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Rugged Manly Ass Naked



Bait Bus


A suprised hulking beast of a manly man with the beard of the wild sucking his hard cock. Well you can just imagine what happens next in this episode of Bait Bus. It doesn’t take much to talk him into spreading his sweet man ass and getting fucked in the back of the bus. This guys butt is shaped like a greek gods, and the tanlined ass makes it just that much hotter.

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Dirty Tony Liam





Dirty Tony


Liam hails from one of the square states. This latin lover is one giant hunk of man that likes to show off for women at live strip shows around the country. Being on stage has given him many opportunities: some for sex, some to be in straight adult movies. He’s decided today to see if he has what it takes to be in gay porn. He’s pretty horny today and starts pulling off his clothes as soon as I stop asking him questions. His massive pecs are dusted with fine, dark black hair which trails lower over his abs. His massive left paw grabs at the blue fabric of his boxer briefs as the meat beneath swells. Reaching underneath the waistband, he strokes it a few more times before shoving downward on the his underwear, his giant yam revealed for the first time. He stares down at his manhood while gently guiding the foreskin upward over the head, then back down again. His uncut, purple tool curves slightly as if trying to poke him in the navel. His biceps swell as he presses downward on his waistband, allowing his balls to escape their blue prison. When he peels his jeans off, he spreads his massive tree trunk size thighs, giving a glimpse of a puckered butthole. For a moment, he climbs onto all fours and dry humps my sofa, rubbing the engorged cock head against the green corduroy. When he finally flops onto his back, I see my opportunity to get a measurement of the giant maroon monster. He allows me to take inventory of his manhood, then goes back to his task at hand. His breathing becomes a quiet moaning, which crescendos into loud grunts as his cock begins to spew. As his abs heave, and his thighs muscles tighten, white ropes issue onto his stomach; pooling in his belly button.

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Beautiful Asses

ForeignExchangeMOUK03 ForeignExchangeMOUK05 ForeignExchangeMOUK10 ForeignExchangeMOUK16 MyBrotherInLawSTG10 TheRearWindowDMH03 TheRearWindowDMH04 TheRearWindowDMH10



Beautiful naked men with amazing hot asses are on Men, all these guys have sexy buns and gorgeous bodies.

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Derek’s Muscular Ass

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Men Over 30

It’s been a very long day for Derek at the office and all he can think off is relaxing on his soft couch with his cock in hand. There is nothing more enjoyable than having the house all to yourself after a long day’s work. Derek’s roomies are on their way home so he instantly whips his smooth hard dick out and starts the slow stroking. His ass is amazingly round and very scrumptious and he shows it off by bending that yumminess right over to give all his viewers a closer look. His nice tight hole is exposed for all to see as he rubs his firm ass while stroking his hard dick from behind. It’s been a long day’s work so feel free to relax with Derek and stroke your 24 hour load right on out. Enjoy!

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Rugger Bugger Swimmer Ass








Rugger Bugger

The most amazingly hot naked images of top Norwegian swimmer Anders Wold. This smooth fit athlete shows off his incredible body, firm thighs, pert arse and neatly trimmed pubes.

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