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IDC Sees Bright Future For Wearables, Predicts 126 Million Unit Shipments Annually By 2019

The world doesn't always make sense. Take for example smartphones; these wonderful little devices reduced wristwatches to a niche market. And now those same smartphone makers, the ones who beat wristwatch makers over the head, are now trying to revive the category by implementing smart features. We call them smartwatches, which a part of the


Plumbers, Auto Mechanics, And Electricians Are ‘1-Click’ Away With Amazon Home Services

The selection of products on Amazon's marketplace is incredible, to the point where it feels like it "has everything". But one thing it hasn't had up to this point is home services, something the company has today taken care of with the launch of the aptly named "Amazon Home Services". Amazon Home Services is just what it sounds like, a


Trade In Your ‘Old And Tired’ Android Phone And Apple Will Give You Credit For A New iPhone

Apple isn’t content with setting sales and profits records off the backs of its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus smartphones (Apple sold over 74 million iPhones during Q4 2014, and recorded profit of $18 billion for fiscal Q1 2015). The company is now going directly after Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone users by enticing them to trade in


Super Mario 64 Remade To Play Comfortably Within Your Web Browser Via Unity

Nintendo's past is filled with memorable Mario games, one of those being Super Mario 64, a classic 3D platform title that was released a year shy of a decade ago for the Nintendo 64. You've probably long retired that console, perhaps flipping it on eBay along with your collection of games so you could fund a newer system. Ah, but if you're


Walk In And Buy An Apple Watch? That Ain't Happenin' Anytime Soon

The countdown to the Apple Watch is growing ever louder with the lead up to April 10, the date on which online pre-sales for the device begin. With that heightening of the drone...er, buzz comes greater clarity on precisely how Apple is planning to sell their latest must-have device. This window into the process is in the form of a leaked


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