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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer Breaks Cover Busting Out At Lightspeed

Amidst rumors and leaked images, Star Wars fans finally get a glimpse of the new movie. The teaser trailer for Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens has been released online for everyone to watch. Clocking in at 90 seconds, the teaser trailer opens up with a shot of the desert, which could be Tattooine, with a voice in the background


Sony Developing E-Paper FES Watch That Changes Looks Via Gesture Commands

Wearables are the hottest thing going at the moment, and despite it still being a new area, it already seems like there's not that much differentiation in the market. Sony apparently recognizes this, as it's planning to integrate a technology in some of its wearables that others seem to be overlooking: epaper. On paper - ahem - it seems


Jolla Adds Cellular Connection To Stretch Goals For Crowdfunded Tablet

Despite the tablet market being oversaturated, the Jolla tablet has gained quite a bit of attention. Built around the open source Sailfish OS, the Jolla Tablet’s Indiegogo campaign had a goal of $380,000 that was quickly reached. But since passing the $1 million mark, the company has added three stretch goals to its crowdfunding campaign. At


Samsung Employees Fear For Their Jobs Amidst Annual Reshuffle, Poor Earnings

It's hard to believe that Samsung's future is in question after all the success the South Korean electronics giant has enjoyed the past few years. Yet that's the situation facing Samsung -- following a disappointing quarter in which the company's flagship Galaxy S5 didn't sell as well as anticipated, there's now talk of a major shakeup among


Amazon Black Friday Hot Tech Deals Deliver Digital Delight

If you're out in the cold putting up with aggressive drivers and rabid shoppers who wouldn't think twice about trampling you in pursuit of a $100 savings on a high definition TV, you're doing Black Friday wrong. For some, it's become tradition, and we understand that. But for the most part, that's the antiquated model for scoring a deal. We


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