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  1. Two Social Activist Are Arrested by Security forces .....
  2. GRAPHIC: Bloody aftermath of Israeli airstrikes, Khan Younis, Gaza -
  3. free the Al-Jazeera journalists held in Egypt!‏
  4. Protest by Iran's Stage Players Artists !
  5. Political Prisoners Arjang Dawoodi after serving more than 10 years in prison is sentenced to death !
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Two Social Activist Are Arrested by Security forces .....

Social activists Morteza Namayeshi and Neda Hoveyat-talab are the two social activists from the city of Bandar Anzali and according to report they were active on website known as " Mojshekan" dealing with social activities in the city of Anzali.
The website was critical with the way the city was managing the social issues of the city .
No one knows about those kidnapping security forces and the safety of Mr. Morteza Namayeshi and Ms. Neda Hoveyat-talab is in great danger.


GRAPHIC: Bloody aftermath of Israeli airstrikes, Khan Younis, Gaza -


free the Al-Jazeera journalists held in Egypt!‏

Petition : Mr. Sisi, free the Al-Jazeera journalists held in Egypt!

Reporters Without Borders
47 Rue Vivienne
Paris 75002

Help us to defend freedom of information in Egypt!

A month ago, on 23 June, a Cairo court passed sentences ranging from seven to ten years in prison on three Al-Jazeera journalists: Peter Greste (who is Australian), Mohamed Adel Fahmy (who has Egyptian and Canadian dual citizenship) and Baher Mohamed (who is Egyptian). Similar sentences were passed on 17 other defendants, 11 of them in absentia. Three of the latter were foreign journalists.
 The Egyptian journalists were convicted of membership in a “terrorist organization” (the Muslim Brotherhood) and “sullying Egypt’s image.” The foreign journalists were convicted of disseminating “false reports.” In reality, the government did not like Al-Jazeera’s editorial policies. Sign this petition because journalists should not be in prison for doing their job!
The politically-orchestrated trial was typical of the totalitarian excesses of a government that is trampling on the constitution adopted in January. Field Marshal Sisi, who was elected president in May, is supposed to be its guarantor. Instead he is crushing fundamental freedoms, including freedom of expression and information. We call on President Sisi to do everything in his power to ensure that these journalists are released, by whatever means necessary. Sign this petition because the new constitution must be applied and the rule of law must be respected!
Six journalists have been killed in connection with their work, with complete impunity, since President Mohamed Morsi’s overthrow in July 2013. At least 65 journalists have been arrested, some media have been censored and others have been closed. Many journalists are in detention awaiting trial. The authorities are organizing a witch-hunt against journalists, both those affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood and others. Sign this petition because freedom of information must not be trapped between two rival camps!
Ever since the start of the revolution in January 2011, there have been constant attempts to control and gag the media by successive governments, including the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces and the Muslim Brotherhood. Egypt is now ranked 159th out of 180 countries in the Reporters Without Borders press freedom index. Help us to defend freedom of information in Egypt!


Protest by Iran's Stage Players Artists !

Report by ISNA- Iranian Student News Agency-

Iranian stage players artists gathered in front of the Center for Stage Show and then in Roudaki Center for Arts and asked the officials to pay their already delayed salaries  and their demands and rights be met or else their will be a bigger gathering . These demands were signed on a petition at the gathering.

Their basic demands are , officials in charge must pay the delay in their salaries and to follow the justice in providing the stage , the financial supports or other benefits to stage show groups. The organizers of this gathering called their action a syndicate demands and not political.


Political Prisoners Arjang Dawoodi after serving more than 10 years in prison is sentenced to death !

Alert ,Islamic regime in Iran is going to hang another political prisoner in Iran !
Human rights organizations around the world must stop this execution.

Iranian political prisoner Arjang Dawoodi is 62 years old and is a teacher , he has been in prison since October 2003 . At the time he was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment and he was serving his sentence in internal exile in Bandar Abbas prison - On last Sunday under new charges and in a new circus court , judge Asef Hoseini of branch number one of the court of revolution in Karaj city- sentenced him to death . Mr. Vahid meshkani Farahani defense lawyer of Arjang Dawoodi gave this news to his client.
A little while ago Mr. Gholamreza Khosravi a political prisoner with same charges as Mr. Dawoodi was sentenced to death  and the execution was carried which brought outrage among human rights advocate and organizations around the world.
Regime believes Like Khosravi , Mr. Dawoodi is also a member of the Iranian people's Mojahedin, while this is what the regime believes but Mr. Dawoodi rejected this allegations and said, his political opinions is in contradiction with Mojahedin .
This is


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