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  2. BNP European Election Fund Raiser
  3. Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies
  4. Congratulations Bubba Watson!
  5. Walk Back Down…
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Government Informant Gone Wild

BNP European Election Fund Raiser

From the BNP:

[W]e have all the £5,000-a-time deposits for all the English regional seats and a truly amazing donation of £2,000 from one patriot has guaranteed us standing in Scotland as well!

Wales is the only country in doubt; and if you want to make the difference of a full country having the chance to vote BNP, we need £5,000 for Wales in the next 4 days! Can we do it? Is there anyone who can jump up to this last challenge and we will have a full slate in every country?

The less principled UKIP has of recent fallen in popularity, granting the BNP an opportunity to reassert itself this 22nd of May. Under Nick Griffin’s leadership, the BNP has upheld Christian values (not the same as zealotry) amidst a growing atheist culture, opposed immigration, and fought to improve the quality of life for all Britons.

Putin is credited with defeating the neocons in Syria, but Nick Griffin played an important role as well. It was Griffin, and other BNP, who flew to Syria to help draft a letter which successfully convinced MPs to vote against allowing Prime Minister David Cameron to bomb Syria. In the words of Griffin, the letter helped “undo, to at least a small extent, the deliberate dehumanisation policy of Western pro-war propaganda”.

Griffin drew attention to the Islamic grooming of very young English girls for prostitution years before the British media dared to, finally forcing the media to concede. Like Pat Buchanan in the 90s, Griffin was then dismissed as “racist”; and today his original position is mainstream and widely acknowledged. Nick Griffin in this and in many other ways is the Pat Buchanan of the UK, deserving of our support.

Griffin has lost an eye, been accused of having been raped by a homosexual adult at 16 (the now happily married Griffin denies this), been called a Nazi (Griffin defeated NS-leaning Tyndall to take over the BNP and is often blamed for having condemned British war crimes (Are war crimes ever acceptable?)), suffered death threats, endured eggs thrown at him, been denied a previous *personal invitation* by the Queen, been betrayed by supposed compatriots, been labeled a “fascist” (a word none can define except as “person I don’t like”), and more recently been driven into bankruptcy. Yet still the rooster stands, managing even to raise four children and maintain a marriage.

Some say the BNP is ineffective, but the stances Griffin takes (such as opposition to the homosexual lobby, albeit while rightly tolerating homosexuals) always appear (to this American) necessary even if unpopular. There are times even in politics when selling out isn’t worth the price, and it’s telling that so many in the UK fear debating him! Griffin is probably most feared for his revelations that the EU is corrupt. And he’s most loved outside the UK for having shared his valuable, hard-earned experience.

If a superior man abandons virtue, how can he fulfill the requirements of that name? – Confucius.


Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies

Now this is a movie that should get wide release.


Congratulations Bubba Watson!

Congratulations to Bubba Watson. I was rooting for Bubba for two reasons. First, because he’s a Bulldawg. Second, because there is just something right about a guy named Bubba winning a prestigious golf tournament. A guy named Bubba winning the Masters is like a guy named Preston winning the Daytona 500.

Bubba Watson, 2014 Masters champion, is an absolute mess of contradictions that somehow come together to form a world-beating whole.

Start right at the very top: This is a guy named “Bubba” who’s won the most prestigious golf tournament on Earth not once, but twice. “Bubba” is a name for the guys who spent the weekend at the NASCAR race over in Darlington, not for gentlemen of means who gather beneath the majestic oaks and towering pines of Augusta National.

Read more here…


Walk Back Down…

The Bureau of Land Management has walked backed their escalation of the standoff in Nevada, siting safety of their employees.

To finish the theater, “libertarians” in Congress must be activated to introduce a bill to do away with the BLM, and I recommend as part of the bill, cutting pensions in half (I am a centrist, after all) on the spot for all employees of this entity.

I’ll leave it to the militia sorts who did the street theater in full regalia to crowd source for names and addresses of the employees who used tasers, rustled cattle or held a sniper rifle.


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