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  3. Meggy Jr RGB + WaterColorBot
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From the Mailbag: Interactive Game of Life

Game of Life by Forrest

Forrest shared these pictures of his Interactive Game of Life build.

I bought the project to help expose my two grandsons to electronics and learn how to build circuit boards.  Dan my 10 year old did one board all by himself just using your instructions. Josh my 14 year old did more than half of the boards and I finished them up because I only have the kids for limited time periods. I am so proud of them. Josh complete understands how the Game Of Life works…I don’t  HA!  We are planning on adding a instruction board to the bottom of the display so other kids can have fun.

I have a CNC router and built the frame.  The boards are screwed onto a piece of 1/4″ plywood which floats in the frame.  Not glue in.  I machined a loose slot around the inside frame pieces.  That way I can take the frame apart and easily change out of a board if necessary.  It has been so much fun to build and you have SUPER service.

We thank you so much and would like to build more projects that you may come up with.  As soon as I get more time with Dan we are going to build the clock.

He also shared his case design (105 kb dxf). Thank you for sharing your time and skills with your grandkids, and for sharing your pictures and design with the rest of us!


Floral egg by Kellbot

Eggbot in action #eggbot

A video posted by @the_kellbot on

Kellbot posted this video of the EggBot drawing the lovely Paisley Flower Egg design she has up on Thingiverse.

Finished floral paisley egg

It turned out great!


Meggy Jr RGB + WaterColorBot

Meggy Jr RGB controlling WaterColorBot

Our friend Schuyler hooked up our Meggy Jr RGB hand-held video game platform up to control the WaterColorBot. He wrote on twitter:

I got the @EMSL Meggy Jr RGB working with the @MakerSylvia WaterColorBot. My code is here.

WaterColorBot art made using Meggy Jr RGB

The output looks great, too. Thanks for sharing your code, Schuyler!


Linkdump: March 2015


St. Patrick’s Day EggBotting

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Thanks to A.Z. for sharing these photos of ornaments decorated with shamrocks using the EggBot.


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