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Our spring vacation has been all about taking it easy. Although I'm on a short break from chemo, problems with my sciatic nerve and back have made it difficult for me to do any real walking and I haven't had much of an appetite. This means I've been staying home, chez Georges' sister, more than I normally would. Saint Raphael is a quiet town, especially off-season, so there aren't tons of things to do, but the mini-golf has been open in the afternoons and normally it's just nice walking around or taking short drives. We did take a short drive the other day, to enjoy lunch at one of our favorite beach-front restaurants, located on a little cove. A few people were even swimming or kayaking. I put my feet in the water for a few minutes but that was about all the cold water I could stand. I love...


Has it really been 7 years?

Why yes, I guess it has! Seven happy years ago today, Georges and I were on this very beach in Saint Raphael -- right about where those children are digging a hole and making a castle in this photo that I just took -- when he surprised me by dropping a melon, then dropping down on one knee and asking me a Very Important Question. There was never any doubt what the answer would be. And every day, I'm still so glad he asked me. This will always be our "Melon Beach". Happy 7th Engaged-iversary, mon coeur.


Taking a Bowl of Air

Je prends un bol d'air. I'm getting a change of air tomorrow: literally. Georges and I, and le Garçon, are leaving town for two weeks at my sister-in-law's place in Saint-Raphaël. It's the spring school holidays, perfect timing to shake off the remaining dregs of the grey (polluted) Paris air. All I want to look at for the next two weeks are palm trees, azure-blue seas, sandy beaches and a pastis bottle. And the love in my husband's eyes. He needs this vacation as much as I do. (Sketch by my SIL of Georges reading on one of our favorite beaches.)


This time, it's for Notre Dame

On Sunday, April 12th, I'll be making a (probably very brief) appearance on a French TV documentary about Notre Dame. It will be airing tomorrow evening at 6:30pm/18:30 local Paris time, on channel M6 for their regular program 66 Minutes: Grand Journal. If you're in France, please tune in and watch! I was invited to participate because the producers heard about the No Love Locks campaign, and they were also planning to interview one of the leaders of another historic preservation group whose members live in the Notre Dame neighborhood -- they've been trying to get the city to clear locks from the Pont Neuf and other bridges in their quartier for several years, and we decided to partner with them last year. The producers decided to have us both on camera together on the Pont de l'Archevêché, discussing how horrible this locks have become, and how it really degrades...


Confetti Spring

The weather has turned sunny, the sunshine is warm and lovely, and the days are getting longer. Parisians are coming out of their grey winter hibernation... And apparently some of them are celebrating while they bask in all that Vitamin D-light!


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