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Climatically, New York only has two things over LA and more...

Climatically, New York only has two things over LA

September and October.


My 9-11

We were in Ojai for a short vacation
We slept in.
While at a housewares/decorating/novelty store, about 11AM, a clerk started following us around.
He needed to connect.
He was creepy.
I thought he was hitting on one of us, probably the blond one, Adam, not me.
He asked us if we heard what happened.
We were puzzled.
He told us a plane flew into the World Trade Center.
I thought he meant a small one. By mistake.
Then he told us another plane hit the second one.
Then I thought he was nuts and sort of like Mike White in Chuck and Buck.
Then he told us that both of the buildings fell down.
And while I was thinking that he was off his meds and just making stuff up I noticed that Adam had a hit of recognition on his face. He had caught something out of the corner of his eye on a television.
Adam turned to me and told me that he thought he saw or heard something happened in New York.
It started to seem real.
The clerk still seemed like a strange spastic who needed friends.
He was our messenger.
I went outside and called my father on my candy bar cell phone.
I asked my father if any of this was true.
He said, in his warm and strong Yonkers accent--Yes. It's unbelievable.
We continued to talk. My father's innocence was destroyed. Mine was.
We called other friends on our cell phones.
We only had cell phones for about fourteen months.
We went back to our room and watched the horror for a few hours.
Like everyone else, we called whoever we could, went into shock, checked on whoever we could.
We did not stay at the inn. It was paid for but we left. We felt like we had to go home.
Of course, we got off very easy.
Four weeks later, we got a dog.


Oh Mighty ISIS

You can look at ISIS as the enemy, or you can get even more grim about it:

Our species is fatally flawed.

If a brain can get so dogmatic as to want to kill anyone in its path that does not agree with it, then this is a biologically based problem.

Why does the brain need agreement? Or getting larger: Is this really just an example of the pecking order gone insane?  What is the mind trying to do here?  Why does it need this incredible one-way order? Is it the same drive that makes for slavery?

It is so wonderful that evolution took our minds to a place where we are able to think about so much and to do so much. But like everything, the process didn't necessarily stop at the nice spot.

Things fall apart.



Just Take a Look at This

It is, pretty much, mind boggling, the link at the bottom of this post.

And the Right---has sort of shut up about it.

I love the Right. Just listen to what they are screaming about the's always a death rattle.

What bullies. What monsters. What creeps.

Sore winner, I?

Okay, maybe.

Let's talk about what is good about the Right: Personal responsibility and incentives. They sort of invented carrots (but let's face it, sticks, too).

The Left gets mushy.

But damn, we on the left mostly get it right.

Eat my map.


The Blog Did Not Die

Hello Blog Friends,

No, Open Trench did not die. What happened, as if I haven’t already inundated you enough with the fact, is this:

It took five weeks, every bit of my middle aged muscle, the last bits of coin I had in my wallet and most of my nerves. But it took. And it is booking like hotcakes at a 1940s autumn fair. So though I could complain, instead I am going to say, “Tell your friends and neighbors and production companies.”

The blog continues. I am back online.

What was interesting is for most of July and August I did not read any news. Now that I have picked up the paper again, what the fuck has changed? Nothing. A few dead people that used to make some people laugh. The Islamic movement got an acronym. The Russians got more aggressive.  Shit. Humans. Are they really worth writing about?

I look forward to a bland news season. I imagine myself, two hundred years after my death, saying, “Finally, the Middle East has become Paramus, just like everywhere else, and people are too busy shopping to give a shit about their differences.”

Chant for Pan-Paramus.

And for rain in California.

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