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How Bollywood shuts its doors on the poor


The-Outcasts_Photo-by-Ritesh-Uttamchandani_The-Caravan-magazine_July-2016-01-652x435Tanul Thakur at Caravan:

BOLLYWOOD STARDOM, though, has a particular geography. Historically, the Hindi film industry has recognised only certain parts of Mumbai. It knows Yari Road and Lokhandwala in Andheri West, where aspiring actors, screenwriters, assistant directors and directors live;...

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Nicole Eisenman’s Path to Genius


NEisenman_SundayNightDinner_2009_300-650x536Barry Schwabsky at The Nation:

The will to dissolve or relax boundaries is part of what makes Eisenman’s work feel so of the moment right now. It’s the same acceptance of ambiguity that allows the artist, when asked why her single-figure paintings have been mostly of men, to remark:...

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On Ben Lerner’s “The Hatred of Poetry”


HatredofpoetryBrandon Kreitler at the LA Review of Books:

In his short new book The Hatred of Poetry, Ben Lerner glosses the problem like this: the poet wants to say more than can be said, wants language to do more than it does, wants to transcend. (The poet who merely wants to communicate would do better,...

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Michelle Obama's powerful speech demolishes Donald Trump without even mentioning his name

Julia Rampen in New Statesman:

Gettyimages-580960326This is one speech he won't be able to steal. After her stirring speech at the Democratic Convention, Michelle Obama can be sure of one thing - Melania Trump won't be able to copy it. Obama, like her husband, is a fine orator, so much so that the wife of...

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Tuesday Poem

—from the sculpture by Rodin 

Within the Whirling Moment

Those lovers linked in bronze 

will not escape the wonder 

of their first embrace. 

Today's passion is blown of air 

not hewn in stone: 

a fragmenting...

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