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More Abusive Comcast Customer Mail Continues To Surface

Just when you thought Comcast employees couldn’t get any scummier, they have to go and top themselves with even more rude and childish behavior. On Thursday, we brought you the story of Lisa Brown, who simply called into Comcast to downgrade her service, as her family was undergoing financial hardships. Instead of promptly complying with Mrs.


The Pirate Bay Rises From The Ashes Nearly Two Months After Police Raid

When we last gave you a status update on The Pirate Bay back in late December, we were given the impression that the site would make a full recovery. If you recall, earlier that month The Pirate Bay was the subject of a Swedish police raid that knocked the site offline. Since that time, the site’s operators have been working overtime to get


BMW Pushes OTA Update To 2 Million Vehicles, Prevents Hackers From Unlocking Doors

You think getting an OTA update for your smartphone to prevent someone from being able to remotely access it is notable? Imagine getting an update for your car to prevent someone from being able to access it! That's what the owners of some BMW vehicles are dealing with, as the Bavarian overlord has just issued updates to over 2.2 million vehicles. The


Say What? 'Exploding Kittens' Game Scores Record Kickstarter Support

Try wrapping your head around this one -- the most backed campaign in Kickstarter history is a card game called Exploding Cats. Go ahead and read that as many times as you wish, just be warned it won't ever make sense. Nothing does anymore, so rather than try and figure out how and why Exploding Kittens was able to turn a crowdfunding site


Marriott Abandons Petition Seeking Permission To Block Wi-Fi Hotspots

Give Marriott International a half-hearted gold star for finally committing to leaving Wi-Fi hotspots alone. Bruce Hoffmeister, Global Chief Information Office for Marriott, issued a statement saying the hotel chain has decided to withdraw its petition seeking "direction" from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on what legal Wi-Fi


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