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  1. Disturbing Dual-Morality in Israeli Mob Song
  2. Raw Story Goes on PC Witch Hunt Against Michael Peroutka
  3. UK to Embrace Three-Parent Children
  4. Mountain Roads…
  5. What Good Has all Rand Paul’s PC Pandering Done Him?
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Disturbing Dual-Morality in Israeli Mob Song

According to The Electronic Intifada, the following video with subtitles is accurate.:

Lyrics include:

“In Gaza there’s no studying. No children are left there”
“I hate all the Arabs.”
“Tibi, Ahmed Tibi, I wanted you to know: The next kid to be hurt will be your kid. I hate Tibi. I hate Tibi the terrorist. Tibi – is dead! Tibi – is dead! Tibi – is dead!”
“Gaza is a cemetery.”


And yes, I take pleasure revealing the hate from these Zionists. So many of them (eg. Kristol, who is pro-mass immigration) support “nationalism for me, not for thee” throughout Europe and America. Look at how twisted and extreme these men have taken it in the video!

It’s as shocking as the ANC’s folk song, “Kill the Farmer, Shoot the Boer“, which lyrics repeat “shoot the Boer”. Now that the ANC has power, we see the benevolent results there.

Never again should a Zionist be free to condemn nationalism anywhere else in the world. Also though, never should nationalism be taken to such an extreme. The few in the US Right who’ve gone as far (become as twisted) as the men in the Zionist video, tend to be false flags (worked for FBI, lawyer defended him as only pretending to be hateful as part of job). The real nationalists in the US are never so hateful, so it’s shocking for me to see such authentic hate among Israeli nationalists.

Addendum: The ADL has a hate report on the CofCC, though the CofCC has often supported Israel’s attempts at defending its own borders from mass immigration. Similarly Jared Taylor’s AmRen has long striven to be friendly to Jews, Taylor is of course condemned in that report. Nationalism for me, not for thee.

Biden went too far off the plantation last year, quote: “Think — behind of all that, I bet you 85 percent of those changes, whether it’s in Hollywood or social media, are a consequence of Jewish leaders in the industry.” Immigration too.

Israel Attacks Third UN School in Gaza, Dozens Killed.

France welcomes in Iraqi Christians: Christians who had endured everything, until Bush and Obama drove them from Iraq. I imagine the Palestinian, and perhaps Israeli, Arabs will also eventually be removed to Europe or the US, to make way for Greater Israel. After all, Europe and America are “ideological nations“. Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, Israel for Zionists, white polities for… everyone.


Raw Story Goes on PC Witch Hunt Against Michael Peroutka

For those who don’t know, Michael Peroutka won the Republican primary for a seat on the Anne Arundel County, Maryland City Counsel.

Now the PC Gestapo is up in arms. What amazes me about some of these stories is how out in the open they are. Anyone who is at all familiar with dissident right and third party politics should know very well where Michael Peroutka is coming from. Obviously these lefty PC thumb breakers don’t follow the other side except maybe what the SPLC says about them, so they act like they have stumbled upon some scandalous revelation. So Peroutka is a young earth creationist? Yeah. So Peroutka uses the Bible to evaluate laws. Yeah. So Peroutka was (is?) a board member of the League of the South and thinks secession is a legal and constitutional remedy. Yeah. The guy is not a phantom. He is a past Constitution Party nominee for President and his association with the League is well documented. Ever heard of the internet and YouTube Mr. Raw Story investigative reporter? Wow, you’ve really managed a scope here. I don’t follow all the ins and outs of far left politics in America, but if someone said lefty X once said nice things about Trotsky or Margaret Sanger or something, I wouldn’t be shocked. That’s what far lefties do. (As opposed to far rightists who scandalously say nice things about the Founders.)

Here is another breathless Raw Story article about Peroutka. This one is about a supposedly scandalous video of Peroutka addressing the League of the South, that was “uncovered” by a professor at Grove City College, a supposedly conservative Christian school. We have discussed this professor before. He seems to specialize in PC thought policing. If someone wants to write a real investigative report, maybe they can write one “exposing” Professor Throckmorton as the PC water carrier that he is despite teaching at a college known for it’s conservative and Christian beliefs, particularly its refusal, like Hillsdale College, to accept any federal funds. Does the Professor not realize that the PC forces he shills for hate all things Christian and conservative, and surely think Grove City is a bastion of racist, sexist, Christianist oppression?

Anyway, back to Peroutka. According to the second Raw Story article, it says Peroutka is a former board member of the League of the South. If this is true, it is news to me but I don’t necessarily doubt it. As for Peroutka saying he does not support Southern secession, this may be technically true, but I doubt it is the whole story. Unless Peroutka has had a complete change of heart, which I seriously doubt and would be very unfortunate if true, I know he believes in the right to secession and he believes Lincoln was wrong to invade the duly seceded South. What he may have said is that he doesn’t support Southern secession at this time and wants to give reforming the US a college try before resorting to it. This would be consistent with the belief of a lot of constitutionalists.

As for Perotka and race, the League has always been implicitly white as is conservatism in America as is constitutionalism as is the Tea Party, etc. but has recently become more explicitly white. That Peroutka specifically endorsed this new direction or was even aware of this change, I doubt. Peroutka has always used colorblind conservative language. In fact, I remember seeing a column he wrote fairly recently that used typical colorblind conservative language and thought to myself that there might be some League members who would object to the language. (With a lttle Google digging, here is a recent article he wrote dated July 15 that looks like an attempt to ward off his critics. It is essentially the same column as this one dated Jan 20 that I recalled. It seems to be inspired by the MLK holiday.)

So if the Raw Story PC storm trooper is really shocked that a former Constitution Party Presidential nominee and well known sympathizer of the League of the South has beliefs that are outside those of the tame “mainstream right,” then perhaps he needs to familiarize himself with the outside the mainstream right before he writes about it. Again, I’m not tuned into all the inner workings of the far left, but I would expect people of that persuasion to have beliefs and associations that are outside the mainstream left, so if I wrote an article about one of them I wouldn’t pretend to be shocked by such revelations or act as if such revelations only need to be trotted out in order to discredit someone. But of course, I’m intellectually honest, unlike PC hacks writing click bait hatchet jobs for liberal websites and PC peddling professors who “uncover” things in plain sight.


UK to Embrace Three-Parent Children

RT reports on British children being given healthy genes from a third parent. However, if parents lack healthy genes they should simply not have children! Producing a child from three people is short of GE, but it’s unnatural. How does a man of honour draw up his family tree in such a case? Outrageous. It would be better for the genetically infirm to pay a healthy couple (perhaps a poorer couple) to have a child, and to adopt it.

It’s noteworthy that in this case “capitalism” seems to be the ailment, greater regulation (against 3-parent children) the cure. Usually GE horror stories involve an oppressive government forcing it upon a people, but the greater danger appears to be the free market.

This “advancement” of a 3-parent child is also significant for its potential to lead to actual GMO designer babies, which is to say children who are not products of God but rather man. Nationalism, striving for the continuance of the ancient nation and its ancestral memories, might fail; but a similar struggle for the continuance of humanity might take its place this century. It might no longer be so relevant what nation one is from as simply whether a person is human or altered.

As with so many political “experiments”, Brits are used. As someone of mostly British descent, I wish the mighty would find another population to experiment on.


Mountain Roads…

The Trentadue brothers spent their vacation time as boys at West Virginia coal camps, hunting, swimming and all that follows. Checking a map, it appears these camps were at most 18 miles from the town my Great Great Grandfather built (with a couple friends, or businessmen anyway, working the nearest coalmine.) I was last there in the early ‘80s, to bury Great Grandfather, tour the old coal mines, and stay in my family’s mountain home for the one time in my life before it was sold (to Jerry Falwell no less.)
I met my Great Grandfather on the unfortunate business of burying my Grandfather, a comparatively young man, and I can tell you, no boy ever loved his Great Grandfather more than I. Anyway, I have a mythological sense of the people from that little neck of the woods, on both sides of the border. Great Grandfather, the last UVa football player to play 60 minutes (that might be legend) and captain of the team in the early Oughts of the 20th Century—fact, was the leading peach farmer in Virginia, having moved a little South, in the ‘50s. Upon a thunderstorm wiping out his bumper crop in the late 50s, a story my Uncle recounts as he was there to pick, Great Grandfather got an axe, chopped down each and every tree, and then went on a three day bender. He turned the fields over to cattle.

Died in his sleep, age 92, in the home his children were born in.  And we returned as noted.


Jesse Trentadue, the younger of the brothers who spent their summers in the coal camps nearby the central place of my being, has pursued an explanation for the death of his older brother for almost 20 years. He is an old man now.
Those familiar with the OKC bombing of 1995, know the story, of Kenneth Trentadue, expertly and poetically covered by William Grigg a few years back.

Jesse doesn’t take the burden of Brother lightly. He is haunted.

Anyway, if I invent a kinship in my own head with such romantic people in this deracinated time, who can really blame me?

News came today that a sympathetic judge in Utah will let Jesse move forward with his Freedom of Information Act case to uncover the videos the FBI possess in regards to the day of the bombing in Oklahoma City; videos that will show a second suspect and likely FBI informant.

In the age of complete surveillance that we, in our thing, are taught to hate, there remains an underlying message. One can yet acknowledge the Brave New World, and still fight like an ancestor to show the elites the inherent contradiction in their plans.

God’s speed, Jesse. You are a True Detective.


What Good Has all Rand Paul’s PC Pandering Done Him?

The PC freaks at Daily Kos still make fun of him and believe his libertarianism, such as it is, is just a veil for racism. This is my favorite quote.

Yo’ Rand. Perhaps you should know that a lot of us hear “libertarian” as “libert-aryan”

Give up the pandering Rand. You will never satisfy the PC thought slaves.


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