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  1. Time Magazine Writer Goes After Ron Paul
  2. Ralph Nader Video Clip on Ron and Rand Paul
  3. Ralph Nader Disses Rand Paul
  4. Has Mark Steyn Gone Birther?
  5. Alex Jones in the Waking Life
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Time Magazine Writer Goes After Ron Paul

I’m shocked that an organ of the liberal establishment media still doesn’t like Ron Paul (and wants to house break Rand Paul). But there is nothing new here except the Ebola stuff which has only been in the news recently. As anyone who has followed Ron Paul at all knows. he has always believed in the right of secession, and he has always made the blowback argument, and both positions are easily defensible if the gatekeepers of acceptable opinions would stop hyperventilating long enough to listen.

The article suggests that the elder Paul is hurting Rand’s chances of securing the GOP nomination by continuing to sound off. One could easily see an implied threat here, although I’m not sure that the writer, Denver Hicks, was actually threatening. He could easily just be a blue who imagines that everyone else will be as appalled by “unacceptable” thinking as he and his circle of blue friends and co-workers are.” But the clear message is “Go away Ron Paul and shut up, or we’ll make life hard for Rand.” I suspect we’ll be hearning more of this message as 2016 ramps up.

Here is the response from the Ron Paul Institute.


Ralph Nader Video Clip on Ron and Rand Paul

Here is the video interview of Ralph Nader spoken of in the post below. He says Rand is “changing by the month” and blames Presidential ambition.

I disagree with Ralph Nader on a lot of things, but he tells it like he thinks it is unlike so many politicians and pundits these days. He has very harsh words for Hillary in here as well.


Ralph Nader Disses Rand Paul

Says he needs to be more like his father. Ain’t that the truth?!

Former presidential candidate Ralph Nader had some biting words about Rand Paul, saying the self-described “libertarian-ish” lawmaker is retreating from his roots as he broadens his appeal for a potential presidential bid.

“What he ought to do is go back to his father, sit on his knee and become more like Ron Paul,”

See more here…


Has Mark Steyn Gone Birther?

He’s flirting with it at least.

As an aside, this article illustrates the problem with so many articles at WND. First of all, the headline is misleading. Mark Steyn is a significant figure within conservatism, but he is not a “media star.” Also, only the first few paragraphs contain the new story. The rest is a rehash of old news. That stated, Mark Steyn toying with birtherism is an interesting development since most “mainstream conservatives” won’t touch the issue with a 10 foot pole.

For the record, since the old site archives are gone (for now) and we haven’t discussed this issue in a while, I don’t believe Obama was born in Kenya. I do think it is possible that his birth story does not match reality or he otherwise has some embarrassing details that he is attempting to hide, and I don’t think the press has done their job of actually investigating. Instead, they have shilled for the official version and been deliberately incurious when questions have been raised.


Alex Jones in the Waking Life

Here is the Alex Jones vignette I spoke about in the thread below. Remember this is circa 2001. It is conspiratorial (them vs. us) but not specifically so (as in 9/11 was an inside job) and perhaps more easily embraced by liberals since he attacks “corporate slavery,” but these populist anti-elite themes are still there today. That is how he can be embraced by liberals like Charlie Sheen. Whatever you may think of the guy, you have to admit he has a certain talent for oratory.


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