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Kutoa mchango wako, tembelea tovuti yetu

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News Alert: Laboratory Information System

Laboratory Information System

If your lab is like most, you will be faced with the need to manage larger volumes of data, while complying with stricter regulations and achieving higher quality and efficiency levels. In other words, your lab is a complex operation with many functions and priorities. Use of CHEMOLIS will results in an efficient workflow within a lab.

System Modules

  • Patient Registration
  • Medical Consultation
  • Lab Test Management
  • Reports Management
  • Maintenance and Backup
  • System Security

Key Features

  • New Patient Registration
  • Existing Patient Revisit
  • Patient Vital Details
  • Doctor Work list
  • Doctor Drug Prescription
  • Lab Test Booking
  • Automatic Result Posting
  • Manual Result Posting
  • Patient Detail Repot
  • Test Summary Report
  • Test Result Report
  • Lab Test Setting
  • Manual And Auto Backup
  • Client Server Architecture
  • Role And User Based Access
  • Multi-Level Access Privileges
  • Lab Details Input
  • Easy Navigation

Why Our Product

Our solution is flexible enough to be deployed in small or large laboratory establishments. The application supports interfacing to various medical equipments enabling automatic test result capturing. The system offers comprehensive features and functions without compromising the usability. The intuitive and user-friendly interfaces make it easy to start using the program.

Kwanini mtu usipomchangia harusi anakuchunia baada ya siku ya harusi kupita

Nimeexperience swala kama hili nakuona bora nililete kwenu wanajamvi,mimi kuna jamaa wangu wa karibu kabisa ila amenichunia

Mh JK Uso kwa Uso na Halima Mdee, wote watabasamu

Click image for larger version.   Name:	0L7C2203.jpg  Views:	0  Size:	203.5 KB  ID:	189639
unadhani wameambizana nini hadi wanacheka?
Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version.   Name:	0L7C2203.jpg  Views:	N/A  Size:	203.5 KB  ID:	189639  

Hii picha ya kukata tamaa kwa Vigogo wa CCM

Vipi hawa mbona wengine wameshika tama ,huyu alieshika tama anaonekana kukata tamaa kabisa kwa mujibu wa matokeo ya kura.

Huyu aliesimama koti jeusi kauliza ngapi kajibiwa nane ! Alikuwa hajaamini kinachotokea. Wananikumbusha mechi ya Brazili na Germany.


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Jaman kila nkifungua account yangu nakutana na hiki.kitu ni.mi.peke yangu au kuna wengne nao the same thing displaying on their nacte account???

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