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  1. Use Cases and Online Maps
  2. Local Search – Local Data – Local Sources
  3. What3Words – Not.Quite.Right
  4. Can Anyone Stay on Top of the Online Mapping Hill?
  5. Google Maps Stumbles Badly – Crowdsourcing is the Problem*
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Use Cases and Online Maps

Hi, Everybody. This topic started out innocently enough and wasn’t research for a blog. What I was trying to do (my use case) was to find driving directions to several wildlife sanctuaries that had been recommended by my photography buddies. I started the process by Googling the Cibola National Wildlife Refuge. Google pops-up a side […]

Local Search – Local Data – Local Sources

In my last blog I mentioned that some problems are best solved with a “global” approach, while others might be susceptible to a solution that is targeted locally. For some reason this thought has been on my mind since that time. Today, I expand on why a local approach might be the elixir that challenges […]

What3Words – Not.Quite.Right

Recently, just for fun, I have been examining innovative grid offerings from What3Words, MapCode (TomTom-link) and Open Location Code (Google). What3Words seems to have caught the most attention, and in this blog I will present my thoughts about this specific effort at creating a more useful map grid for addressing. This is a really long […]

Can Anyone Stay on Top of the Online Mapping Hill?

Recently a colleague contacted me to ask my thoughts about a report indicating that Microsoft was selling some map-related assets to Uber. He noted his disappointment, as he had hoped that Microsoft would reinvigorate its mapping activities and, once again, become a notable player in the mapping market. The brief conversation led me to contemplate […]

Google Maps Stumbles Badly – Crowdsourcing is the Problem*

Google Maps has had a rough go of it lately. Public relations problems generated by crowdsourced data are at the heart of the conundrum, but the problems are related to two different systems used to support Google’s mapping efforts. Google Maps’ current public-oriented problems are these: 1) The editing system the company employs for using […]

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