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Deep Surface

by Brooks Riley


ScreenHunter_782 Sep. 01 11.58Jean-Luc Godard once inscribed a picture to me with these words: "This is the surface, Brooks, and that's why it's deep." At the time, I was skimming the surface, darting from one life experience to another without stopping to sink down or dive deeper—or give his jeu de mots ...

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Monday Poem

Parallel Universe


everything unknown returns to life
upon awakening in my bed supine in light
sun bequeathed day ignites a fire beneath
my blankets burn mind’s the filament of a lamp
upon awakening stupidity tumbles down a sheer of chance
small thoughts plunge they start an...

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A personal ethics of clicking

by Charlie Huenemann


ClickNow that every click we make is watched, archived, and meta-data-fied, it is time to start thinking seriously about a personal ethics of internet consumption. This goes beyond mere paranoia and worry over what others might think of what you're taking interest in. Each click is...

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Why I don't like tipping

by Emrys Westacott


I dislike tipping. That is, I dislike the whole tipping system. As a card-carrying tightwad I can't honestly say I enjoy leaving tips, but that's not my point. My point is about the general practice, the social institution.

What set me thinking about this was a slightly...

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Mohau Modisakeng. Inzilo (Film Still), 2013.

Single channel video installation, duration: 4 min 57 sec

More here, here, and here.


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