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Profs Bumble Into Big Legal Trouble After Election Experiment Goes Way Wrong



Dylan Scott in TPM:

Political scientists from two of the nation's most highly respected universities, usually impartial observers of political firestorms, now find themselves at the center of an electoral drama with tens of thousands of dollars and the election of two state supreme court...

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Why is the World Ignoring the Revolutionary Kurds in Syria?



David Graeber in The Guardian:

The autonomous region of Rojava, as it exists today, is one of few bright spots – albeit a very bright one – to emerge from the tragedy of the Syrian revolution. Having driven out agents of the Assad regime in 2011, and despite the hostility of almost all...

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Crisis in Mexico: Could Forty-Three Missing Students Spark a Revolution?



Francisco Goldman in The New Yorker (photo by Macro Ugarte/AP):

On Sunday morning, a heartbreaking headline appeared on the news Web site SinEmbargo, which is based here in Mexico City: “I Know My Son Is Alive and That He Will Be a Teacher.” The speaker was Manuel Martínez, the...

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Friday Poem

In a Neighborhood in Los Angeles

I learned
from my grandma

don't cry
she'd tell me

on the mornings
my parents
would leave

to work
at the fish

my grandma 
would chat
with chairs

sing them

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What an Intact Family Has to Do with the American Dream, in Six Charts

Wilcox and Lerman in National Review:

Pic_giant_103014_SM_Intact-Family-DTThe standard portrayals of economic life for ordinary Americans and their families paint a bleak picture of stagnancy, rising economic inequality, joblessness, and low levels of economic mobility. From President Barack Obama’s speech last year at the...

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