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The Bold Soul™: A Writer's Life in Paris - 5 new articles

How to Apartment-shop in Paris, Part 2 - The All-Important Kitchen

You want to talk about culture shock when you move to Paris? Take an American who is used to giant kitchens with big islands and granite countertops... and show her a Parisian kitchen where only the sink is provided, and in a space smaller than an American walk-in closet.


How to Apartment-shop in Paris

Once again, we are back out there looking for an apartment. Care to come along for the ride?



My inner 1960's-era teenage girl is so screaming her freaking head off right now.


Mouthing off

Naturally, as a major-league chatterbox, the one side effect I WOULD get would be the sore mouth one. Karmic retribution for never being able to say or write anything brief. This post included.


La Sorbonne

A little walk through part of the oldest university in France.


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