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‘The Immortal Evening'


Priscilla Gilman in The New York Times:

MomentOn Dec. 28, 1817, Benjamin Robert ­Haydon, then England’s pre-eminent history painter, hosted a dinner party to celebrate his progress on his latest work, “Christ’s Entry Into Jerusalem.” He invited, among others, three men anachronistically...

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Who Really Found the Higgs Boson?


Neal Hartman in Nautilus:

4549_3eb2f1a06667bfb9daba7f7effa0284bTo those who say that there is no room for genius in modern science because everything has been discovered, Fabiola Gianotti has a sharp reply. “No, not at all,” says the former spokesperson of the ATLAS Experiment, the largest particle detector at the Large...

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Destroying Pakistan: The curse of the blasphemy law


Farahnaz Ispahani Nina Shea in The Weekly Standard:

LOG.v20-08.2014-11-03.Shea_.NewscomPakistan’s blasphemy law, which turns 30 this year, has become only more deadly with age. Since blasphemy was made a capital crime under the nation’s secular penal code, the effect has been to suppress moderate influences, pushing...

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Ravi Shankar & Allah Rakha Live: Raag Pancham Se Gara


We took four New Yorkers to The Death of Klinghoffer: what was their verdict?

Moustafa Bayoumi, Kayla Epstein, Alan Yuhas, and Eli Valley in The Guardian:

ScreenHunter_856 Oct. 25 12.51Kayla Epstein:

As this panel’s Orthodox Jewish participant, I’m aware that I’ve been asked to participate for a very specific purpose: to bring the bearing of my religious and cultural upbringing to the...

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