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How-To: Geometric Himmeli-Style Star Tree Topper

ehow_geometric_himmeli_tree_topper_01Think festive holiday decor will clash with your design-minded style? Not necessarily. Check out this awesome geometric himmeli-style star christmas tree topper tutorial!

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Cammi Upton’s Gory Hand Embroidered Bracelet

cammi-upton-bracelet-1Extraordinary embroiderer Cammi Upton turned thread into a gloriously gory adornment with this hand embroidered bracelet!

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How-To: Paper Snowflake Ballerina

211Upgrade your paper snowflake decor to include some dancing snow fairies!

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How-To: Fornasetti-Inspired Tattooed Plaster Hands

markmontano_tattooed_plaster_hands_01I'm always a fan of decor pieces that are made to catch your eye and start a conversation, so this cool Fornasetti-inspired tattooed plaster hands tutorial is definitely right up my alley!

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Miso Butter Mashed Potatoes Recipe

miso-mashed-potatoes-1If you're hungry for a subtle change this fall, then you might try mixing a little traditional Japanese seasoning in with your traditional Thanksgiving fare this year with this miso butter mashed potatoes recipe from i am a food blog.

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