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the eternal battle between the history and the meaning of Thanksgiving rages on


PI_GOLBE_THANKS_FT_001Stefany Anne Golberg at The Smart Set:

For the last thirty years of his life — the first thirty years of 20th century America — the historical genre painter Jean Leon Gerome Ferris devoted himself to capturing the history of America in paint. He called the result of this enormous task —...

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The Retreat: choosing to spend Thanksgiving alone doesn’t need to mean being lonely


Susan Harlan in The Morning News:

The-retreatLast year, I opted out of Thanksgiving. I had never failed to celebrate a major holiday before. When I used to live in New York City, I was accustomed to spending Thanksgivings with friends and their families as my own family was far away in California. This...

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where “race blind” means “no black and Hispanic kids”


Freddie deBoer over on his blog:

Pew-Race-ChartThis is a question that people like Andrew absolutely have to answer if they want to grapple with this issue in an honest way: are you comfortable with a university system with incredibly low percentages of black and Hispanic students? With percentages of black...

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critique and the genesis of modernity

51RykqblADL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Bo Isenberg at Eurozine:

Critique expresses the possibility that everything could have been different. By doing so, critique puts things and the order of things in a state of crisis – institutions, meanings, relationships, mental and cultural dispositions. Realities emerge as possibilities,...

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How to Engineer the Optimally Delicious Thanksgiving Plate

Mrgan Garber in The Atlantic:

GravyThere may be an art to preparing Thanksgiving dinner, but there is an art, as well, to putting that dinner on a plate. The stakes are high: Get a little pour-happy at the moment of truth, and your turkey-to-gravy ratio gets completely upended; arrange your...

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