start with a Theme or Two

When designing a kids’ room, theme is always helpful to have a clear image of what you should do. The usual road to take is to go with the gender-inspired themes – superheroes, cars, princesses, flowers, etc. but they can also be gender-neutral (fairytales like Peter Pan, stories like The Little Prince, or simply nature, beach, etc.). If you decide for one theme, create differences between the two parts of the room, but do not disturb the natural flow. For instance, Little Prince inspired décor can have the prince on one side and the rose on the other. With two themes, just be careful not to make the colors overly contrasting.

Use Patterns as Distinction Elements

Mixing patterns is all the rage in home décor right now, so do not be afraid to use this in your kids’ room, too. Use different patterns and prints on the bedding, cushions and area rugs. You can also add some dynamics with patterned wallpapers on each side of the room. Another way to shake things up a bit is by using different textures (e.g. shaggy rug vs. jute rug). Unify the look by using the same colors, but different patterns.

Double the Storage and the Accessories

When you have one kid you cannot even wrap your head around where you will put all of his/her stuff. When you have two… well, you can imagine that it is twice as hard. You can use one large closet for their clothes, but as for the toys and accessories you will have to be a bit more creative. If you are limited with the small space, try going up with the storage (vertical shelves). If, on the other hand, your budget is the limiting factor, get creative with things like toy boxes, wine crates, storage bins, etc. Use accessories to individualize the room – figurines, stuffed toys, posters, comic books, books, etc.

Make the Beds Identical

This is always the easiest way, because you will have to fit in a lot of other things into the room and ideally equal proportions of the beds can be very helpful. Besides, it is incredibly cute to have at least something identical in a room for twins. You can later change and upgrade their looks with different bedding, throw pillows, etc.

It may require some hard work and a lot of creativity, but there is nothing more rewarding than decorating a room for your kid – unless you are decorating a room for two kids. So, start working on your big project as soon as possible, and remember: they may have come to you in one bundle, but every kid is special.


Fascol Scooter Quality Has Outraced Micro Scooter

Fascol Flashing Wheel Scooter

After the comparison of the product quality, price and performance between the Fascol Flashing Wheel Scooter and Micro MAXI DELUXE, all the experts from UK, Germany, Italy, France and Spain in the baby kickboard field admit that Fascol scooter is better than Micro scooter in a conference named Industrial Summit in Shenzhen, China. This event is significant because it is a symbol that new coming companies are catching up the steps of old companies even outracing them.

Since then, the world recognized the strength of the new children product brand, and it will definitely boost the sales amount of Fascol in the next few months. If Fascol keep its product quality and comprehensive pre&after-sales service like last few years, Fascol will reach a new total selling amount exceeding 157 million Euros next month without any doubt.

However, events like this always make those old brands stressed and take some action. “No one will shake our status in the children foot scooter field, and we’ll send every customers a handling belt for free next month without lowing down our product quality.” Commented in panic a spokesperson from Micro kickboard company. ”What’s more, our product is the most safe scooter in the world because we have safety certified by the CPSC at hand, our products are certificated!”. But when the reporter talking this with Jesse Smith, the CEO of the Fascol company, he replied with confidence, “There is no need to stress that, we’ve got the CPSC three years ago.”

It’s common that old company always try to set up some thresholds to keep away new companies away from their filed. However, Micro scooter seems helpless this time. As to the product patent, it is also indisputable that Fascol has its own designer in Germany and release new version of footer scooter every year. It is terrible to meet new competitors step in the same field and share the same market that it usually owned before. What’s more terrible, the competitor is eligible to pass all the thresholds they’ve set.


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