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Bent But Not Broken, A Penis Adventure

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Epiphany Literary Journal, Fall, 2015, Bent But Not Broken: A Penis Adventure

Hello Friends, Blog Readers and those who have stumbled upon Open Trench by mistake.

I am proud to share the news that the first chapter of my manuscript, Bent But Not Broken: A Penis Adventure, has been published in the esteemed literary journal, Epiphany.

The Fall issue is entitled Pent Up Humanity.

Nice, right?

$13 for this issue,
$20 for a year's subscription (Fall and Spring)

Purchase Here at any time:

Bent But Not Broken: A Penis Adventure is a humorous romp through the medical treatment and relationship torture of acquiring a penis disease.  You'll have to read the whole book one day to see how it turns out.
But do purchase this literary journal to read the first chapter because, you know, when was the last time you did that? You'll enjoy this collection, I believe.

Past issues of Epiphany have included the work of:

George Saunders
Luis Jaramillo
Katie Peterson
Kristen Dombeck
Elias Lindert

This issue includes work from:

Olga Zilberbourg
George Matteson
Patricia Follert
Chantel Acevedo
Marvin Shackelford
Chris Vaughan
Curt Salzman
Tiina Raevaara
Kai Maristed
Jay Merill
Michael Chaney
Zhanna Slor
Jim White
Me (Don Cummings)
Shasta Grant
Kevin Fuller
John Gower
Gavin Howley
Lev Izraelit
Rae Armantrout
Czar Gutierrez
M. Lysen
Trapeta B. Mayson
Kevin Killian
Lewis Warsh
Arda Collins
Elaine Equi
Sergio Badilla Castillo
David Feinstein
Dara Wier
Mazen Kerbaj
Sanne Peper

I hope you are well. Happy Approaching Holidays.



To Purchase:

Enjoy the Expo Line...

...I did.

It's fast.  And it has great scenery.


Lit Event, Hosted by Karen Rizzo: CAR CULTURE October 10, 7:30

LITERARY (loose adjective) EVENT

The South Pasadena Music Conservatory, 1509 Mission St, South Pasadena, CA 91030

Saturday, October 10

Live Readings, funny ones,
Hosted by Karen Rizzo
With a bunch of great writers like,

Jason Holtham
Gordon Henderson
Don Cummings
Karen Rizzo
Petrea Burchard
Dublin Galyean
Deb McCurdy
Joe DeMarie

The Theme is CAR CULTURE all the other theme nights before it, this can mean almost anything. Surprises.

Well curated, enjoyed by all, why not plan to drive over?

Or, take the Gold Line---because it's there.

This is where it is

For Reservations, email:


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