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Let's be heard! A Mobilized Membership Is An Irresistible Force. This forum is dedicated to empowering and mobilizing the membership into an irresistible force through the free and open exchange of information, ideas and opinions in the belief that as Union members you have the right to information, to hear, and to be heard! A Mobilized Membership Is An Irresistible Force



Mike McCarron and Bloom fight for Rank And File: Like it or Not

Mike McCarron and Lisa Bloom File Secondary Case With Los Angeles County Superior Court


By Silence Dogood

In another blow to the Big Bad Doug McCarron has crushed Mike McCarron story the Bloom law firm has filed a second case against Doug McCarron and his cronies in Los Angeles Superior court. I should not use the word cronies but after reading this brief, especially the absurd and vulgar tale of one Dan McDonald or the Phil Newkirk DOL letters I am at a loss as how else to describe them. This filing also includes a request for a TRO and Injunction. This brief further describes and details the persecution tactics of the UBC and Doug McCarron against anybody who tells him no. An experience an ever growing number of members of the UBC have in common.

Despite the stories declaring Mike McCarron the same Douglas McCarron because they carry the same last name the FACTS show otherwise. Recently a rather foolish and erroneous statement was made that Mike McCarron was the number two man at the UBC and as such was equally involved and equally liable for the Douglas McCarron rape of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters democracy, the abuse of the rank and file membership and the persecution of all and any who tell the UBC no.

Despite these claims during the ULLICO stock scandal and the on going Carpenters Loan Program scam involving ULLICO and Newtower/MEPT not a mention of Mike McCarron. Not a mention that Mike McCarron as well as the Southwest Fund Administrator fought to oppose Doug McCarrons investment demands. For those of you unaware the Carpenters Loan Program lends money to the non Union from your funds while the UBC orders cuts in benefits across the board and the theft of benefits from retirees.

When Doug McCarron was appointed to the board of Tutor Perini again no brother Mike. When Doug Mccarron was made a director of PB Capital because he would get ULLICO and the Southwest Pension fund to buy large blocks of PB stock, which they did, again no brother Mike. When Doug McCarron showed up at locals and councils with armed thugs to steal their charters, their democracy, their bank accounts and their identity’s all by force no Mike McCarron. In fact when Doug McCarron forced consolidations, against the will of the membership and officers of the SWRCC, that were detrimental to the council, locals and Union members of Southern California and UBC as a whole Mike McCarron fought to oppose these consolidations. When Doug McCarron seated himself and Frank Spencer as Trustees on the seized and destroyed Empire Council of NY no brother Mike. When the same Doug McCarron and Frank Spencer FORCED the membership of NY, many who lost the majority of their Pensions and HRAs, to give back .25 cents per hour for life and to give the UBC 13% of their annuities accounts to make up for the Madoff loss dues to ignorance and mismanagement of the fund trustees no brother Mike McCarron.The same Doug McCarron sued the trustees for 252 million charging them with 13 counts of breach of fiduciaries duty and due diligence and then made a DEAL with them no deal signature from Mike McCarron. When Doug McCarron continued to work and pull down $500,000 plus while collecting his pension Mike McCarrons name was not on the special rules allegedly written to allow him to run that scam. We could go on all day.

The fact is Mike McCarron is not his brother Doug McCarron. The very fact that he has not let big bad Dougy scare him off proves that. The fact that he has and still is spending his own money to not be a Doug McCarron victim and fight for what is right proves that. Because he carries the same last name as Doug McCarron no one bothered to even look to see if any of the charges were true which after 30 minutes of examining financial documents filed with the Feds you would have learned they are indeed false. You claim that Mike did nothing until he was persecuted as many of you have. Yet if the charges against him are false then what got him persecuted to start with. Just a family feud. I think not. What is giving him his time as a “deranged loner and commie”. Simply for telling Doug Mccarron no. And while that makes many of us victims Mike McCarron is not allowed that title simply because he is a McCarron.

Despite what anyone thinks or anyone says this case is the first case that involves a serious and credible chance to expose the corruption and anti Union corporate cow business model of the Doug McCarron regime. It is putting on trial the UBC Kangaroo trial system so many members have been victimized by. It is challenging the 14D and Trusteeship system as illegal and a violation of our rights that so many in the UBC have been victims of. It is exposing our denial of dues process, denial of our right to an attorney, our right to disclosure and our right to defend ourselves against bogus charges by a corrupt Kangaroo trial system. The case is exposing alleging RICO and LMRDA violations. It is exposing more intimidation, defamation and harassment of members which the UBC has a well documented history of. Check the NLRB “We will not harass, intimidate and abuse our members” notices on the NYC Council and NorthEast Regional Council web sites.

This lawsuit is fighting for the rank and file and if won will be a landmark in the future of the membership of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters. This lawsuit will expose in a real court, for all to see, the injustices suffered by the UBC membership. This case brought by Mike McCarron is a fight that will benefit of the rank and file and a fight for simple justice. Whether you like it or not.

Judge Berman OPINION & ORDER

After considering all of the relevant evidence and the arguments advanced by Nee, Messinetti,and the RO,the Court concluded that RO Walsh's decision to remove Nee and Messinetti from their positions as delegates and officers of the Local 157 was not "arbitrary or capricious," did not exceed the authority granted to him under the 2010 Stipulation and Order, and was supported by substantial evidence.


9/11, 13 years on: The Day We Will Never Forget

America on 9/11: firemen at the World Trade Center; the second tower under attack
The 13th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the United States will be commemorated today throughout the region, to mark the date this year and honor the victims.

The September 11, attacks occurred when 19 al-Qaeda Muslim fanatics hijacked four passenger airplanes, crashing two of the jets into the North and South towers of the World Trade Center in New York City and crashing a third airplane into the Pentagon in Virginia.

A fourth hijacked jet crashed into a field in Pennsylvania after the passengers tried to take control of the plane from the hijackers.

2,977 people were killed.

Where were you that day? Only a few events in recent history command an immediate answer: the assassination of John F Kennedy; the death of Diana, Princess of Wales; Neil Armstrong’s first step on the Moon – perhaps. Everyone, though, remembers September 11, 2001: 9/11 is the number for emergencies in America.

No happening is as well documented as the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon – the internet has seen to that. But the real record lives in people’s heads: the moment of discovery, the disbelief, the dawning horror.

The attacks were an object lesson in economy of force, the destructive power that can be generated by a small group of Muslim fanatics exploiting the weaknesses of an infinitely more powerful opponent. They are also impossible to forget, a series of outrageous images stamped on the mind.

Mingled with those horrific images are memories of the mundane, normally disposable details made indelible: the afternoon in the office suddenly interrupted, the call from a friend or relative asking one to turn on the television, the sudden rousing from sleep.

The New York City District Council of Carpenters lost eighteen of our union brothers who were working at the World Trade Center at the time of the terrorist attack. Local157.blogspot continues to remember and honor the memory of our fallen brothers and all those who lost their lives.

This video is, Dedicated to the men, women and children who lost their lives; all those who sacrificed their lives; And to all the Heroes that responded to the emergency Tuesday, September 11, 2001.


SEAN CANAVAN, 39 Brooklyn NY Initiated 1981. Finish/Furniture. Local 608. Father and brother are also UBC members. Survivors include his many beloved nieces and nephews.

MARTIN COUGHLAN, 53 Bayside NY Initiated 1987. Interior Systems. Local 608. Immigrated with family from Ireland in 1987.Wife Catherine; Orla (27),Ailish (24), Sinead (21), Denise (19).

MATTHEW DIAZ, 33 Brooklyn NY Initiated 1998. Floorlayer. Local 2287. Reached safety but returned to help others.Wife Karen; Michael (7), Christopher (3).

PAUL GILL, 34 Astoria NY Initiated 1986. Carpenter. Local 608. Fulltime NYC firefighter lost in the line of duty. Wife Tina; Aaron (14).

MAURICIO GONZALEZ, 27 NYC, NY Initiated 1995. Carpenter. Local 608. Held dozens of skill and safety certifications. Wife Evan; Nina (1).

MAURICE KELLY, 41 Bronx NY Initiated 1980. Interior Systems. Local 157.Acoustical ceilings specialist. Children Danielle (17), Sean (10), Thomas (7).

CHRIS KIRBY, 21 Bronx NY Initiated 1997. Carpenter. Local 608. A third-year apprentice and sports lover.

BENJAMIN MILLMAN, 40 Staten Island NY Initiated 1999. Carpenter. Local 608. Wife Toby; Brandon (14), Maghan (7).

JOSEPH MISTRULLI, 47 Wantagh NY Initiated 1982 Interior Systems. Local 157. Foreman and holder of numerous certifications. Wife Philomena; Joseph (22), Mary (21),Angela (16).

BRIAN MONAGHAN, 21 New York NY Initiated 2001.Apprentice. Local 157. Reached safety but returned to help others

DAVID ORTIZ, 37 Bronx NY Initiated 1998. Carpenter. Local 608. Employed by the Port Authority (NYC transit agency).

, 48 N. Arlington NJ Initiated 1973. Carpenter. Local 157. Immigrated from Poland in 1962. Wife Rosemary; Brian (23), Laura (21), Steven (18).

JOHN RIZZO, 50 Brooklyn NY Initiated 1979. Carpenter. Local 608. Wife Concetta; Giuseppe (20), Luigi (10)

DANIEL ROSETTI, 32 Bloomfield NJ Initiated 2001. Journeyman Carpenter. Local 15 (NJ). Was thrilled to “work above the clouds, close to heaven.” Fiancee Christine Bennett; son Justin (14 mos.)

DAVID RUDDLE, 31 Bronx NY Initiated 1996. Interior Systems. Local 157.The youngest of eight children. Daughter Amanda (11).

STEPHEN RUSSELL, 40 Arverne NY Initiated 1987. Carpenter. Local 45. Fulltime NYC firefighter lost in the line of duty.

, 41 Brooklyn NY Initiated 1987. Journeyman Floorlayer. Local 2287. Children Kathleen and Raymond.

, 36 Staten Island NY Initiated 1996. Furniture Systems. Local 608. Beach goer, dog lover, strong union man. Survived by both parents and two younger brothers.

Brief Of Patrick Nee And Levy Messenetti In Response To Courts Request For Submissions

We write in response to the Court's Order dated July 25, 2014, issued following the Second Circuit's Summary Order dated July 23,2014 in this matter. The Circuit vacated the Court's decision of October 23, 2012 upholding the Review Officer's veto of Patrick Nee and Levy Messinetti as officers and delegates of Local 157 and remanded the matter for further proceedings.


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