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The Bold Soul™: A Writer's Life in Paris - 5 new articles

Fabulous Stuff: Fall '14 - It's all about the turkey!

It's been a while since I had time to update my Fabulous Stuff list in the sidebar, so now that we're into the fall season, it's time. I'm a bit too late in the season to share fun Halloween ideas, but wow! Did I ever find some great things to help you get your Thanksgiving dinner on the table in style! I don't know about you, but I don't recall it being all that easy to find a good, deep roasting pan anywhere. Disclaimer: OK, I've never actually bought one because I've never cooked a whole turkey from scratch. And our oven here in Paris is too small for a whole turkey anyway. But if I WERE in the market to buy one, this one from Calphalon, with the roasting rack, is the one I'd invest in. To go with it, you'll need these special turkey-lifting forks! My mom has...


She looks good for a woman of 851

Looking fine, Madame. Looking fine.


So bad it's delicious

It often happens that I will be in some restaurant in France where the French menu has been translated into English - badly. Sometimes, it's so bad I want to laugh - and then hand the owner my business card with an offer to fix it (for a price, of course). I keep thinking there must be some sort of a side business I could build here, just around bad translations of menus; but then I figure that if the restaurant owners are already too cheap to pay for proprer translations in the first place, they probably wouldn't take kindly to the criticism of being told they have completely screwed up their English-language menu. So, I just continue to laugh to myself... and say nothing to the waiter. This is what I saw yesterday, in a restaurant on the Ile Saint Louis. So the Quiche Lorraine is... a quiche lorraine....


Tap Tap

That sound you hear is the tapping of my keyboard. It's Day 3 of my après tourism job life, and right now I am "installed" (as the French say) at a table in the Starbucks next to the Gare Saint Lazare. Starbucks may not have the most ambiance for cafe-writing, but I'm meeting a friend here for a coffee, they have free WiFi and great air conditioning - and on this October day, we are definitely having Indian summer weather. On Day 1, I allowed myself to be a lazy sod. Did a load of laundry. Read a little. Watched a lot of videos. Slept a lot. On Day 2, I did some other housework and then went to an eye doctor appointment followed by a trip to the eyeglasses store to choose my new "look". I'll have the new glasses in a week, and I can't wait because I...


Fontaine Saint-Michel

The Saint Michael fountain in the 5th arrondissement is a popular meeting point for a lot of people in Paris, due to its location just at the metro/RER Saint Michel and the big, open place in front of the fountain. But the fountain itself is quite striking, with its pink marble columns and the verdigris of the aging bronze. I've always liked the spitting gryffins. The fountain was a part of the huge city redesign done by Haussmann during the Second Empire. It's seen a lot of fighting, though, starting with the Paris Commune in 1871 and also, during the liberation of Paris: a lot of street fighting between the fleeing Nazis and the French Résistance took place in this area due to its proximity to the Préfecture de Paris just across the bridge.


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