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The Bold Soul™: A Writer's Life in Paris - 5 new articles

How to move a Parisian piano

Having now moved in Paris FOUR times (and that's not counting when I moved here in the first place), I have become something of an expert in how to orchestrate a household move. But I never knew how one might move, say, a large PIANO into a Parisian apartment, given that the staircases are usually narrow and the elevators, if they do exist, probably only have space for 2 or 3 human beings. And that's without luggage or shopping carts. A few days ago, I looked out our living room window because some idiot down below kept repeatedly beeping his car horn. There's a small supermarket across the way, and it is normal for delivery trucks to block the street over there, so I figured that's what the fuss was all about. Well, there WAS a delivery taking place, but not the type I anticipated: Because of the weight of...


At random

If I weren't so sleep deprived (experiencing a wave of insomnia the past 4 or 5 nights, where I wake up at different times during the night and then can't get back to sleep again for hours, dammit), I might have more energy for writing, and I do have a few longer posts in the works, but in the meantime here are some random images I've taken recently with my new iPhone 6. Got to say, I am LOVING the improved image quality (I already thought the iPhone 4's camera was pretty awesome, but this is even better!) At a restaurant we like near our home. We arrived early, but the place filled up very quickly. It's always full. The patron/chef makes a point to come out and shake everyone's hand; he always wears one of those flat-top straw hats. It's a lovely family business where his wife and adult...


Eight going on nine

Yesterday was the 8th anniversary of my move to Paris! I got caught up in other things yesterday, and though I intended to blog about it, at the end of the day it just didn't happen. Ironically, it's been very fresh in my mind of late, what it felt like to arrive here in Paris and to know I wasn't only staying for a few short days. I've been editing the hell out of my memoir (pleased to say I'm right on track to get it all done by the end of the month!) and just finished the "arrival" chapter a couple of days ago. So help you refresh your own memories (or if this is the first time you're going that far back in blog history), here's what happened: First, I found a great apartment in the suburb of Vincennes. Then, I booked a flight and got to use...



The Opéra Garnier at sunset... I took these yesterday with my iPhone 4. Today I got a new iPhone 6 and wow, I wish I could retake the same shots with the better camera. But still, with the late afternoon sun on this stunning structure, how can you really go wrong?



I still can't believe it's November already. Again. Here in Paris we did the clock roll-back two weekends ago, and the day after it was dark at 5:30 in the afternoon. Ugh. Now I will spend the next 4 months in the dark; the winter days are very short here in Paris (although we make up for it in summer with super-long days with sunset around 10:30pm!) Lots on my plate at the moment: finding a year-round tenant for our rental apartment (we may have a winner, I'll know later today) searching for a new apartment for me and Georges and the Garçon - yes, we're on the hunt for something roomier and also cheaper dipping my toes into the French unemployment system - my first interview at the Pôle Emploi is tomorrow afternoon using NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) as inspiration to complete the edits on my memoir manuscript...


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