Mind Sieve 9/29/14 and more...

Mind Sieve 9/29/14

Running super late~!

Kingsman: The Secret Service Trailer 2 - I am so looking forward to this one! 

Predestination International Trailer 2 - Had not heard of this one. Looks fun!

John Wick Trailer - do not mess with a man's ride or his dog.  You never know who they might belong to. Hee hee!

Hope to be back in the groove next week!

Virtual Tourist - TERA 9/28/14

Morning all!
Having to rush and could not find the names of stuff quickly. Bummer...


More nooks in the capitol to drool over. :)

Off to a new location

This is where hubby's people come from. Couldn't find the name though. Dang it!

Darkness and lights. Yet it fits so well.

A local denizen. 

The govermental seat of the Elin

The tree was very cool

Colored lights everywhere

Cute no?

And look at that sky!


Not so cute.

Loved the glowing flowers

A simple cottage

The weird towes and the awesome sky go nicely together

Look at those spires!

More fauna and flora

Have a great Sunday!

TV Reviews - New Fall Shows 9/26/14

This weekend I am at Fencon!

So since I probably won't get to see any movies, I thought I'd do some quick reviews for the new TV Shows we saw this week now that the new season has finally started.

1. Scorpion

Premise: A group geniuses form a company called 'Scorpion' but don't seem to be getting anywhere. That is until an agent from Walter's past looks him up and asks for their help with a major crisis and they end up using a local dinner for an impromptu HQ.

The first episode really should have been a two hour premier. There's too many characters and we don't really get to meet but two or three. It would have served them better going with a two hour episode as then they could have spent a little time on all of the characters so we could become acquainted. Felt way too rushed. No real sparks so far.

Interesting premise. But will it hold our interest? We will see.

2. Forever

Premise: A doctor on a slave ship defends one of the slaves and is killed for it. When his body is dumped into the ocean, however, he comes back to life. And each time he dies after, he comes back again and again, his body reformed in a nearby large body of water. In modern times, he's currently working as a medical examiner in a big city, as his research on finding a way to die permanently continues. But his life takes a turn as he finds himself stalked by someone who says they knows his secret.

This show seems to be part New Amsterdam, part Castle, part Forever Knight. Ioan Gruffudd and Judd Hirsch make for a fun pair. Death is a major theme on a number of levels. Good chemistry amongst the cast. Liked it, and since we got two episodes this week, I got to like it even more as the stalker angle grows more interesting.

Looks like a keeper!

3. Gotham

Premise: Detective James Gordon has moved to Gotham City. A large and very corrupt city. His first case - the alley murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne.

Batman comic fans will love some of the characters they've brought back in time for this tv production - Montoya, Bullock, Allen. And as we see the beginning of Bruce Wayne's eventual transformation into Batman, there are several other characters we get a peek at before they become the criminal icons they mature into later in life.

Ben McKenzie is great as Gordon. Love that David Mazouz is playing the emotionally scarred Bruce Wayne - he was fabulous on Touch. Excited to see what they will do with Sean Pertwee as Alfred. Te butler has many secrets - shshshsh. Great chemistry and rapport from all in the cast.

I am definitely pumped about this one.

4. NCIS: New Orleans

Premise: A small NCIS office in New Orleans tries to keep the peace and protect the city.

I saw the intro episode that aired in the spring with the regular NCIS crew and liked what I saw, so made sure to check it out. The premise of this episode, however, was too emotional too soon. We've seen these characters only once before, so dipping into such a personal emotional plot didn't get the 'buy in' it normally would have if we'd already gotten to know the characters better. Several jokes fell flat, the cast still trying to find their 'groove'. Nevertheless, I loved Scott Bakula as the laid back, emotional Dwayne Pride. The character is almost an reversed-Gibbs at first glance, but inside, there flows the same hardened steel core. CCH Pounder is a blast as the ME.

We'll definitely be keeping an eye on this one.

Some beloved shows also came back for new seasons this week! YAY!
Person of Interest - yes, yes, yes!
Agents of SHIELD are off to a bang! So glad they've found a way to keep Brett Dalton around! Woot! (Going to be a dark season. Eek!)
NCIS - started with a bang!

Happy watching, ya'll!

My Fencon 2014 Schedule

Tomorrow is Fencon!

 FenCon 2014

Below is my schedule for this weekend. Sweet!

The Return of the Obligatory Stargate Panel 
Friday  8:00 PM  Red Oak  

FenCon Squares - my first time! So excited!
Saturday  10:00 AM  Trinity I - IV  

Saturday  2:00 PM  Gallery  

Our Thingies Do Stuff - Ooo no Mel, but I still think Go Liver Psychic Anthropologist might be showing up for this one. Bwahahahahahaha!
Saturday  7:00 PM  Live Oak  

Reading - Come! You know you want to hear my squeaky voice!
Sunday  2:30 PM  Pecan  

Should be a fun weekend! Woot!

Picture Kaleidoscope 9/24/14


Yep, I was a no show Monday. Colds are starting to spread and the sinuses to complain. It's fall season! Heh heh

Went through a stint of sky pics. Loads of unusual cloud formation (for Texas that is).

Herd of sheep clouds

Look way in the back, the clouds form a giant wall.

Tried to get a better shot of it. Not sure I was successful. :P

Unusually dark and cloudless sky.

Cloud blimps!

Like a force of nature coming for us

Cloud blanket!

Or a cloud tsunami, no?

Stay healthy!

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