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‘The Hotel Years,’ by Joseph Roth



George Prochnik in the NYT Book review:

Reading the 64 essays by Joseph Roth anthologized in “The Hotel Years” — dazzling, elegiac, mordant and harrowingly oracular by turn — is like roaming through the Grand Budapest Hotel and discovering that it’s merged with the Overlook, the...

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Willoughbyland: England's Lost Colony


Dcde0d1a-41fe-11e5-_957916kAdrian Tinniswood at Literary Review:

Here are two things you might not know about Suriname, as the lost colony of Matthew Parker's title is known today. It boasts the largest ants in the world; and in spite of a widely held belief that it lies somewhere in the South China Sea, it is in fact...

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The towering ego, serrated wit and prodigious literary output of Gore Vidal


D4adac9f-1079-4c35-8e4b-3591da7ce1c0Sarah Churchwell at the Financial Times:

It is common practice for books to be given different titles in the US and the UK, but rarely do those titles express each country’s cultural character as clearly as the two given to Jay Parini’s new biography of Gore Vidal. In America, it is...

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Timothy Snyder’s ‘Black Earth’

06Marrus-blog427Michael R. Marrus at the New York Times:

We may think we know about the Holocaust, Snyder seems to be telling his readers. But he then goes on to contend that “we” get it wrong: We fail to understand Hitler’s ecological viewpoint, we neglect the participation of non-Germans in the...

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Is Maureen Dowd Necessary? Defanging a Hillary Basher

Anita Finlay in The New Agenda:

Dowd-2-zuma-300x169The stinging slights offered by several women who had wielded the written word in an effort to cut Hillary Clinton off at the knees were in a class by themselves. Sally Quinn of the Washington Post appeared on CBS’ The Early Show with Harry Smith to say that...

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