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Carpenter Forum

Let's be heard! A Mobilized Membership Is An Irresistible Force. This forum is dedicated to empowering and mobilizing the membership into an irresistible force through the free and open exchange of information, ideas and opinions in the belief that as Union members you have the right to information, to hear, and to be heard! A Mobilized Membership Is An Irresistible Force



The Final Report of the Review Officer

Federal Watchdog Dennis Walsh
My work has been appropriately concluded. I am largely satisfied with the condition of the District Council, even more so with that of the Benefit Funds. I have endeavored to assist both in the pursuit of a prosperous future for their constituents. That is their solemn responsibility.

Let the bells ring. Though there is much good news, there are those for whom my departure is reason enough for celebration. But I hope that there are also those who reflect on what has been wrought, and on the simple question: what now?

To those who will continue to accept the imperative of working hard and meeting the challenges facing the Union with courage, energy and intellect, but most of all with honor, I will say well done.


District Council Officer Election - Preliminary Results

Below are the election results in this year's District Council Officer Elections. Please note that this is not the official posting of the results. We are waiting on the certified election results from the Review Officer. We will post those as soon as we receive that information.


Government Response to Motion for Stay

Plaintiff-appellee the United States submits this opposition to the application by non-party appellants Patrick Nee and Levy Messinetti for a stay of the entry of a consent decree agreed to by the parties (and already entered by the district court), while their appeal of a previous matter is pending. The application should be denied. First, Nee and Messinetti seek to challenge an order of the district court from which they never appealed, and accordingly this Court lacks jurisdiction. Second, their challenge rests on a misconstruction of the district court’s order, and a misreading of a passing remark by the district judge, and is accordingly meritless.


Javits Center Accepting Applications

The Javits Center will be accepting Journey person Applications on Friday December 5th from 3pm – 5pm and Saturday December 6th from 8am – 4pm. You must bring a valid State ID, Social Security Card for payroll purposes and an up to date Union Card. Applicants please enter the Javits Center through the employee entrance at West 34th Street and 12th Avenue.


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