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Gather and use genetic data in health care


Geoffrey Ginsburg in Nature:

Health1 More and more people are getting their DNA sequenced. But the use of genetic data to inform medical decisions is lagging. More than a decade since the Human Genome Project was declared complete, fewer than 60 genetic variants are deemed worthy for use in clinical...

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Thursday Poem


Your full force was first raised against me

Let these spear-tipped streams
flow . . . my gullied eyes greening your fields
Let this crop of pain ripen,
........ this harvest from wounds


You and I?  Let's
enjoin ourselves in friendship

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Animals Drawn with Moiré Patterns

ScreenHunter_590 Apr. 24 11.44


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John Dewey’s Encounter with Leon Trotsky


Richard J. Bernstein in Public Seminar (Book cover of The Later Works of John Dewey by John Dewey, edited by Jo Ann Boydston © Southern Illinois University Press |

[A]lready in 1934, Dewey saw the parallels between what was happening in the U.S.S.R. and the growth of fascism...

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Qawwali Version of Sweet Child of Mine


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