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I Have Reached A New Realm: I Am a Tesla Coil and more...

I Have Reached A New Realm: I Am a Tesla Coil

It has become so dry and cold and my fleece blanket is so electron generous that every time I touch anything metal or even water, the shock is enough to make all the ample hair on my arms stand on end.

This would be fine if I was looking for a thrill...but really, I just want to eat a dried apricot or drink a glass of water.

This, naturally, led me to read about Tesla coils. But really, I don't exactly understand how they work. This does not need to stop any of us from building one.

Instructions here:

Good luck.

In the meantime, as moisture comes in, the electrons on earth will have something to cling to instead of me and so the shocks will be less shocking.


Off To The Berkshires

Because something about a NYC winter says, "Go North."


I Can't Wait For March 29!

Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief

I love cults.  Something about them. The antipode to nature, really, while pretending to BE nature.

They're such a brilliant way for some to work out their huge ego problems on one end, and for others, the subjugated, to work out theirs on the other.

The problem, really?   Being a mess makes you stupid.

Don't be a mess. Don't be stupid.


North Korea, You Dollar Monster

Thank you, North Korea. You held up my residuals from my first job ever working on network television. Mad About You. I was the delivery guy. The two mothers-in-law bought cribs for Helen's and Paul's baby. Much ado about crib hiding. I spent most of the day with Carol Burnett. We entered from the same door. We were back stage buddies. I liked her autobiography. The first one. We talked about that. Carol was frustrated with the amount of takes we had to do, which was an unusually large number. Something was going wrong. It went on and on. I swear, it wasn't my fault. There was a huge traffic pattern problem with about seven actors. 

I always think of that day when my quarterly check arrives from Sony.

But let's forget the sentimental namedrop claptrap. 

How am I going to live without my six dollars and twenty-eight cents?

A Message Regarding Sony Pictures Entertainment Residuals

Dear Member:

Sony Pictures Entertainment has informed SAG-AFTRA that, as a consequence of their recent cyber attack, Sony’s payment of certain categories of residuals may be delayed by one quarter.

You are being notified of this potential delay because SAG-AFTRA’s records show you have received residuals from Sony within the past 12 months. Due to this delay, fourth quarter 2014 residuals and first quarter 2015 residuals from Sony may not be posted to your online SAG-AFTRA Residuals Tracker until after June 1, 2015.

Should you have questions, please contact SAG-AFTRA at (323) 634-8110.

Mod Parents at the Motor Court


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