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How-To: Secret Door Bookcase

diy-secret-door-1Add a little mystery and intrigue to your domicile with this fantastic Secret Door Bookcase tutorial by Instructables user makendo.

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How-To: Geometric Two-Layer Skirt

tearosehome_geometric_skirt_01I'm a huge fan of geometric fabric printing, and this geometric two-layer skirt tutorial is just too cute!

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Free Chocolate Easter Bunny Mini-Plush Crochet Pattern

twinkie-chan-crocheted-easter-bunny-1Looking for a quick handmade Easter basket stuffer? Famed crocheter Twinkie Chan has a solution all wrapped up for you with this clever Easter Bunny Mini-Plush Crochet Pattern.

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How-To: Bunny Pizza Pockets

Bunny-PizzasIt's hard to go wrong with this ingenious Bunny Pizza Pockets dish from FOODBEAST, because even if it doesn't come out looking quite right, it's still pizza!

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Pipe Organ From Pringles Cans

Pringles-pipe-organ-1Mixed-media artist collective Fall On Your Sword have brought 80's nostalgia and snacking together in a startlingly elegant way with this Goonies-inspired Pringles Can Pipe Organ.

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