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What my evening with Milo told me about Twitter’s biggest troll, the death of reason, and the crucible of A-list con-men that is the Republican National Convention


Laurie Penny in Welcome to the Screaming Room:

1-PtdxA7a8ikLYfJrppKyPogThis is a story about how trolls took the wheel of the clown car of modern politics. It’s a story about the insider traders of the attention economy. It’s a story about fear and loathing and Donald Trump and you and me. It’s not a story...

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New Media Guru Clay Shirky Drops 'Stop Trump' Tweetstorm On White Liberals


Esme Cribb in TPM Livewire:

New media writer Clay Shirky took to Twitter Friday afternoon to dismiss white liberals' response to Donald Trump as ineffective and self-indulgent – and to rally them to defeat Trump.

"Believe this: Trump could win," Shirky tweeted. "We can help stop him,...

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The physicist Asimina Arvanitaki is thinking up ways to search gravitational wave data for evidence of dark matter particles orbiting black holes


Joshua Sokol in Quanta:

ScreenHunter_2113 Jul. 23 20.53When physicists announced in February that they had detected gravitational waves firsthand, the foundations of physics scarcely rattled. The signal exactly matched the expectations physicists had arrived at after a century of tinkering with Einstein’s theory of...

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How Does a Film Editor Think and Feel?


Orthodox Economics Is Broken. How Evolution, Ecology, and Collective Behavior Can Help

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