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The Bold Soul(tm) Blog by Lisa Taylor Huff, Copyright (C) 2005-2009

The Bold Soul™: A Writer's Life in Paris - 5 new articles


Out and about now, I can do more but can't yet do it all. Then I was reminded of what "tired" REALLY looks like.


The Wepler

In which I make my triumphant and very happy return to "public life" in Paris.


I know you already do, but...

Getting a book deal involves a lot more than simply writing a great book. It's a damn popularity contest. HELP!


Better and better

The light at the end of MY post-op tunnel looks like a disco ball, because I feel like dancing in celebration of just being able to cross the street to do some food shopping!


I marched...

Well, I marched across my living room. With the sign I made for Georges and le Garçon, who went to the actual march here in Paris today. And yes, I asked Georges to cut my head out of the photo. I had terrible bed head this morning, but what can you expect when I've been in bed or on the couch for weeks now. I watched the march on TV and it was incredible. Estimates range from 1.3 to 2.5 million people marching in Paris, and 50 world leaders or their representatives were there as well. Kudos to the police force in Paris for their excellent work in making sure this day was safe for all the people who came out to stand together for liberty, to pay hommage to the victims, and to demand an end to terrorism.


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