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"IRAN WATCH CANADA" - 5 new articles

  1. By an Order From Division number Four of the judiciary on Media & Culture ,The Weekly Morning Star is Banned from Publication !
  2. Human Rights Watch - Iran: Rights Situation Dire
  3. 20 MP's in Iran Demanded for inquries and Investigation from Prison Organization !
  4. The Islamic Regime in Iran is The Most Enemy of the Civil Rights Activists .......
  5. " Sepah " Agents Arrested Several Women Rights Activists and Journalists in Iran .....
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By an Order From Division number Four of the judiciary on Media & Culture ,The Weekly Morning Star is Banned from Publication !

Based on a report , the weekly Morning Star which was going to become a daily newspaper in the future is banned from publication. The order for closure came from division number four of the judiciary on media & culture.
The lawyer of this weekly Mr. Seyed Mahmoud Alizadeh Tabatabaei said : The reason for ban from  publication is because the weekly has published the letter of MP Ali Motahari to the head of judiciary .
Although the weekly had licence for publication, but it was ordered for closure based on section 5 of the
article 156 of the constitution.
Earlier Mr. Ali Saleh Abadi the manager of the weekly said , the weekly with a permission by Media watch dog will start its daily publishing from Jan 17.
Link to this news:


Human Rights Watch - Iran: Rights Situation Dire

For Immediate Release

Iran: Rights Situation Dire
Serious Abuses by Judiciary, Security Forces

(Beirut, January 29, 2015) – Repressive elements within Iran’s security and intelligence forces and judiciary retained wide powers and carried out serious rights abuses throughout 2014, Human Rights Watch said today in its World Report 2015.

Iran’s powerful security and intelligence forces, aided by a compliant judiciary, have carried out their repressive activities despite hopes for an improvement in the rights situation after Hassan Rouhani became president in August 2013. Officials apparently stepped up their crackdown on dissent through the Internet, with revolutionary courts meting out harsh punishments, including death sentences against bloggers and social media users. Officials also detained or targeted many activists and leading opposition figures, including the 2009 presidential candidates Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi, who remained under house arrest without trial. Executions, especially for drug-related offenses, were carried out at an alarming rate.

“Iran’s judiciary and security forces are a major impediment to justice and accountability for victims of rights abuses in Iran,” said Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East and North Africa director at Human Rights Watch. “Clearly, despite his popular mandate, President Rouhani has little control over their actions. But he can and should do more to show Iranians that he will stand up for human rights and justice.”

In the 656-page world report, its 25th edition, Human Rights Watch reviews human rights practices in more than 90 countries. In his introductory essay, Executive Director Kenneth Roth urges governments to recognize that human rights offer an effective moral guide in turbulent times, and that violating rights can spark or aggravate serious security challenges. The short-term gains of undermining core values of freedom and non-discrimination are rarely worth the long-term price.

In Iran, women and ethnic and religious minorities, including Baha’is, faced discrimination in law and in practice. Iran is also one of the largest prisons for journalists and bloggers in the world, with at least 48 in detention as of October 2014. They included the Washington Post correspondent, Jason Rezaian, whom security agents arrested on July 22 along with his wife, Yeganeh Salehi, also a journalist. Authorities are holding Rezaian without charge and have prevented him from accessing his lawyer. The government also systematically blocks websites and jams foreign satellite broadcasts.

According to official sources, Iranian authorities executed at least 200 prisoners in 2014, though the real number is thought to be over 600. At least eight may have been child offenders who were under 18 at the time of the killings or rapes that led to their death sentences.

Dozens of activists and human rights defenders are in prison because of peaceful or professional activities, including defense lawyers such as Mohammad Seifzadeh and Abdolfattah Soltani who were targeted in part because of their affiliation with Shirin Ebadi’s Center for Human Rights Defenders. Nasrin Sotoudeh, a lawyer who served a prison term on vague national security charges, was banned from practicing law for 10 years following her release from prison in 2013.
In September 2014, a court overturned the ban, but on October 18 the Iranian Bar Association’s disciplinary committee told Sotoudeh that it had revoked her law license for three years because of the conviction.

The government has long denied entry to Ahmed Shaheed, the United Nations special rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Iran.

To read Human Rights Watch’s World Report 2015 chapter on Iran, please visit:

For more Human Rights Watch Reporting on Iran, please visit:

For more information, please contact:
In New York, Faraz Sanei (English, Persian): +1-212-216-1290; or +1-310-428-0153 (mobile); or Follow on Twitter @farazsanei
In Amsterdam, Sarah Leah Whitson (English): +1-718-362-0172 (mobile); or Follow on Twitter @sarahleah1



20 MP's in Iran Demanded for inquries and Investigation from Prison Organization !

 The Prison in Iran must be investigated by independent investigators.
Its Time the Islamic Republic to Allow Doctor Ahmed Shaheed to Visit the Prisons in Iran and speak to Prisoners and release his reports !
While Doctor Ahmed Shaheed the UN reporter on human rights in Iran is not allowed by Islamic Republic to visit Iran , 20 MP's in a statement demanded for inquiries and investigation from prison organization.
MP Hamidreza Tabatabaei the deputy of the commission on rights in the parliament told to the ISNA reporter of the Majlis ( Parliament) that, " the first meeting of the commission on rights with the demands of several  MP's about inquiries and investigation from the prison organization took place and in that meeting the head of the prison organization gave his reports on the situation of the prisons". He then added, that meeting had no result ,therefore next week the MP's will visit a prison which will be selected by an MP. 
20 MP's demanded for an inquiries and investigation from the prison to find out the situation of the prisoners.
This is while Doctor Ahmed Shaheed the UN reporter on human rights is not allowed by Islamic Republic to visit Iran and to visit the prisons and talk with political prisoners.

The Islamic Regime in Iran is The Most Enemy of the Civil Rights Activists .......

According to HRANA report, Civil rights activist Naser Abdolhoseinzadeh is arrested by the security agents in Iran. Naser Abdolhoseinzadeh was serving his national military service in the city of Tabriz when on last Saturday arrested and transferred to "Parsa Abad " in the city of Moghan . After spending one day in "Parsa Abad" prison, on Sunday he was again transferred to " Meshgin Shahr" prison  . In the past Naser Abdolhoseinzadeh was arrested together with Saeed Hoseini on March last year ( On International Day of Mother Tongue ) for alleged activities of " Mother Tongue " and Naser spend a month in jail and was released on bail.

Iranian civil rights activists are under constant , systematic and arbitrary arrest by the Islamic regime in Iran.  

" Sepah " Agents Arrested Several Women Rights Activists and Journalists in Iran .....

According to reports on Monday several women rights activists and journalist were arrested by Sepah's agents. on a wave of raid on women rights activists, several Iranian women were arrested, summoned or threatened by Sepah's agents. Among them Ms. Zahra Khandan and Saha Mortezaei .
Ms. Khandan is a journalist and worked in the past for Etemad and ILNA .

Both Ms.  Saha Mortezaei and Ms. Khandan were student activist in the past. There are no news on their whereabouts . There is a possibility that Sepah agents have taken them to the Ward Number Alef of Sepah in Evin prison.


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