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  4. “‘Doing’ Geography Instead Of ‘Studying’ It”
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Two Important Posts On ClassDojo

You may be aware of The New York Times article earlier this week about the classroom management tool ClassDojo — I wrote about it in my post, One Of The More Depressing Passages You’ll Read This Week.

You can also find other posts about the app at The Best Posts & Articles On “Motivating” Students.

Two posts have been written this week about the app that I think are important for educators to read:

6 reasons to reject ClassDojo is by Joe Bower, who lays-out the critiques of ClassDojo clearly and articulately.

Bill Ferriter, a teacher who I respect very much, has written a very thoughtful post about he uses ClassDojo. It sounds like he applies it in a very careful and effective way, and not just as a blunt extrinsic motivation weapon. Based on how I read other teachers are using it, however, it sounds like Bill is more the exception than the rule. I think the creators of an app need to take responsibility for how people use the products of their work in destructive ways, just as education researchers need to do the same for their studies,

What do you think?


The Best Resources For Using Chromebooks In The Classroom – Help Me Find More

I’ve become increasingly disappointed with our District’s decision to not purchase Chromebooks and, instead, purchase far more expensive and far fewer MacBooks.

I did think, though, that readers might find a Chromebooks “Best” list useful and, perhaps, someday, so will I.

Before I share those links (and I hope readers will contribute more), here are a few other Best lists you might find useful:

The Best Resources On “One-To-One” Laptop/Tablet Programs — Please Suggest More!

The Best Advice On Using Education Technology

The Best Sources For Ideas On How To Use Technology With English Language Learners

The Best Research Available On The Use Of Technology In Schools

The Best Good, Inexpensive & Simple Classroom Technology Tools

The Best Places To Find Research On Technology & Language Teaching/Learning

The Best Sites For Learning About The History Of Technology

My Best Posts For Tech Novices (Plus A Few From Other People)

The Best Resources For Beginning iPad Users

The Best Sites For Beginning iPhone Users Like Me

Now, here are my choices for The Best Resources For Using Chromebooks In The Classroom:

Chromebooks beat iPads as top education device is from The San Francisco Chronicle.

30 Ways to Use Chromebooks in the Classroom is a useful slide presentation.

Using Chromebooks in the Classroom is from Reading Today.

Here’s a Live Binder created by Maureen Davis full of related resources.

10 Chromebook uses: How Google-powered laptops are enhancing classrooms is from Education Dive.

3 Reasons Why Chromebook Beats iPad in 1:1 Programs is from edSurge.

Six Reasons Educators Say They Are Choosing Chromebooks Over iPads, Netbooks And PCs is from Forbes.

Why Chromebooks Are Beating MacBooks is from Mashable.


Updated Thanksgiving Resources

“‘Doing’ Geography Instead Of ‘Studying’ It”

‘Doing’ Geography Instead Of ‘Studying’ It is my latest post at Education Week Teacher.

In it, four educators share their thoughts on teaching geography: Kelly Young, from whom I’ve learned more about teaching than from anyone else; Elisabeth Johnson, who is the best social studies teacher I’ve ever seen; middle school educator Lisa Butler; and Matt Podbury, who teaches Geography at an International School in France.

Here are some excerpts:





I’m adding it to The Best Websites For Learning & Teaching Geography.


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For some reason, Feedblitz did not email all the posts I published yesterday to the 3,000 readers who subscribe to this blog by email.

So, if you do read this blog via once-daily emails, you might want to go to the blog directly to see what you missed!


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