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The Winners of the 3QD Philosophy Prize 2014

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Huw Price has picked the three winners from the nine finalists:

  1. Top Quark, $500: Grace Boey, Is applied ethics applicable enough? Acting and hedging under moral uncertainty
  2. Strange Quark, $200: Ryan Simonelli, Nāgārjuna, Nietzsche, and Rorty’s...

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Hobbes, Boyle, and the vacuum pump

by Charlie Huenemann

An experiment on a bird in an air pump (Joseph Wright, 1768)

Sometime in the late 1650s, Robert Boyle built an apparatus that removed the air from within a glass dome. The members of the newly-formed Royal Society promptly set about devising all manner of experiments...

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Monday Poem

—from a TED Talk



what is the space of

lightning flash
.... stroke

........ epiphany
............ eureka!   

.................something new?

an idea's a network

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On Fear of Surveillance Technology

by Emrys Westacott

Surveillance of people by governments and other institutions is an ancient practice. According to the legend, the first Christmas occurred in Bethlehem because of a census ordered by the emperor Augustus. One of the first acts of William the Conqueror after becoming king of ...

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by Brooks Riley

Icicles_on_the_Launch_Tower_-_GPN-2000-001348I had an uneasy feeling on the day of the Challenger launch in January 1986. My memory tells me that I didn't even watch it live, although I had, growing up, watched early shots into space: Alan Shepherd, John Glenn, and later, the first manned flight to the moon. I was excited by...

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