Reflections on Restlessness - my latest newsletterWhat I learned...

Reflections on Restlessness - my latest newsletter

What I learned from painting my way across the Iberian Peninsula 

(and a warrior’s mission statement) Read the entire message online.


❤️ the world might feel cruel but we don’t have to be.

❤️ the world might feel cruel but we don’t have to be.


Dystopian Future Warrior Fantasies - Halloween 2015To wear a...

Dystopian Future Warrior Fantasies - Halloween 2015

To wear a costume allows the ultimate fantasy to unfold. You get to be who you want, who you need to be that’s better, stronger and braver than yourself. Whenever I get the chance I step away from the easel and crack open my costume box. I sketch headdress ideas at happy hour, and I use Pinterest to collect ideas for future fantasies. Often times the costumes I make draw some parallel with my mood, my aspirations or inspirations at that moment in time. I made this costume for a Mad Max themed party, but it couldn’t have been a better match for my current state of mind and spirit, as a Warrior for Good. Tough. Confident. Brave. but with Bravado and Style. It’s my own small version of a character study, stepping out of a film, across the pages of Vogue, through past and future, and into the balmy New Orleans night. This wall provided the perfect backdrop out in the courtyard of one of our favorite French Quarter restaurants where we shamelessly held a mini photoshoot to capture these exquisite fantasies before the night did it’s good work of undoing them.

(photo credits go to: Summer Suleiman of Healthy Summer blog, and Editor of New Orleans’ best new blog about the hustle of entrepreneurs The Distillery)

View more costumes and headdresses here. 


#theunlikelynaturalist collections

#theunlikelynaturalist collections


10 Haunting Artworks for HalloweenInspired by October’s star...

10 Haunting Artworks for Halloween

Inspired by October’s star holiday and my own reverence for the darker side of life, I have gathered here 10 of my more haunting and ghostly paintings from the span of my career. In addition I’m listening to AnotherMag’s Halloween Playlist in the studio. I made be too old to trick-or-treat, but it doesn’t hurt to respect our ghosts. Enjoy. And Happy Halloween friends. 

(Just an update: I still do not have artworks available for purchase, but I hope to provide you with an update very soon. What to look forward to: New Collections in 2016, New Travel Adventures to virtually follow - plus what I’ve learned as a student of the world, and New Family Tree Paintings to share. Thanks for remaining a devoted fan, follower, and friend.)

Xo, Rebecca 



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