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Young, smart and want to save lives? Become a banker


Joseph D'Urso at Thomson Reuters Foundation:

ScreenHunter_1278 Jul. 29 17.33Investment banking doesn't rank highly on most people's lists of ethical career choices, but according to one of the world's most famous living philosophers, becoming a hot shot in finance may be the best way for a bright graduate to help the global...

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A brief history of the European future


Menasse_amery_468wRobert Menasse at Eurozine:

Creating peace in Europe was a moral ambition that all could share. Yet Monnet was fully aware that moral appeals and trust in people's war-weariness would provide no more lasting security than international peace treaties. His idea, formulated as a plan with the...

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Bernie Sanders in conversation with Ezra Klein


what is 'not writing'?

GarmentsCoverAnne Boyer at Bookforum:

When I am not writing I am not writing a novel called 1994 about a young woman in an office park in a provincial town who has a job cutting and pasting time. I am not writing a novel called Nero about the world’s richest art star in space. I am not writing a book...

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In Cleveland, the ghost of d.a. levy is everywhere, even animating MOCA Cleveland's summer show. But what is it that makes the poet's legacy endure?

Morgan Meis in The Smart Set:

ScreenHunter_1277 Jul. 29 13.44A young poet killed himself in Cleveland on November 24, 1968. He did it with a .22 caliber rifle he’d owned...

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