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"Indisputably" - 5 new articles

  1. Photo Album – 20th Century Plus
  2. Game for self-represented litigants
  3. Photo Album – 2002
  4. 210 Professors Sign Comment Letter on CFPB Proposed Ban on Class Action Waivers
  5. Photo Album – 2003
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Photo Album – 20th Century Plus

All good things must come to an end.    So it is with this series of photo albums.   This will be a loss for some of you (and you know who you are), but hopefully you can find some good grief counseling. This album is from a smorgasbord of events, starting (or really ending) with a … Continue reading Photo Album – 20th Century Plus

Game for self-represented litigants

This project out of Northeastern’s Law Lab takes a pro se player through preparing for and going through a simple civil case. It’s cool. Many of us have long advocated for more pre-mediation training for self-represented, non-repeat players in mediation, and this format seems quite accessible. Does anyone know whether someone has created something similar … Continue reading Game for self-represented litigants

Photo Album – 2002

Here’s an album with a few shots from the ABA SDR conference in Seattle, visits by Bruce Patton and Donna Stienstrato Missouri. Jim Alfini, Lela Love, Kitty Atkins, Jim Coben, Hal Abramson, Gina Brown, Linda Morton, Tom Barton Ron Kelly, Ellen Miller John Lande, Jackie Nolan-Haley, Bobbi McAdoo, Gary Weiner, ?, Hal Abramson Len Riskin, … Continue reading Photo Album – 2002

210 Professors Sign Comment Letter on CFPB Proposed Ban on Class Action Waivers

I apologize for interrupting the steady stream of John Lande photo albums to report that the first comment letter on the Consumer Financial Protection’s Bureau proposal (regulation CFPB-2016-0020, RIN 3170-AA51) to ban class action waivers in consumer financial agreements has been posted on the CFPB website.  Thanks to the incredible drafting and organizing efforts of … Continue reading 210 Professors Sign Comment Letter on CFPB Proposed Ban on Class Action Waivers

Photo Album – 2003

As promised, this album has lots of shots.  It includes photos from the AALS meeting in Washington DC in January, the ABA conference in San Antonio, a symposium at Dickinson Law School in April, an AFCC conference in Ottawa in May, and the ACR conference in Orlando in October.   I took a road trip out … Continue reading Photo Album – 2003

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