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  1. Joining the Trans Advocacy Network
  2. New from TRANScribe: Paola
  3. New from TRANScribe: Patti
  4. New from TRANScribe: Deborah
  5. Why I’m interning at the Pride Agenda
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Joining the Trans Advocacy Network

Post by Christopher Argyros, Pride Agenda Transgender Rights Organizer I’m excited to announce that the Pride Agenda has joined the nationwide Trans Advocacy Network (TAN)! This is a recently-formed alliance of organizations that advocate for transgender equality and justice at the state and local level. TAN will create opportunities for member organizations, such as the Pride Agenda, to

New from TRANScribe: Paola

Paola from Albany reflects on combating threats and discrimination in a dangerous living situation, reminding us that everyone deserves a safe place to live. Here's an excerpt: This was my worst nightmare turning real. I tried to be honest with my housemates because I was concerned they could have figured out I was transgender, and then how would they have reacted? Maybe in a more aggressive

New from TRANScribe: Patti

Patti from Buffalo describes the rejection she faced from family and coworkers and stresses the importance of securing equal protections for transgender New Yorkers. Here's an excerpt: Without legal protections, it is easier to avoid, dismiss, fire or evict us than make the effort to understand. This is why we need to raise awareness for transgender issues and pass the Gender Expression

New from TRANScribe: Deborah

Deborah from Hudson Valley writes about her daughter, Jessica, and her fears for her future in a state whose laws put her at a disadvantage. Here's an excerpt: In New York State she can be denied the job that she is studying so hard for just because she is transgender. At a time when Jess is just starting out, she is at a disadvantage for jobs, housing, loans--all the things that the rest

Why I’m interning at the Pride Agenda

 Emily Cozzi, Center In my final year as a student at Colgate University, I spent a lot of time thinking about (or perhaps agonizing over is the more appropriate expression) what I wanted to do with myself after I graduated. I also spent a lot of time (I’m talking weekends camped out in the library) doing research and writing papers for various classes about issues relating to gender and

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