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  1. xkcd What-if on Microwaves
  2. EggBot in Budapest
  3. GeekDad on the EggBot
  4. Linkdump: February 2015
  5. From the Mailbag: Long-term Lego Storage
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xkcd What-if on Microwaves

microwave troubleshooting by xkcd

This week’s What-if? from xkcd answers the question of why microwave ovens heat food unevenly, and links to our article Microwave Oven Diagnostics with Indian Snack Food.


EggBot in Budapest

Kitti in Budapest has a thoughtful blog about her EggBot. She’s posting her experiences, modifications, and challenges. She is putting up designs on Thingiverse, starting with the Hungarian Folk design shown above.

My first design was inspired by my Mom. I told her about my plans to draw something in Inkscape to be printed on an egg later. She immediately ask if I am planning to do a Hungarian folk pattern.

We’ll be looking forward to seeing what comes next!


GeekDad on the EggBot

EggBot on workbench with daughter at computer

Mark has posted a nice writeup at GeekDad about receiving an EggBot as a birthday present:

It was the perfect gift for a GeekDad–something I wasn’t expecting and might not have bought for myself, but is so much fun that I wish I’d bought one years ago.

30 valentine ping pong balls

He used it for his daughter’s preschool:

In almost no time, I had a box of 30 Valentine’s ping pong balls for her to take to school. Her teachers were fascinated when they saw them and I was told had been debating whether we had somehow hand-drawn them all. The head teacher asked my daughter how we made them and she naturally replied: “No, a robot drew them!”


Linkdump: February 2015

Arithmographe Mechanique (Mechanical Calculator)


From the Mailbag: Long-term Lego Storage

1x8 flat - 5

This great question came in via email:

I was wondering if you are still using the Lego stacked storage system you blogged about 3 years ago?

We are (it’s actually been eight seven years since we wrote that post) and it’s still working well. Last time I went to do a Lego project, I was particularly pleased to find that our parts were still mostly sorted and easy to get at.


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