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"Cleveland Law Library Weblog" - 5 new articles

  1. OSBA Access to Justice Final Report Suggests Role for Law Libraries
  2. U.S. Supreme Court Launches Tool in Beta for Searching the Text of Oral Arguments
  3. Ohio Supreme Court Enhances and Redesigns Docket Search Page
  4. Tech Thursday: Secrets Of The Security Experts
  5. Former Cuyahoga County CP Judge Richard M. Markus Receives Award for Judicial Excellence
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OSBA Access to Justice Final Report Suggests Role for Law Libraries

The OSBA held an Access to Justice Summit in April 2015 to discuss 4 major topics:

  • Access to Justice with or without a Lawyer
  • Innovations in Pro Bono Legal Services
  • The Crisis in Legal Aid Funding
  • Effective Tools for Assisting Pro Se Parties: Forms and Beyond

The Final Report has been issued, and it contains many recommendations for reform. In particular, several comments describe the role which law libraries can play:

"Participants also raised that law libraries and public libraries could also play a significant role in providing access to legal services. Libraries could hold “legal hours” where legal aid/pro bono attorneys are available to assist with filling out forms or even just talking through problems so people know that the legal system might have help for them.,,,Open up law libraries for public access on specific days and times during the week....Self-help centers are good and SHOULD utilize LAW LIBRARIES...Law libraries are a great resource and the Ohio Association of Law Libraries is an eager and willing partner • They can expand their functions to help provide information; access; and support...Better information at law libraries."


U.S. Supreme Court Launches Tool in Beta for Searching the Text of Oral Arguments

The United States Supreme Court has just created a new tool in beta for searching the text of oral arguments back to 1950. As of today, users can search the text of 1,431,579 individual statements in 6,709 oral arguments. Users can search by search term, search type (e.g., case name, case number, petitioner, respondent), Court Term (e.g., 2015), or speaker.

Audio recordings and transcripts of recent U.S. Supreme Court cases can be found on the bottom of the page here. Since 2010, the U.S. Supreme Court has archived all audio recordings of oral arguments online here. Same-day full transcripts of oral arguments since the year 2000 are also archived online at the U.S. Supreme Court's web site here. More Court information on oral arguments is available here.


Ohio Supreme Court Enhances and Redesigns Docket Search Page

The Ohio Supreme Court just announced that it has redesigned its docket search page to add more search capabilities and mobile accessibility for any device.  Users can search by case no., caption, prior case no., case type (e.g., death penalty, UPL), filing date, party (e.g., individual or entity), and attorney. The Court has emphasized that "[e]ach case page will now include:

  • Tabs that list the parties involved in the case and decisions in chronological order
  • Link to register for case activity notification
  • Link to the oral argument video, if available
  • Printable view."

According to the court, the docket allows users to search over 73,000 cases back to 1985. The new docket search page also provides a Tab in the top right hand corner for "Recent Filings" in the Court from the last 5 days. For more information, read the Supreme Court's press release here.


Tech Thursday: Secrets Of The Security Experts

Ever wonder how the security experts stay safe online? Google released a paper that looks at the specific safety priorities of computer security experts. Techlicious' Fox Van Allen's article "Google Reveals Computer Security Experts' Top Safety Practices" gives us their secrets. You can read his article here.


Former Cuyahoga County CP Judge Richard M. Markus Receives Award for Judicial Excellence

The Ohio Supreme Court reports that the Ohio Judicial College has just honored former and retired Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judge Richard M. Markus with the Thomas J. Moyer Award for Judicial Excellence. Judge Markus was praised for being "a nationally prominent litigator and accomplished judge" who "is known for his extraordinary leadership skills and interest in the lives of others." "Judge Markus served on the Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court and the Eighth District Court of Appeals, six chief justices assigned him as a visiting judge for 40 counties and five appellate courts. In addition to his service as a litigator and judge, Judge Markus is a prolific author with a number of books, including “Trial Handbook for Ohio Lawyers [now called Ohio Trial Practice],”and numerous articles to his credit. Also an educator, he was a law professor at Akron, Case Western Reserve, Cleveland State, and Harvard universities, and presented many hundreds of seminar lectures to lawyers and judges in 42 states and four foreign countries. He has served on faculties for M.I.T., the National Judicial College, the Institute for Judicial Administration (New York University), and the Ohio Continuing Legal Education Institute, and is a co-founder of the National Institute for Trial Advocacy."

Click here to read a Press Release from the Ohio Supreme Court.


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