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Love Songs and Louise and more...

Love Songs and Louise

Don    @  Muse on 8th
Monday, August 1   8PM   759 S. La Brea
Free          Muse on 8th
Arrive at 7:30 for ease of street parking

New Songs Added.  Vegetarian Food at Muse. Rascal, Before or After.

Hosted by the amazing Annie Boxell

Personal Space: CALLING, Funny stories in South Pas, July 23 @ 7:30PM


Spring Awakening June 16 - 19, Malibu Playhouse

Hello Friends:

You know, Spring Awakening is full of great music. And then there's the German Expressionistic play it was based upon: The Awakening of Spring by Frank Wedekind.  Did you know his play was based on his life experience of having two friends and a brother all commit suicide?  (Happy June!)

I encourage you to buy tickets. These kids can really sing. There is a full band. It's pretty cool. Plus, a visit to Malibu is better than a lot of other things. 

I, of course, am playing all the horrifying adult men. Being of one-eighth German descent, I feel well up to the task. Great Grandpa Dietrich flows through my veins.

Get your tix.



Bent But Not Broken, A Penis Adventure

Medium has taken over as the premiere place to Blog. Check out my first Medium blog post here:


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