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The Bold Soul™: A Writer's Life in Paris - 5 new articles

London Getaway - The Globe

Theatre in Shakespeare's time: Be you a gentleman or a groundling?


London Getaway - Harrods

Harrods: where London's upper crust goes to spend all that money... and eat like the Royal Family.


London Getaway - Scenes from Day 1

Our 3-day London Getaway was a huge success! Georges and I took an early Eurostar from Paris and arrived in London at around 10:30am (it was supposed to be 10am but our train was delayed leaving Gare du Nord but at least we weren't stuck in the tunnel). We've both been to London before, but not together. We ruled out doing the usual "first timers" things like going to Buckingham Palace. We did think we might to go Notting Hill because we both like that part of town, but ended up spending most of our 3-days in the Southwark/South Bank area or over around Trafalgar Square (the latter on our last day, which I'll get to later). Of course our big event was the Monty Python reunion show on Tuesday night, our second night. But in addition to that, we were celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary and Georges' upcoming milestone...


To Tu, or not to Tu, that is the question

Any English-speaker who has ever tried to master French has had difficulty with the fact that, in French, there are TWO forms of the word "you" - "tu" and "vous" - and a whole set of complicated rules about which to use when (there are 2 actual verbs to describe which one you're using: "tutoyer" and "vouvoyer"). "Tu" is generally a familiar form (I "tu" my husband and step-kids) and "vous" is both formal AND plural (so if I were speaking to all of my step-kids at once I would say "vous"). But it gets way more complex than that, and represents for the non-native French speaker a social minefield. Do you Vous or Tu your boss? Well, it depends - probably Vous, but possibly Tu if you've known each other a while and you get along well. Your new in-laws? That also depends. I Tu my sisters-in-law but if...



No one does beer like they do in an English pub... And London's got loads of 'em. Details to follow but GREAT pub tour!


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