Alchemy Tree48” x 60”acrylic on canvas This piece...

Alchemy Tree
48” x 60”
acrylic on canvas

This piece sold last week and I composed an email to the collector explaining the inspiration behind the painting. I decided it would be nice to share it here.

This piece was inspired by the mythological theory that when we are born we actually come down from the heavens to earth, and along the way we absorb the elements of the universe: copper, gold, silver, mercury, iron, etc.
That is why there is an iron horse, silver arrows, gold apples, black stars. The bird in the water at the bottom represents a symbol from an old alchemical manual. The symbol is called Purgatio. The idea is that a dove dives directly into a bottled sea as a way of bringing high and low together. It’s a dichotomy. In a way, life and death. I added the element of the key at the bottom, as a way of saying that we are all seeking this knowledge. The tiny opening at the base with the drop of water is a way of saying that despite all the things we acquire and learn, you can’t take any of it with you. It’s about the journey, from heaven to earth, and back again. Transcendence.


The Rural Experience - Part 4 For one night only, my Treehouse...

The Rural Experience - Part 4

For one night only, my Treehouse studio was transformed into an non-traditional gallery, with wood floors, white walls and artwork hung salon style in the 3 story lofted space. As day fell to night, guests funneled into the glowing jewel-box cabin and ascended the spiral stairs on a quest to see all of the paintings in the Modern Mythology collection. The show-stopper was the 6’ x 8’ painting of birds and fish titled The Swarms which seemed to float overhead with glistening fish and tiny birds by the thousands. The Winged Night was suspended above my 1857 Pleyel piano and they danced there in the moonlight.

It has been my dream for years to host an art show in this space. Due to the size and layout, we had to be very selective with our invite list, and I regret that I wasn’t able to accommodate everyone. But those who were there have become witness to a time and place… this evening under the stars in South Louisiana when an artist named Rebecca Rebouche opened her home brimming with paintings. We will never be here again.

Thanks to my co-host Saladino Gallery who handled the framing, hoisting and hanging, including the block and tackle mount for the surfboard piece.

And a special thanks to David - the artist who built this home in the woods and began it’s legacy as a home for artists. I’m humbled and honored to carry on the tradition. This show was a testament to his vision.

All photos by Hannah McSwain

Thank you for the opportunity to share my artwork with you all,



One of my clients sent me this photo today of my art above her...

One of my clients sent me this photo today of my art above her mantle. When she bought the “Pieces of Flight” piece from The Beauty Shop Gallery she told me her home was predominantly white. I knew it would look beautiful.
Most people don’t know I have a folder of images of my art in collector’s homes. If you have one of my paintings, send me a photo so I can add it to the archive. It will be a part of our social history. Thank you Alexis.



The Rural Experience - Part 3 Our magical evening under the...

The Rural Experience - Part 3

Our magical evening under the stars was completed by our incredible musical guests who played on an open air stage surrounded by soaring swaying pine trees and twinkly lights. Guests cozied up around a campfire or warmed up by cutting a rug in the forest earth.

The concert opened with the beautifully haunting cinematic swamp ballads of Dustan Louque who hails from South Louisiana, with scene-stealing chops due to his time in NYC, along with a down-home approach to making and performing music. This guy will tear your heart out with his voice, in the best way possible. Give a listen and find him on tour. He is currently roving the US in his Westfalia named Tux.

When I found out that my friend and New Orleans musical hearththrob Kristin Diable was working on a new record, she and I got together one night to talk about inspirations and motivations. What we realized was that serendipitously and simultaneously, we were both working on collections in part inspired by mythology. I was in the studio painting “Modern Mythology” (a concept I had been mentally curating for 2 years) and she was about to enter the studio in Nashville with producer Dave Cobb to record her album entitled “Create Your Own Mythology”. It was kismet that had to be celebrated. We instantly formed the concept for this event, highlighting my collection and her album. Here in front of this infinite indigo backdrop, she and her band performed a new-record preview to our small group of 150 friends. Mark your calendars for February 24 when this record hits the universe and be prepared for a classic rolling feminine rock and roll journey through highways and byways, triumphs and heart pounding truths. This songstress carries you on her wavelength, and you don’t have to do anything but sing along. I know I can’t convey it properly with words, but if you can catch her on tour, just hope to God that she closes her set for you like she did for us. KD had 150 people gripped in total silent awe as she sang acapella with a haunting snap rhythm in the mic. I swear even the birds asleep in their nests said a silent prayer for the angelic sounds they could never make like Kristin did.

These are two musical stars on the rise. Treehouse, Louisiana will forever be in their debt.


(all photos by Hannah McSwain)



The Rural Experience - Part 2 This is the sequel to my earlier...

The Rural Experience - Part 2

This is the sequel to my earlier post introducing you to the photo tour recap of my Fall Collection Debut event back in November, at my rural property in Louisiana. Part 2 showcases the environment and incredible food and drink that made the evening unforgettable.

Last October the Treehouse hosted her first wedding, and luckily the bride and groom had impeccable taste and left behind their directional signs from the reception. We repurposed them for the rural experience with a little black and white paint. These signs guided the way for guests from the street to the parking lot (pasture) to the camping field, through the woods along a path, to the clearing which hosted the bulk of the party, including the stage, Stout Tent music lounge, farm table dining, and open-air bar under the treehouse.

When I envisioned food at a Treehouse party, I had no idea what Four Calendar Cafe had up their sleeve. I would have been happy with hot dogs and chili, but instead, what we got was the most incredible poutine, posole, pickles and liver mousse you can imagine. Somehow the marriage of the setting and the food was like that couple who doesn’t look like a fit, but are so kind to one another nothing but goodness comes from their union. THAT was what is was to dine at The Rural Experience. For those in New Orleans who want to partake of this culinary glory, they do a pop-up on Tuesday evenings at Faubourg Wines, resuming the last tuesday of January in 2015.

The whole setting was completely enchanted by our beautiful Canvas Bell Tent from Stout Tents. They are at the helm of this boho tent trend and your go-to source for buying or renting a tent for your property or event. Our tent was used as a musical lounge for our headliner Kristin Diable when she wasn’t on stage, and later functioned as a communal crash pad late in the night. We outfitted it with tons of blankets, pillows and led lanterns for a glowing sprawling chill-out zone. The girls at Stout Tent are super helpful so I highly recommend giving them a call when you are ready to throw your own magical rural evening.

Speaking of camping, we had over 30 tent-campers in the field, plus the added lux of an impeccable Airstream parked next to the satsuma trees. When you throw a party in the woods, it really is best to have your friends make a night of it.

For a party that began at dusk and went late into the night, the shout-outs go to our bartenders, sponsors, food vendor, production assistants, parking attendants, staff and friends who made it all possible.

Drink Sponsors: Cathead Vodka, Jack Rudy Cocktail Co., Nola Brewing
Food Vendor: Four Calendar Cafe
Bell Tent: Stout Tents
Production coordinated by: Rebecca Rebouche Studio and Saladino Gallery
Musical Guests: Dustan Louque, Kristin Diable
Photography by: Hannah McSwain




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