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  2. ** Britain’s recent wet summers can be...
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** The Geological Society - Western Regi...

The Geological Society - Western Regional Group - September Events

Dear all,

After a quiet summer break (in terms of our even talks and events), we are pleased to announce two events for September:

What has laboratory testing got to do with it?

20th September 2016

The Western Regional Group is pleased to invite Dr Way Way Moinet form Atkins Ltd.  Dr. Moinet will be sharing her experience modelling engineering conditions in the laboratory on different geomaterials under a variety of conditions

S H Reynolds Lecture Theatre, Bristol University
Refreshments from 6pm, for a 6.30pm start.

Download Flyer

WRG Summer Field Trip
The Avon Gorge

2pm Sunday 25th September 2016

This year’s WRGS field trip will be led by Richard Arthur. We will be meeting on the Circular Road on the Downs at the Avon Gorge Viewpoint (Sneyd Park, Bristo, BS9 1PG, where the ice cream van parks). The fieldtrip will consist of a circular walk, probably taking 2.5hrs. We will be starting at the viewpoint, walking down to the Portway, along the Portway, up Bridge Valley Road and back to the original starting point. We will see lots of exposures including dolomitic conglomerates and fossilised crinoids along Bridge Valley Road (which will be shut to road traffic) and faulting amongst others. We recommend walking/safety boots as a minimum.

After the field trip we will be travelling back into Clifton and will order food and/or pint at one of the local pubs.
The cost of the trip is FREE.
Please e-mail to reserve your place.

Download Flier

** Britain’s recent wet summers can be...

Britain’s recent wet summers can be blamed on the Atlantic jet stream, says new study

Not really geological but, even so, very interesting!


** Italy’s deadly earthquake is the la...

Italy’s deadly earthquake is the latest in a history of destruction

Here are a couple of links about the recent Italian earthquake


** Some GA ExcursionsThis has come my wa...

Some GA Excursions

This has come my way. The second and last items may be of interest to us.

Dear Members,

I hope you are all enjoying this spell of super Summer weather.

This is a reminder of a few of the GA field trips coming up and of course the GA Conference which is in October.  You can book for all of these events through the GA Website
Fossils in the City led by Mike Howgate Sunday 25 September at 2pm
Spend an enjoyable afternoon fossil hunting in London. Most of us will be familiar with the use of Portland Roach Stone in London buildings with its abundant Portland Screws (Aptyxiella portlandica) and Osses ‘Eds (Laevitrigonia gibbosa) but there is much else to see.
Danish Ordovician nautiloids will vie with Irish Carboniferous productids and crinoids for your attention. While German Solnhofen ammonites and belemnites abound on Fenchurch Street. Not forgetting the dinosaur footprint hidden in a back alley near Bank Underground Station.
Equipment: Suitable clothing and footwear. Hand lens, note book, camera. Cost £5

Dorset/ Devon Weekend 1 - 2 October led by Prof John Cope
The Dorset-Devon boundary coast has magnificent exposures of the transition from the desert conditions of the Late Triassic from red to green mudstones as the Triassic deserts were replaced by marine condition in the latest Triassic with marine faunas in the Penarth Group.  The latter is succeeded by Lower Jurassic fully marine rocks with a rich fauna dominated by ammonites.  The unconformably overlying Upper Greensand and Chalk cap the cliffs in the east along a spectacular landslipped coast, but are at beach level in the west where they can be examined in detail.  The trip will be based in Lyme Regis where there are many hotels, fossil shops and the Philpot Museum.   Precise locality details will depend upon the weather, but footwear providing ankle support is a must as are helmets.  There is no need for hi-vis jackets. Cost £15

Geology and Coastal Change around Selsey West Sussex led by David Bone Saturday 8 October
An excursion around the Selsey area looking at coastal changes illustrated by Ice Age erratics, raised beaches, lost medieval harbours, offshore quarrying and the creation of one of the largest managed retreat and coastal realignment schemes in recent years. A wide-ranging day covering geology, landscape, archaeology and local history.
Equipment: Suitable clothing and footwear. Hand lens, note book, camera. Pub or packed, Cost £5

GA Annual Conference, The Jurassic Coast - Geoscience and Education.  Friday 21 Conference, Field trips Saturday 22 October
Full programme details are now on our website - Book Now!

Best wishes
Sarah Stafford
Executive Secretary


** Box Rock Circus is now a "Gym Level 3...

Box Rock Circus is now a "Gym Level 3" for Pokemon Go!!!!

Elizabeth Devon has sent me an email telling me (and you) that Box Rock Circus is now a "Gym level 3" in the mobile game Pokemon Go. No doubt this is exciting news for some. 

Before I get too far into grumpy old man mode I will download the ?game? onto my phone and give it a go! You can get more information at, and through,


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