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"Never get out of the boat" - 5 new articles

  1. I see you baby...shakin' that ass #signal
  2. aim for fame
  3. how to win at 'chicken'
  4. aberrant salience meets rosser reeves uptown
  5. catenaccio, totaalvoetbal, tiki-taka
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I see you baby...shakin' that ass #signal

Lions have a couple of principal hunting methods.
The first is one in which the...

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aim for fame

James Norrington: 'You are without doubt the worst pirate I've ever heard of'.

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how to win at 'chicken'

Two cars head toward each other.

The first driver to swerve loses the game, along with...

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aberrant salience meets rosser reeves uptown

The term 'salience' - in marketing speak - refers to the likelihood that a particular...

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catenaccio, totaalvoetbal, tiki-taka

'That’s the essence of strategy: to outperform rivals, who are trying to do better...

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