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And then I burst into tears

The other day, Georges and I received the most unexpected and beautiful gift from his sister "V", the sister who lives in Saint Raphael in the south. She has been learning watercolor techniques and considers herself a beginner, but we've been very impressed with both her charcoal sketches and with her first watercolor attempts. She often emails or texts us photos of whatever she's been working on, and are we taking so much pleasure in her talent and in her enjoyment of her new creative pursuit. This woman IS an artist! So when a big brown envelope arrived in the mail this week, addressed to both of us, I waited until Georges got home from work before opening it. I knew it probably contained a drawing or a watercolor, but I expected it to be part of a project she's working on with Georges -- illustrating a book of short...


Love, larger than life!

Georges just told the entire city of Paris that he loves me... on this giant neon billboard! This billboard was placed on top of the Hôtel de Monnaie, between the Pont des Arts and Pont Neuf, and you could submit your name to be posted on the billboard for 15 seconds. Georges "cheated" a little to send me a message instead of using his name or mine, by hyphenating his name with the word for love (which is also the masculine version of Amy in French)... and apparently it worked! At about 10:46pm (we had advance warning it was coming), there it was! I am such a lucky girl. Lisa aime Georges, aussi.



On Saturday, Georges and I took a tour of Monet's estate and gardens in Giverny -- by BIKE! I've been in France for 8 years and have never visited Giverny but always wanted to do so, and it turns out Georges has lived here his whole life and never visited, either. But getting out to Giverny without a car is actually rather complicated, as there is no direct train service to that small village. However, Fat Tire Bike Tours has a very popular tour where they bring you out to a town near Giverny by train, and then you do a moderate bike ride with a picnic lunch on the banks of the Seine. After lunch you continue on the bikes about 4 or 5km to the village of Giverny. Now, I'm not the most fit or athletic person, and though Georges is in better shape than I am, neither...


Fabulous Stuff: Fall '14 - It's all about the turkey!

It's been a while since I had time to update my Fabulous Stuff list in the sidebar, so now that we're into the fall season, it's time. I'm a bit too late in the season to share fun Halloween ideas, but wow! Did I ever find some great things to help you get your Thanksgiving dinner on the table in style! I don't know about you, but I don't recall it being all that easy to find a good, deep roasting pan anywhere. Disclaimer: OK, I've never actually bought one because I've never cooked a whole turkey from scratch. And our oven here in Paris is too small for a whole turkey anyway. But if I WERE in the market to buy one, this one from Calphalon, with the roasting rack, is the one I'd invest in. To go with it, you'll need these special turkey-lifting forks! My mom has...


She looks good for a woman of 851

Looking fine, Madame. Looking fine.


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