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  1. Tech Thursday: Locking Down Your Phone
  2. Tech Thursday: Staying Safe On Public Wi-Fi
  3. Tech Thursday: Windows 10 Is Almost Here
  4. UnitedLex Creates a "Legal Residency" for Lawyers Like a Residency for a Doctor
  5. Look for the Cleveland Public Library "Book Bike" This Summer
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Tech Thursday: Locking Down Your Phone

In this day and age, it's now more important than ever to make sure your Smartphone is safe from hacks and cyberattacks. ZDNet's article "Need to lock down your phone? These security apps are some of the best" lists six ways you can protect your mobile data. You can read their article here.


Tech Thursday: Staying Safe On Public Wi-Fi

Have you ever taken advantage of one of the thousands of free public Wi-Fi hotspots? They're very convenient, but be careful, security can be an issue. CNET's Lexy Savvides writes:
"Stuck without a data connection on the road? Free public Wi-Fi is one of those little luxuries that can make travelling easier, but you do need to exercise caution in how you use it." Her article lists some tips on what you should be aware of when using a public Wi-Fi. You can read her article here.


Tech Thursday: Windows 10 Is Almost Here

Microsoft has finally announced a launch date for Windows 10, July 29, 2015. This is a free update for users running Windows 7, 8 or 8.1. What does this mean for us? Techlicious' Fox Van Allen has compiled a list of "the good, bad and ugly about the new Windows 10 operating system." Click here to read his article.


UnitedLex Creates a "Legal Residency" for Lawyers Like a Residency for a Doctor

A company called UnitedLex has reinvented the job market for new lawyers with the creation of a brand new employment concept called a "legal residency." Although UnitedLex is not itself a practicing law firm, in collaboration with law schools at Vanderbilt, Ohio State, Emory, and the University of Miami, UnitedLex provides the following opportunities for new graduates:

"Graduates work with UnitedLex as a resident for up to two years (not foreclosing the possibility of longer-term employment), compiling genuine hands-on experience. It’s not uncommon for a resident to manage their own team of reviewers and interface directly with the client and its outside counsel to develop strategy. Additionally, about 10 percent of the residency is devoted to training programs that UnitedLex and the schools developed to keep the grads learning the practical skills needed for a developing practice." Quoted from Above the Law.

About 100 graduates have already accepted jobs with United Lex at salaries between $55,000-$70,000 per year. The law schools also receive 50% of the profits that UnitedLex generates from the law schools' alumni contacts.



Look for the Cleveland Public Library "Book Bike" This Summer

The Cleveland Public Library is adding to its community outreach efforts with a "Book Bike" this summer. According to Scene, the "Book Bike" will be a "traveling library, complete with a checkout station, WiFi access, and a display for informational materials." According to CPL, the "Book Bike" will allow patrons to "check out books, sign up for library cards, and look up books in the catalog." This Summer, the "Book Bike" will join Cleveland Public Library's Book Box at Wade Oval Wednesdays and make appearances at local festivals and parades. For more information, read the Cleveland Public Library's press release.


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