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  1. Dear Colleagues,Bringing to your attenti...
  2. Iranian Dervishes on their 21 Days of Hunger Strike ..........
  3. 1300 Days of House Arrest for Iranian Green Movement Leaders .........
  4. Remember These Criminal .........
  5. Mohammad Javad Zarif the Foreign Minister of Rohani's Government in Iran : UN Human Rights Report on Iran is politically opinionated !
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Dear Colleagues,Bringing to your attenti...

Dear Colleagues,
Bringing to your attention the impending trial of Mr Shahram Ahmadi, who will most likely be sentenced to death. Mr Shahram was arrested in 2009 and was held incommunicado for 33 months in solitary confinement. He was subjected to severe torture and ill-treatment. In 2012, he was sentenced to death on charges of Moharebeh, in a trial that lasted only five minutes. His case is currently at the appellate court and it’s certain that his death penalty will be upheld.
Mr Shahram’s younger brother, Mr Bahram Ahmadi, who was under 18 at the time of his arrest, was executed in 2012 on same charges. His body was even not handed over to his family for proper burial. Both of them were targeted for their religious activities. Mr Shahram’s father sought clemency from the Government but to no avail. The family is currently enduring tremendous pressure and plight and are in urgent need of support.
I appeal to all relevant activists and organisation to take up this case and prevent the execution of another innocent person.
Details about the case can be found in attached document, which is in Persian.

Best regards,
Mitra Pourshajari 

21 september 2014

Iranian Dervishes on their 21 Days of Hunger Strike ..........

Islamic regime in Iran talks about Islamic human rights !!???, Their Islamic human rights does not even includes Sunni Moslems and Dervishes !!???

Saturday September 20-
According to the website of  Iran Gonabadi Dervishes (" Majzoban Noor" ) , on Saturday September 21 Iranian Dervishes including the family members of those 9 imprisoned Dervishes who are currently on hunger strike planned to gather in front of Tehran public prosecutor office in support of the demands of imprisoned Dervirshes, the security and anti riot police forces of the Islamic regime attacked and prevented their protest , as a result, the protesters were beaten by baton and more than 800 were arrested and detained . later the website released the names of 450 of those detained .

Sunday September 21-
About 300-400 Iranian Dervishes continued their protest today Sunday morning at around " Behesht Street " in support of imprisoned Dervishes and as a result 50 of these Dervishes were wounded including one  woman who's arm was broken due to police attacking and beating them with baton. According to report during the attack ,the police forces took away and or broken their mobile phones.


1300 Days of House Arrest for Iranian Green Movement Leaders .........

The house arrest of Green Movement leaders in Iran , Ms. Zahra Rahnavard, Mr. Mir-Hossein Musavi and Mr. Mehdi Karoubi has reached to 1300 days and the world is silent about it .  It was on Feb . 14 , 2011 when the security forces of the Islamic regime put these three leaders under house arrest. First the security forces prevented Mehdi Karoubi's family to visit him and then they blockaded the alley where the  house of Mir Hossein Musavi was located by putting a van on its entrance.
Is this any different from Myanmar leader Aung San Suu kyi?
In 1953 Mohammad Mossadeq the prime Minister of Iran and National leader was put under house arrest after the coup by Shah and his travel and relation with outside his house was cut off and he died gradually .
Don't Keep Silence on Iranian Green Movement Leaders House Arrest , Start speaking about them with Islamic regime ! 


Remember These Criminal .........

This man Mohammad Reza Naghadi is the head of Basij organization of the Islamic regime in Iran, during the Election coup in 2009 he had direct responsibility by ordering his forces ( Basij Militias) to attack, shoot and kill the   peaceful Iranian protesters in the  green movement. He is a human rights violator and must be brought to the International Criminal Court for his role in killing and wounding thousands of Iranian people. Governments around the world with respect on human rights must not issue visa or admit him in their countries.


Mohammad Javad Zarif the Foreign Minister of Rohani's Government in Iran : UN Human Rights Report on Iran is politically opinionated !

The Two Mohammad Javad believe there are no violation of human Rights in the Islamic Regime in Iran !
ISNA reporting:

Mohammad Javad Zarif the foreign minister of Hassan Rohani's government who is in New York have met Ban Ki Moon the head of UN on Thursday and expressed the UN General Secretaries' report is contrary to the real trend , programs and actions of the Government and called the report as politically opinionated one . He said: UN only reports about Iran and makes no report about other countries in the region, and this is not acceptable. He also said : The preparation of such reports is politically opinionated and it is a double standard.

Mohammad Javad  Zarif  the foreign minister is playing same music as Mohammad Javad Larijani the head of human rights commission of the Islamic regime in Iran .

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