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  1. Kentucky Right To Work Municipal Ordinance Preempted By NLRA
  2. BLS Union Membership Stats Just Released
  3. Exotic Dancers Are Employees
  4. Doctor Unions
  5. 2 Year Law School Degree Programs
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Kentucky Right To Work Municipal Ordinance Preempted By NLRA

UAW v. Hardin County, ___F. Supp. 2d ___(W.D. Kentucky, Feb. 3, 2016), is an important case. Download Hardin County Order A federal court held that a municipal ordinance which mandated right to work and limited union hiring halls and due-checkoff...

BLS Union Membership Stats Just Released

On January 28, 2016, the BLS released their annual statistics on union membership and the results are not pretty if you support unions, particularly in the private sector. Here. Among the highlights: • Public-sector workers had a union membership rate...

Exotic Dancers Are Employees

Exotic Island Enterprises v. Commissioner of Labor, ___A.D.3d___ (3rd Dep't. Jan. 14, 2016), raises a whole host of legal questions for which law review commentary is welcome. Factually, the court held that exotic dancers are employees for unemployment purposes. Applying...

Doctor Unions

An interesting article in the Jan 9, 2016 NY Times about Doctor Unions can be found here. It addresses some of the personal and professional concerns that doctors employed by hospitals have. Doctors are employees like everyone else. While the...

2 Year Law School Degree Programs

Interesting December 25, 2015, NY Times article entitled The 2-Year Law Education Fails to Take Off, is available here. Personally, I am very much against these programs. While they may sound interesting on paper, it takes time to learn the...

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