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Unreal Miniature Dioramas of Batmobile, Urban Decay

The scale models and dioramas of Tokyo-based artist Satoshi Araki are so incredibly life-like, you almost need his Gulliver-sized hand in the frame to reveal the truth behind these Lilliputian worlds. Amazingly, he uses a lot of Styrofoam to build the basic structures for his often-dark, often urban-themed dioramas, along […]

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Ingenious Hive Design Gives You Honey on Tap

DCIM105GOPROThere’s a new way to collect honey and it’s never been sweeter. Flow Hive may have solved the hassle of getting the honey from the hive. Father and son team Stuart and Cedar Anderson have come up a great solution that offers honey on tap straight from the hive. Does […]

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Behind the Scenes: Drone Dudes’ Awesome Cinema-Grade Octocopter

dronedudes_makermedialab_visit-5  The Drone Dudes stopped by the Maker Media Lab recently to show off their custom octocopter setup, and we took the opportunity to get it — and them — on camera. The crew is a group of commercial, aerial cinematographers specializing in using high-end, custom octocopters for close proximity […]

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Build The Best Snow Fort On The Block With This DIY Snow Brick Mold

blocksBuilding walls, forts, igloos, and other favorite snow structures just got a whole lot easier and much more impressive. This weekend, take your personal winter wonderland to a whole new level and previously unseen heights with this DIY method for making perfectly-shaped stackable snow bricks for all your cold weather […]

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Crochet This Adorable Chewbacca

walking-carpet-1After signing up for a craft swap, cunning crocheter Melissa Mall discovered that her swap partner was a huge Star Wars fan, so she proceeded to crochet this awesomely appropriate Chewbacca doll that she calls “The Walking Carpet.” Measuring about 15 inches tall, perhaps the best thing about this imposing […]

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