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  1. Tech Thursday: Recycling Your Old Computer
  2. Tech Thursday: PC Security Software
  3. 2 Law Schools Plan to Admit 10% of Their Law Students without the LSAT Tests
  4. Tech Thursday: Spring Cleaning For Your Computer
  5. Ohio Supreme Court Signficantly Enhances Opinion Search With Great New Options
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Tech Thursday: Recycling Your Old Computer

Have an old computer laying around the office? Don't just throw it in the trash, there may be sensitive files and information on the hard drive. Techlicious' Christina DesMarais' article "How to Safely Get Rid of an Old Computer" gives you some easy steps to safely delete the data on your computer. You can read her article here.


Tech Thursday: PC Security Software

There's hundreds of different versions of security software available these days. Which is the best for you? Kaitlyn Wells' article "The Best PC Security Software" breaks down the best free and paid software. You can read her article here.


2 Law Schools Plan to Admit 10% of Their Law Students without the LSAT Tests

Bloomberg reports that the Law Schools at SUNY Buffalo and the University of Iowa are soon going to accept students who have not taken the LSAT. This move is based on recent changes to ABA accreditation standards that allow Law Schools to admit up to 10% of their students without requiring them to take the LSAT. The provisos for the students in this 10% are that they were at the top of their college class and scored highly on the the SAT and ACT or on the GRE or GMAT graduate school exams. Standard 503 of the ABA Guidelines states in part that:

"(a) It is not a violation of this Standard for a law school to admit no more than 10% of an entering class without requiring the LSAT from: (1) Students in an undergraduate program of the same institution as the J.D. program; and/or (2) Students seeking the J.D. degree in combination with a degree in a different discipline."

The full text of the ABA standards can be found at this link.


Tech Thursday: Spring Cleaning For Your Computer

Though it's hard to tell by looking outside, Spring is almost here, and it's time for a little spring cleaning. If cleaning and organizing your computer isn't on your to-do list, it should be. If your computer is loaded with files and downloads, this will slow it down. Techlicious' Natasha Stokes writes "Deep cleaning your computer of unwanted files and streamlining your folder system can not only free up storage space, but improve your computer's performance." You can read more tips in her article "How to Clean out & Organize Your Computer" here.


Ohio Supreme Court Signficantly Enhances Opinion Search With Great New Options

The Ohio Supreme Court has significantly expanded the search capabilities of its Opinions & Announcements page. These new enhancements include allowing users "to search for specific topics or issues such as mandamus actions or attorney discipline matters or expedited election cases. Other new features will enable users to search court decisions by county, case number, and author. Many of these categories were available for display by columns on the old Opinions & Announcements page, but users could not search for them and filter out other information."

Attorneys will also be able to search for cases using a book citation format which includes the number of the bound volume containing the published opinion and its page number in the bound volume.


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