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  1. Michael Sam Cut From Rams
  2. Please Pardon My Delinquency
  3. Uh-Oh! This Could be Trouble!
  4. Ethnic solidarity is good!
  5. Good Ridance Cathy Reisenwitz
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Michael Sam Cut From Rams

Hmmm… So maybe all those oh so PC sensitive babies who just knew Sam dropped in the draft because he is gay were wrong. Maybe, just maybe, he dropped because scouts rightly judged him not to be an NFL level talent, especially after his less than stellar combine.


Please Pardon My Delinquency

Sorry about my less frequent posts recently. I am having computer access issues. A family member who shall remain nameless spilled water on our home laptop so I am having to scrounge for computer time whenever I can get it. Hopefully the volume of posts will be increasing shortly.


Uh-Oh! This Could be Trouble!

Kent Sorenson pleads guilty in bribery scandal.

And Jesse Benton resigns.

A lot of Ron Paul people don’t like Jesse Benton, but this could be bad. Especially if Sorenson sings like a bird.

I really don’t know if this kind of thing is common, but it strikes me as amateur hour.


Ethnic solidarity is good!

So says Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs … as long as it’s solidarity among the right people. Here, he posts a video that denounces Senator Marco Rubio for the horrendous crime of enforcing federal immigration laws. The video is entitled, “SEN MARCO RUBIO SIDES WITH HIS PARTY OVER HIS PEOPLE.”

Can you imagine how Prince Charles would sniff and scowl over a video that accused a White politician of working against his own people?


Good Ridance Cathy Reisenwitz

Remember Cathy Reisenwitz? She’s the PC libertarian who caused a storm when she called a lot of past libertarian icons racists. Well, she’s leaving full-time libertarianism. I’m not sure I share Robert Wenzel’s certainty that this is because there is no market for PC libertarianism. Just look at the PC libertarian reaction to Ferguson. But I do think she overplayed and misplayed her hand.

Robert Wenzel at the Economic Policy Journal has the story: “Cathy Reisenwitz Leaving ‘Full-Time’ Liberty Movement


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