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"Exploring Local" - 5 new articles

  1. Google Maps Stumbles Badly – Crowdsourcing is the Problem*
  2. Silicon Valley – the New Motor City?
  3. HERE Maps on Sale – The mapping derby begins
  4. Silicon Valley Mapenings
  5. The Incredible Lightness of Being…driven
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Google Maps Stumbles Badly – Crowdsourcing is the Problem*

Google Maps has had a rough go of it lately. Public relations problems generated by crowdsourced data are at the heart of the conundrum, but the problems are related to two different systems used to support Google’s mapping efforts. Google Maps’ current public-oriented problems are these: 1) The editing system the company employs for using [...]

Silicon Valley – the New Motor City?

As you may have noticed, my last few blogs either directly or indirectly, have been nipping at the issues surrounding autonomous vehicles (AV) and the spatial data that might be needed to operate them. Today’s post offers a look at how Google, Apple, Uber and others might choose to compete in this market. [...]

HERE Maps on Sale – The mapping derby begins

As you may have read in the WSJ , Forbes, or other sources, Nokia’s mapping unit HERE is in play. While I do not find this item to be “news,” it has attracted a great deal of publicity and speculation on the estimated value of the company, the potential strategic benefits for the [...]

Silicon Valley Mapenings

Recently I decided to put a new “topical” category in my Google News App in hopes of the service finding articles on mapping and navigation. Doing so has netted me relatively few articles. In fact, the same group of titles that were presented initially hasn’t changed since coverage started. However, two articles from [...]

The Incredible Lightness of Being…driven

Have you ever noticed that passengers in cars often have little specific awareness of the details of the spatial locations through which vehicles navigate? Often, when these people are driving to a destination they visited previously as a passenger in a vehicle, will say, “Yes, I know we have been there, but I was [...]

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