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Main To Khelungi Un Sang Hori


Note: For Nazli.


Aga Khan Museum


Nadia Al-Issa in Art Asia Pacific:

Qureshi_rise_and_fall_346Housed within the 6.8-hectare Aga Khan Park—designed by Serbian-Lebanese landscape architect Vladimir Djurovic—are two new additions to Toronto’s cultural scene. One is the Ismaili Centre Toronto, designed by renowned Indian modernist architect Charles...

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Sunday Poem

Closet Case


why is it
that you always
say the most significant
when you’re walking away
looking into your closet
for something to wear

you must know
I think
that I cannot make out
what you’re saying


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efusing Marcuse: 50 Years After One-Dimensional Man


Stephen Whitfield in Dissent (photo from Wikimedia Commons):

However closely or accurately New Leftists and others might have read One-Dimensional Man, as well as Marcuse’s subsequent works, he was once taken very seriously. He helped to define the zeitgeist in a way that needs to be...

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Wishing Away the World Without the West


Naazneen Barma, Ely Ratner and Steve Weber in The Monkey Cage over at the Washington Post (photo Takaki Yajima/AFP):

In our original World Without the West essay (2007), we argued that emerging powers are preferentially engaging with each other — “routing around” the Western liberal...

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