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  2. Used Car Negotiations – Shanghai Style
  3. Failure to Communicate
  4. Call for DR Syllabi Extended to June 28
  5. Another Instance Where Riskin is Ahead of His Time
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This post mostly is not about dispute resolution. I just went to see an amazing film, Alive Inside, which was a 2014 Sundance Award winner. It is a documentary about a social worker whose personal mission is to arrange for people with dementia to listen to music. The film shows people who were extremely withdrawn … Continue reading Alive

Used Car Negotiations – Shanghai Style

This morning NPR’s Morning Edition had an interesting piece about purchasing used cars in Shanghai.  NPR reporter Frank Langfitt has been sending dispatches from China for some time, and his discussion of high-pressure hard bargaining tactics is great.  Here’s the link – enjoy.

Failure to Communicate

It’s a damn miracle that people on your planet ever understand each other. My good friend, Charlie Irvine, who mediates and teaches in Glasgow, Scotland, wrote an amusing and/or horrifying blog post about students’ statements in law school exam answers. (Charlie blogs on the Kluwer Mediation Blog, which has some very thoughtful contributors. I saw … Continue reading Failure to Communicate

Call for DR Syllabi Extended to June 28

It’s so cool that so many people sent their syllabi to share with our community in response to my post last week.   I’m sure you will be impressed when you will see them posted. Several folks said that they couldn’t send their syllabi by June 22 but could do so soon afterward.  So I am … Continue reading Call for DR Syllabi Extended to June 28

Another Instance Where Riskin is Ahead of His Time

When I started Missouri’s Dispute Resolution LLM Program in the fall of (ahem) a long time ago, I took Understanding Conflict which Len taught. It was the first class where he had a heavy mindfulness component, which was both brilliant and strange. I remember thinking at the time that Len was just so far ahead … Continue reading Another Instance Where Riskin is Ahead of His Time

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