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"The Cocktail Chronicles" - 5 new articles

  1. The Cocktail Chronicles: 10 Years On
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  3. Holiday Drinks that *Still* Don’t Suck, December 8, 2013
  4. A look back at whisk(e)y season, Part II
  5. A look back at whisk(e)y season, Part I
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The Cocktail Chronicles: 10 Years On

Ten years ago today, I was bored. And probably a little buzzed. That’s nothing new on either front, but on May 16, 2005, instead of putting on a movie or goofing around online or frittering away my time in some other unproductive way, I decided on a different alternative. I’d been collecting cocktail books for a couple […]


I have a ridiculous career. A little over nine years ago, I started The Cocktail Chronicles as a way to document and keep track of my experiments and explorations of cocktails — and, with fingers crossed, as a way to build up a portfolio of my drinks-related writing that might, someday, lead to paid writing […]

Holiday Drinks that *Still* Don’t Suck, December 8, 2013

As much as I hate it when department stores (and hyper-festive neighbors) break out the Xmas decorations well before Thanksgiving, I need to figuratively stand before you for a moment with my Santa hat in hand, to beg a bit of your attention for something coming up quick on the calendar. It’s been two years […]

A look back at whisk(e)y season, Part II

Yesterday, I launched into a wandering and long-overdue meditation on the whiskies that, for me, made the long, grisly winter of ’12-’13 endurable. Yesterday’s post covered bourbon; today, it’s all about the Scots and the Irish. When looking back on brown-booze season, it wasn’t all a bourbony blur around here. These are a few approachable, […]

A look back at whisk(e)y season, Part I

Some people — okay, me — are of the mindset that brown booze is a year-round sort of thing, the kind of drink you keep in your glass on winter’s darkest evenings as well as summer’s brightest afternoons. But there are also people — okay, me again — who think that whiskey and other aged […]

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