Mind Sieve 5/2/16 and more...

Mind Sieve 5/2/16

Happy Monday!

Fan Fun



X-Men Apocalypse Final Trailer - it's going to be messy! :P


Social Media/Author Platform

Google AMP: What Bloggers Need to Know by Michael Stelzner at the SocialMedia Examiner. Oh! This is like - IMPORTANT! Eek!

Writing Advice

How Strong is Your Dialogue? How to Fix Common Dialogue Problems by Alex Limberg at Kristen Lamb's blog.

Brain Science: How Do You Imagine? by Jami Gold. A totally fascinating topic! Thanks for sharing this, Jami!

May you have a calm and easy week! (I'm not - so you need to have one for me! Heh heh.)

Virtual Tourist - FF XIV 5/1/16

Morning all!
Final Fantasy XIV
Eastern Thanalan
Main Storyline - Primal Ifrit

Temugg Zoh is not happy my brain was not fried upon seeing his god. Hah!
Standing my ground!
Someone is angry!
Tarrah defiant!
Crystal Affinity GO!
Livia sas Junius - evil watcher of events. One of the ones responsible for current affairs. Boo!
Ifrit sent home! Bwahahaha!
Eastern Thanalan
Some really cool ruins at Highbridge. Easily missed, but awesome if you see them!
An even better view! I wanna go down there! But you can't. :(
Is this a weird scarecrow or what?
Weirdest looking sheep ever, no? :P
Nice little outpost too! Love the windmill. I believe that is Ul'dah in the distance?
Have an awesome Sunday!

Movie Review - Ratchet and Crank

Starring: James Arnold Taylor, David Kaye, Jim Ward, Rosario Dawson, Paul Giamatti, John Goodman, Dean Redman, Armin Shimerman, Sylvester Stallone, Alessandro Juliani and more.
Directed by: Kevin Munroe and Jericca Cleland Written by: T.J. Fixman, Kevin Munroe, and Gerry Swallow Cinematography by: Anthony Di Ninno Music by: Evan Wise
Premise: Ratchet has admired the Galactic Rangers since he was little. So when a chance pops up to try and join during a recruitment campaign in his backwater world, he's eager to go. His carefree past, however, proves a giant stumbling block. At least until he makes the unexpected acquaintance of a small defective robot he calls Clank. Suddenly, Ratchet finds himself dumped in the path of one of the biggest threats to the Galaxy and another chance at his dream. (Rated PG)
1.Voice Acting - Total Thumbs Up: Loads of great voice talents for this one. Loved Paul Giamatti as Chairman Drek - so ruthless and so dense. Heh heh. Armin Shimerman brought some nice lunacy into evil Dr. Nefarious. Sylvester Stallone was too fun as Victor Von Ion. Rosario Dawson did great as Elaris - just a touch of manic in there for flavor. Jim Ward, James Arnold Taylor, and David Kaye meshed quite nicely together as our three principal characters!
2. Artwork/Animation - Total Thumbs Up: We saw the film in 3D - CGI always converts quite nicely to the medium. They had some cool 3D moments and used it to good effect. The space shots were lovely! The 3D also made for some fast moves down a narrow canyon. 
The animation was quite detailed and came across very well. Ratchet's fur looked fluffy and soft while Captain Qwark looked as superficial as his personality. :P Elaris' horns/hair were very reminiscent of Galaxy Quest. :)
Some lovely color palettes used to good effect especially for subtext. Blues and Greens were for good, reds and oranges for bad. This placed Ratchet somewhat in the middle before joining the Rangers, which was rather apt with his tendency to get into trouble. 
3. Plot/Story - Thumbs Up: The Ratchet and Clank film is based on a PlayStation game from 2003 (and has had several sequel games). As such, the film is filled with tons of lovely snark. They even do a countdown at the beginning to the evil speech. :P 
Several themes are used/explored in the film - belonging, responsibility, big dreams, that friendship runs both ways, as well as the fickleness of fame and addiction to it. Best of all, the little biases that can cause so much harm to others. 
The plot is pretty straight forward with a few small surprises and lots of subtext and snark. They even make fun of the Wilhelm scream. lol. Chairman Drek was both brilliant and dense - and his minions are social media fools! lol. Dr. Nefarious is so insane he actually made mad science work! (Loved the Sheep-i-nator!)
A couple of items are a little far fetched (rust takes time guys!), but it is enough fun it's easily overlooked. 
Once the film shows the voice actors names at the end, there's a bit more (and more snark) then one last bit after all the credits. Well worth it. Heh heh.
Conclusion: Ratchet and Clank is a fun ride full of snark and cute little moments. The lovely animation made the cool gadgets, guns, spaceships and space look awesome.
Rating: 3.5 out of 5 (Hubby's Rating: Worth Full Price of Admission)

Picture Kaleidoscope - WHOFest 2016

This past weekend ChibiChains and I had a dealers table at WHOFest
A gaggle of Doctors and hammy companions? :P
A Doctor WHO themed belt Drew created while at WHOFest. :)
The Sisters are here to help. 
K-9 the Doctor's dog. And one of my favorite characters! :)
Even Daleks like to come to WHOFest! Heh heh. (Old and new versions too!)
Vastra from Vicotrian England. And quite a detective in her own right. :)


The newest Dalek type rolling through the Dealers' Room! Wished I'd caught him talking. Dang it! :)
Have a great one!

Mind Sieve 4/25/16

WHOFest was this past weekend so this will be a quick one!


Jason Bourne Official Trailer - Shakycam AGAIN? Ugh....


Independence Day Resurgence Official Trailer 2 - Booyah! (Watched the original again a couple of weeks ago - we're good to go!) :)


The Magnificient Seven International Teaser Trailer - a remake of a good American film based on a Japanese film. Cast looks fab too! Sweet! 

Wish me luck! Work's been CRAZY!

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