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Thursday Poem

Lullaby for a Daughter

Go to sleep. Night is a coal pit
full of black water —
......... night is a dark cloud
full of warm rain.

Go to sleep. Night is a flower
resting from bees —
......... night's a green sea
swollen with fish.

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In nature, death is not defeat


Eva Saulitis in Orion Magazine:

BirthNatureDeathWar_24MB-384x287FOR TWENTY-SIX SEPTEMBERS I’ve hiked up streams littered with corpses of dying humpbacked salmon. It is nothing new, nothing surprising, not the stench, not the gore, not the thrashing of black humpies plowing past their dead brethren to spawn and die. It is...

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A New Idea of Why Eating Less Increases Life Span


Annie Sneed in Scientific American:

MonkNematode worms, fruit flies, mice and other lab animals live longer, healthier lives when they eat less than they otherwise would if more food were available. Primates may also benefit, and perhaps humans—which is why research funds are pouring into this...

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Why Chris Marker's Radical Images Influenced So Many Artists


Sukhdev Sandhu, William Gibson, Mark Romanek, and Joanna Hogg discuss Marker in The Guardian (h/t: Meg Toth; image of a museum built by Chris Marker in Second Life). Sandhu:

Marker didn't regard artistic forms as sacred. He didn't believe in the primacy of celluloid or the cinema screen....

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Sean Carroll: Poetic Naturalism


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