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Wonder Bunnies and Super Slugs

Wonder Bunny, Hug Me Bunny plush stuffed animal art toy by Elizabeth RuffingThis is my first Wonder Bunny, the superhero version of my Hug Me Bunnies. He (or she) has my pretty new custom-printed eyeballs and a “B” for bunny emblem.

Wonder Bunny, Hug Me Bunny plush stuffed animal art toy by Elizabeth RuffingHe also has a fancy cape, yellow with polka dots on one side, and red with planets on the other.

Wonder Bunny, Hug Me Bunny plush stuffed animal art toy by Elizabeth RuffingI made a couple of versions of this cape before I decided I liked this size the best on him.

Wonder Bunny, Hug Me Bunny plush stuffed animal art toy by Elizabeth RuffingNow he’s ready to fly. I need to make a special hang tag for him and some friends in different colors. Then I will post them in my toy shop.

Super Slugs, Hug Me Slugs plush stuffed animal art toys by Elizabeth RuffingI made these twin Super Slugs as a custom order. This was one version of the cape I tried. It was round on the sides and fuller.

Wonder Bunny, Hug Me Bunny plush stuffed animal art toy by Elizabeth RuffingMid-Wonder-Bunny, I ran into an issue which made me panic. My new emblems and eyeballs were shedding at their edges when I cut them out. Luckily, my mom suggested I coat them with Liquitex Fabric Medium, to seal the surface. It worked very well, thank goodness. The fabric medium is nontoxic and keeps everything in place. I didn’t encounter this with my monster eyeballs, because they had white around the colors. Any edge shedding wasn’t noticeable. Now I just need to paint my eight gazillion eyeballs and emblems with fabric medium. No problem. Ha.

Spoonflower fleece sample, eyeballs and emblems by Elizabeth RuffingI ordered all my fleece eyeballs and emblems from Fabric on Demand. They did a great job. Since then, Spoonflower came out with fleece as well. I had a problem with their black not being black enough on their faux suede fabric. I ordered a sample of their fleece (shown above), and was happy to find the black did print as black this time. The colors aren’t exactly the same from both companies, and so I would still recommend printing a color map if you need to match color.

Rainbow fleece, Elizabeth RuffingI was inspired to go out and get some rainbow fleece yesterday after seeing a rainbow display online at Target. Walmart (above left) and Jo-Ann’s (above right) both had some. I thought I might need some equality slugs or bunnies or kitties, or some of each, because the news and comments here in NC, and now across the country, are driving me right up the wall.

Pile of cotton print fabrics, Elizabeth RuffingI’ve collected some cotton prints from both stores too. Walmart now has Waverly prints, and they have a lot of pretty ones. I’m sure I have too many. I’ve been saying I’ll have to give up toy making because I can’t fit myself into the workroom.

Gumdrop Baby art toy by Elizabeth RuffingI’ve been redrafting all my templates for my toy characters. I experimented with my Gumdrop Baby, but I have a feeling I will end up going back to the original pattern. I can’t decide on a face, and whether I should go with a cartoonish more modern face, like the prototype above, or a more detailed antique dolly face. The original Gumdrop Babies are here on my blog. An example of a more detailed antique dolly face is here on Leah. Feel free to chime in if you have a preference for one look over another. I could use the feedback.

Oliver Bunny, and kitties Bertie and Jojo, hanging out, relaxing, by Elizabeth RuffingMost of the crew here outside my workroom door doesn’t seem to have an opinion. They like anything they can play with, cuddle with, or in Oliver Bunny’s case, lick.

Trouble black and white kitty cat sneaking up on Santana while he is sleeping, by Elizabeth RuffingThe crew outside doesn’t seem to have an interest either, unless a toy is filled with catnip. Trouble thinks Santana makes a good toy, and likes to sneak up on him while he is sleeping. Santana has no sense of humor about this. This photo was taking shortly before the yowling began. It was short lived. Trouble likes me to escort him home, where he falls over for pets.

Pets are important. Trouble comes looking for me if I don’t make an early appearance outside. Recently, he went all the way to my bedroom window, looking for me.

Trouble black and white kitty cat coming to see me, by Elizabeth RuffingTrouble comes running when he sees me come out in the morning.

Santana orange kitty cat, on the lookout, by Elizabeth RuffingSantana wants the porch and the deck to himself, and takes his guard duty seriously. They really both want me to pay attention to them and they don’t want to share. Eventually, they should get used to the idea. I hope.

Oh, I almost forgot…I keep going to doctors, and getting blood tests and biopsies. My circular rash turned out to be granuloma annulare, which is harmless, with no sure cause. My white blood cell count is consistently high, four times in a row now. We don’t know why. I don’t know if it is linked to the fatigue I have had. I have more appointments and tests, but we may only find out that I am weird. Or my blood is weird? I don’t know. It could be anything or nothing at all. I try not to think about it. I did pretty well, since I forgot to mention it through this whole blog post.

Got to go do stuff. Take care, all.


Custom fabric, with a side order of Amoxicillin

Eyeballs printed on fleece from Fabric on Demand by Elizabeth RuffingSince I last wrote about getting eyeballs for my toys printed on custom fabric from Fabric on Demand, which came out great, I went a bit berzerko and decided I needed about eight billion varieties.

Oliver Bunny sitting on stuffing by Elizabeth RuffingI contacted Oliver Bunny’s veterinarian and asked what shaped pupils he thought various animals would have. I am lucky he and his colleagues enjoy questions.

Eyeballs and emblems by Elizabeth RuffingThen I went about designing an exhausting array of colored eyeballs, most of which don’t exist in nature, with both oval and round pupils, along with emblems for Super Slugs and Wonder Bunnies.

Eyeballs printed on fleece from Fabric on Demand by Elizabeth RuffingIt took a while to get them back from the printer, but they look pretty awesome.

Eyeballs printed on fleece from Fabric on Demand by Elizabeth RuffingThey come out of the washer and dryer a little softer looking, which is no surprise with fleece, since it has a fuzzy texture. I am trying to decide if I want to prewash them. If I do, I will do it by hand and hang them to dry next time, to preserve the sharpness. The blacks came out nice and black too.

Update: I decided not to prewash the eyes and emblems, because I needed to coat them with some Liquitex fabric medium, to make sure the edges didn’t fray when I cut them out, which sealed the surface and made prewashing unnecessary.

Color map on fleece from Fabric on Demand by Elizabeth RuffingI had a color map with the hex code numbers for each color printed as well. If you would like to use this color map file, I saved it here. It is 42 inches wide and 36 inches long. So, it will fit on a yard of fabric. It was printed at 150dpi, which is what Fabric on Demand recommended. It is good to have, so you can see what the colors you are picking in Photoshop will look like when printed on fabric.

Super Slug in progress by Elizabeth Ruffing and cape fabricsI am working on revising my Super Slug pattern. I ordered some special cape fabrics. I’m going to make a Wonder Bunny cohort for him.

Super hero emblems, eyeballs, and animal faces on fleece by Elizabeth RuffingI’m also going to make some Hug Me Lambs, and I think, some lop-earred bunnies similar to the lambs, with fleece faces and ears, and either cotton print or fleece bodies.

Cotton fabrics from Brooklyn Fabric CompanyI just received a group of really pretty fabrics to use for these from Brooklyn Fabric Company in Iowa. They have a sale until tomorrow, and they shipped them very quickly.

Possible lyme disease rash on my arm, Elizabeth RuffingIn other news…I’ve been feeling so tired! I know it seems like I’ve been doing a lot, but I have had so much fatigue. The other night, I was saying to my mom that I thought something had to be wrong with me. At first, I thought it was sleep deprivation, and it may be, but I have also had this strange circular rash under my arm for at least a couple of months, maybe even four months, after my lymph nodes under my arm were swollen, assuming I would have seen it then. I was concerned it was Lyme disease. My mom was sure that kind of rash always had a red center. I got worried and looked online. Looking online is a good way to get more worried! I found that sometimes the red center disappears, because your immune system attacks the bite area first.

After a lot of rigamarole sorting out my insurance in regard to where I was allowed to go, I ended up at an Urgent Care. Since the tests they have for Lyme are unreliable, and they don’t do them at Urgent Care anyway, if you present for Lyme, they usually go ahead and treat you for it. I picked up my giant horse pills, three weeks of Amoxicillin, three times a day. Whoopee. I started taking them last night. My mom cheerfully said, “Only 59 to go!” Ick.

Oliver Bunny chewing on a cardboard box by Elizabeth RuffingI have bushes and trees to plant and a certain little furry man to take for his checkup. I’ll see how I do. I’ve been warned to expect some side effects.

Psychologically, I felt better last night, since I was blaming myself for feeling so tired. I’ve had a couple of inquiries about custom toys, and one night this past week, I felt so overwhelmed, I thought I would have to say I couldn’t do them. I felt like I couldn’t make any toys at all. I’ve had trouble even thinking straight lately, although I am feeling better and more rested now. I felt like I needed to go to the rest home and take a long, long nap. I have been feeling guilty too, that I haven’t gotten my toys done. I’ve had the same nine monsters in progress since the beginning of January. I am hoping the antibiotic and some sleep will turn me around.

Update: After testing and biopsies, we found out my circular rash was granuloma annulare, which is harmless, with no clear cause. My white blood cell count however keeps coming back high. We’re still trying to figure that out along with the cause of my fatigue.


Mr Zoomie

Zoomie, black kitty cat resting in bed by Elizabeth RuffingAfter I last wrote, our nearly nineteen year old kitty, Zoomie, had a couple of stokes, one after the other, at the beginning of February. We didn’t think he would pull through, but he miraculously rebounded, even though he had some mobility issues and needed help with his basic needs. We did our best for him, and he got surprisingly better, only with less energy and unable to jump up on counters. He was also very thin. The photo above was taken then. He was looking like his old self.

Zoomie, black kitty cat resting in bed by Elizabeth RuffingIn mid-March, he had another stroke, which left him weaker. We hoped for another recovery, but, in spite of his great determination, it wasn’t to be. Before I went to bed one night, he insisted on getting into the biggest cat bed in the house, the one with the highest walls. I helped get him comfortably situated, cleaned his face, kissed him on the forehead, and went to bed. In the morning, on the 23rd, he was in the exactly the same spot, as I had left him. I believe he went peacefully in his sleep, which is the best we could have hoped for.

Zoomie, black kitty cat with a birthday present by Elizabeth RuffingI found him as a kitten, running around in our back yard. He was a very handsome boy. He had a beautifully plush coat. We used to say he was squishy, like a teddy bear.

Zoomie, black kitty cat looking over a blanket by Elizabeth RuffingThe first thing he did, when I met him, was run up to me and hit me on the leg.

Zoomie, black kitty cat playing with a bag of catnip knots by Elizabeth RuffingHe then climbed one tree after another, before sitting in front of the kitchen window, where he growled at the cats inside.

Zoomie, black kitty cat playing with catnip with friends by Elizabeth RuffingI brought him in, and he really never wanted to go outside again, except for the occasional times he stepped out the door while we brought groceries inside, and the one time the back door accidentally blew open, and we found him, with Henrietta, sitting under the bush by the back door.

Zoomie, black kitty cat with a sock cat by Elizabeth RuffingHe used to carry Henrietta around in his mouth, when she was a baby, until she got too bossy. He was good at taking care of babies.

Zoomie, black kitty cat playing with a catnip kicker by Elizabeth RuffingLater in his life, he ended up with two much younger tabby girlfriends, Phoebe and Bertie, who adored him.

Zoomie, black kitty cat with Bertie and Phoebe sitting on top of him by Elizabeth RuffingThey competed for his attention. Every time they heard him giving himself a bath, they would run to him and ask for a bath for themselves, pushing their heads under his chin. He patiently obliged. He took good care of them too.

Zoomie, black kitty cat giving Bertie a bath by Elizabeth RuffingWe’re all going to miss our boy.

Zoomie, black kitty cat looking out the front door by Elizabeth Ruffing


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