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Yellow stuffed toy Hug Me Kitten

Yellow stuffed toy Hug Me Kitten with a pink heart with lavender stars by Elizabeth RuffingA yellow fleece Hug Me Kitten just joined my slugs over in my toy shop. She, or he, has a rose-pink heart with lavender stars.

Yellow stuffed toy Hug Me Kitten with a pink heart with lavender stars by Elizabeth RuffingShe has a curvy tail in back.

Yellow stuffed toy Hug Me Kitten with a pink heart with lavender stars by Elizabeth RuffingI have been spending my time sewing what I refer to as “slug butts”, all the circles that go on the bottoms of my toys. I chose to try to make my toy parts in groups, which, I hope, will mean more toys in the long term, even though it looks like fewer in the short term. I do have lots of Hug Me Slugs, in different sizes and colors at the moment, if anyone is looking for one that isn’t in the shop. I can finish them in any order.

Black-and-white and gray-and-white cat friends visiting Elizabeth RuffingThe heat has been terrible, but we got a slight break recently. I was able to get one more tree planted late in the day. I also take our cat, Jude, on his walks around the yard, in the evening. There is no negotiating with him on this. Our cat friends next door like to join us for tree planting and cat walking. One even likes to watch me mow the lawn. Last night, I heard rustling in the bushes. I asked, “Who’s there?” and they each popped out. It is cute when they come over in a little pack.

Black-and-white and gray-and-white cat friends visiting Elizabeth RuffingWhen I put Jude back in the house, I give them some pets. Trouble asks me for treats now. So, I bring him some, which I put on the borderline, so our other neighbors’ cat won’t get angry. I take the bowl away as soon as he is done. I don’t want any kitty conflicts.

Gray-and-white cat friend visiting Elizabeth RuffingThe long-haired gray kitty I was trying to catch has made a couple of appearances in the woods behind my neighbor’s house. I can’t catch him for now, as my neighbor doesn’t want us to trap there. I don’t want to lure his cats out of his yard with the food for the other cat, because I don’t want fights between them and my other neighbors’ cat, who hangs out on our front porch, which takes away my options for now. They would all show up for food. I am hoping the woods kitty is already neutered, and maybe belongs to someone on the other side of the trees. It is best for all the outdoor cats, if all of them have had their shots, and have been to the vet, and have been neutered and spayed, but I don’t want grief for trying to help. I don’t have any outdoor cats myself, but I want the others to be safe and healthy. We don’t want a colony to start either. At some point, my other neighbor will be able to set something up at her house, but they have renovations going on right now, to be followed by some construction, which makes the cats shy away.

That’s about it. Back to sewing slug butts.


Finally, more stuffed toy slugs

Stuffed toy Hug Me Slugs by Elizabeth Ruffing, assorted colors and sizesI have an array of Hug Me Slugs up in my toy shop, in a variety of sizes. It made me feel better to see them smiling at me.

Stuffed toy Hug Me Slugs by Elizabeth Ruffing, 12. 9, 8, and 7 inchThese are 12, 9, 8, and 7 inches tall.

Stuffed toy Hug Me Slugs by Elizabeth Ruffing, assorted colors and sizesI will keep working at getting more up, along with some other creatures.

Glass-headed quilting pinsI went out and picked up some supplies. I was surprised by how much the prices went up. I got what I needed on sale, but the regular price for this many glass-headed quilting pins, two packs of the kind I like to use, would be $17.98! And my stuffing is now at $11.99 a bag. Even on sale, they are still expensive.

Gray kitty, hiding behind a tree, Elizabeth RuffingTemperatures here are running between 95 and 101 degrees, but we had appointments for two strays, who have been showing up at my neighbors’ houses, to get them fixed and vaccinated. I only have a couple of photos, from afar, this handsome guy. He looks like Sasquatch peeking out from behind that tree.

I have been leaving food out for a week, in a trapping spot, and tried to trap from before 6am until after 10pm in the heat, with no luck. His friend, a gray-and-white cat, was next to the trap at one point during the night, but it was the moment I went to check the trap. He ran away.

Gray kitty from afar, Elizabeth RuffingThe rest of the day was ridiculous, with one extremely talented girl kitty, a neighbors’ pet, who was an expert at cleaning all the food out of the trap, without stepping on the trip plate. She even carefully licked it off a piece of cardboard I put over the trip plate, to make the area more sensitive. I would come to check the trap, and it would either be open and empty, or closed because it had been jostled.

Then there was food that was left out, when I needed everyone to be hungry. It was hopeless. I got very tired, sweaty, and frustrated. Another kitty is going to take the second vet appointment, after the first had to be canceled. We will wait until the heat breaks, and try again in another spot, with the snack thief inside, I hope.

Santana and Trouble, one sneaking up on the other, Elizabeth RuffingDuring my trapping fiasco, these guys got into a fight again. This time, I went inside and got a bowl of food to break it up instead of risking getting bitten. Santana reluctantly gave in to the food.

Trouble likes to follow me around. Trouble is the black-and-white cat’s name. Santana sees him as a rival. I didn’t see Santana on the other side of my dad’s car, when I said hello to Trouble, who had followed me home. This seemed to set Santana off again. I think Santana gets extremely jealous. He jumped on Trouble and fur was flying again. Trouble seems fine. Santana was limping a little. I didn’t get bitten.

Trouble, black and white cat, hiding behind plants, Elizabeth RuffingBoth belong to neighbors. I think they will eventually sort it out. This has happened with other neighbors’ cats and they adjusted. I like them all, and so I hope they can be friends. Most of the time they seem to tolerate each other.

Oliver Bunny, stretched out in hallway, Elizabeth RuffingI was done in, and didn’t want to even go outside or talk to anyone after all that. Oliver Bunny helped calm me down. He has been relaxing in the heat, with the air conditioning on, sometimes by himself, and sometimes with friends.

Oliver Bunny, stretched out in hallway with tabby cats, Elizabeth RuffingI don’t quite trust these two tabby girls with him, but they are very insistent about having bunny time. Oliver is popular and interesting. He is also brave. If they bother him, he grunts at them and I go shoo them away.

Oliver Bunny, stretched out behind toilet, Elizabeth RuffingWhen he wants to be left alone, he stretches out next to the toilet, which is cooler.

Oliver Bunny's piles of cilantro, Elizabeth RuffingHe used to eat dandelion leaves, but he has been boycotting them. Instead, he has been eating huge amounts of cilantro. He is being picky. I got him some green leaf lettuce, and he didn’t want that either. Romaine is okay, but green leaf, not so much. He wants cilantro, carrots, and most of all, his banana slice in the morning. Banana slices make him very happy. A friend suggested he needs his own banana tree. I said he needs a tiny banana tree, that grows one slice at a time. He is little.

Oliver Bunny, sitting in his Twigloo, with his salad, Elizabeth RuffingI am going to go get some bunny time, and some toy time in, and hide for a while. Tomorrow is Father’s Day. Happy Father’s Day! We will be having cake.


Cornflowers and cats

Cornflowers by Elizabeth RuffingI’m on the mend, and no X-rays of my cat bites were needed. No toys to show for myself yet. So, I thought I would share my pretty cornflowers instead.

Cornflowers by Elizabeth RuffingI can bend my finger but I’m still making slug eyeballs before finishing any toys. My finger still hurts if I bump it into anything, and fleece eyeballs are so small, bumping into them isn’t an issue.

Petting Santana the Peeping Tom Cat by Elizabeth RuffingSantana has forgiven me for breaking up his argument with Trouble, and for scolding him.

Santana the Peeping Tom Cat looking mischievous by Elizabeth RuffingOr I think he has, for the most part. I am watching out for those paws. He is an unpredictable guy.

Trouble (the cat) following me by Elizabeth RuffingTrouble has come back without fail. That is him next to my catalpa tree. I wish I had had my camera just before I took that picture, because he came over with his brothers, Scooter and Fish, in a pack, and they all took a walk with Jude and me. They find his harness and leash fascinating.

Trouble (the cat) following me by Elizabeth RuffingTrouble likes to do things with me, plant trees, trim kudzu, mow the lawn. He and Santana watched me a few feet apart since their spat, with no more than some dirty looks.

Cornflowers by Elizabeth RuffingI managed to get some mowing done, but not the push mowing, since that has definite bumping potential. Trouble watched me ride back and forth on the rider mower, at least twenty times. Then he decided to run out and leap in front of me. I think he wanted me to chase him on the mower. I’ve discovered he likes to be chased sometimes, which may be what got him into trouble with Santana, who chases him all the way back into his garage, when Trouble sneaks up on him.

Cornflowers by Elizabeth RuffingI think they get lonely when no one is home, and then they come to see me. No one seemed to be around for a while, when they all came over. I asked if there was an emergency, and offered to look after them if there were. I didn’t hear back. Hopefully everything is okay.

Tabby cat playing with a catnip lobster by Elizabeth RuffingI found a catnip lobster online for Miss Henrietta, who was very appreciative. The lobster came in a group of toys, all made of corduroy. She makes a nest out of them and sleeps in them. They are from HuggleKats. I found them on the Foster and Smith site.

Well, I think am good to sew, if anyone is waiting for me to put some toys in my shop. Feel free to ask me if I have a slug almost ready, if you would like one. I know I have plenty of eyeballs.


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