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The pathos of Stefan Zweig and his overdue revival


Adam Kirsch in The New Republic:

ScreenHunter_778 Aug. 29 16.36The careers of Stefan Zweig and Walter Benjamin offer a contrast so perfect as to become almost a parable. The two writers were contemporaries—Benjamin was born in 1892, Zweig in 1881—and both operated in the same German literary ecosystem, though Benjamin...

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The return of radical empiricism


Massimo Pigliucci in Scientia Salon:

Recently, here at Scientia Salon I published three essays — two by Robert Nola [2] and one by Coel Hellier [3] — that epitomize radical empiricism, more so in Hellier’s than in Nola’s case, I might add. Interestingly, Nola is a philosopher and...

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Friends of Israel


Connie Bruck in The New Yorker:

ScreenHunter_777 Aug. 29 16.27On July 23rd, officials of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee—the powerful lobbying group known as AIPAC—gathered in a conference room at the Capitol for a closed meeting with a dozen Democratic senators. The agenda of the meeting, which was...

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An Evening with Billy Collins


from church bells to dumbbells

HD_P_193_1_v_16_1746_finalKatherine Hunt at Cabinet Magazine:

In an article in the Spectator in July 1711, the eponymous character Mr. Spectator—as written by Joseph Addison, one of the magazine’s founders—described his exercise routine. When in town, and therefore not able to go out riding, “I exercise...

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