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Friday Poem

The Glassblowers, 6 A.M.

Night draws its plough through the fields.
A fine mist: the breath
of a black horse, dreaming.
Under its eyelid, the moon.

This early no one wakes
but the glassblowers
secretive insects in their hive.
At the end of each sting


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Wikipedia Is Basically a Corporate Bureaucracy, According to a New Study


Jennifer Oullette in Gizmodo:

Dvfqfmn2zx4e4bbkqwumWikipedia is a voluntary organization dedicated to the noble goal of decentralized knowledge creation. But as the community has evolved over time, it has wandered further and further from its early egalitarian ideals, according to a new paper published in the...

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EXPERT TEXTPERT: A review of three recent books on criticism


James Ley in the Sydney Review of Books:

ScreenHunter_1899 Apr. 28 18.23Many years ago, back when I was a fresh-faced postgraduate student, I was invited to lunch at the home of my aunt and uncle. It was, I seem to recall, a pleasant spring afternoon. Warm yellow sunlight was falling through the dining-room window across a...

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Bill Gates reviews "The Vital Question" by Nick Lane

Bill Gates in his own blog:

ScreenHunter_1898 Apr. 28 18.11Last year Trevor Mundel, who runs our foundation’s global health work, suggested that I read a book called The Vital Question. I had never heard of the book or its author, a biologist at University College London named Nick Lane. A few months later, I hadn’t...

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Prince, remembered in 11 songs you might not know he wrote


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