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Lucian Freud: The Pitiless Eye


Freud-unfinished-self-portraitJenny Uglow at the New York Review of Books:

Freud felt—in a very old-fashioned way—that his portraits somehow got to the essence, the heart of the “self.” Martin Gayford quotes him as saying he wanted a painting not to be “of” or “like” the person he painted: “I didn’t...

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The Return of Religion in Contemporary Philosophy


41La9rVCqqL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Colby Dickinson at Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews:

Various contemporary continental philosophers have taken an interest in espousing some form of a ‘return to religion’ but one devoid of actual, material religious belief and practice (e.g.,  John Caputo’s ‘religion without...

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women are changing ukraine

Garmasch_soldiers_468wKatja Garmasch at Eurozine:


Nothing new in the East: the weather on the front is hot. In the summer, the war gets worse. The war, officially called an Anti-Terrorist Operation or simply ATO in Ukraine, began in spring 2014, when Russian-backed separatist groups in the Donbas region...

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My Parents’ Mixed Messages on the Holocaust

Jason Stanley in the New York Times:

21stone-master768My childhood was privileged and fortunate. My mother was a court stenographer in criminal court, and my father was a professor of sociology at Syracuse University, who had written his doctoral thesis on British colonialism in Kenya. My parents divorced when...

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Biologists are close to reinventing the genetic code of life

John Bohannon in Science:

60819N_EColiThe term "life hacking" usually refers to clever tweaks that make your life more productive. But this week in Science, a team of scientists comes a step closer to the literal meaning: hacking the machinery of life itself. They have designed—though not completely...

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