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In Parenthesis: in praise of the Somme's forgotten poet


David Jones, Lourdes, 1928, Kettle's Yard_mainOwen Sheers at The Guardian:

In his introduction, TS Eliot hailed In Parenthesis as “a work of genius”. Graham Greene placed it “among the great poems of the century”. WH Auden claimed “it does for the British and Germans what Homer did for the Greeks and Trojans”; he wrote to...

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Calvin Trillin Looks Back on 50 Years Covering Black Life in America

26gilliam-sub-blog427Dorothy Butler Gilliam at The New York Times:


In 1964, Trillin captured an exchange with King that speaks to our current political moment. King was flying to Mississippi when a young white man with “a thick drawl” and self-identifying as a Christian leaned across the aisle and...

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Destruction and Sorrow beneath the Heavens by László Krasznahorkai


9780857423115Paul Kerschen at The Quarterly Conversation:

Though László Krasznahorkai’s early fictions were set in his native Hungary, over the past two decades he has turned to settings that cover the globe across much of historical time. He is suited to this wide range by his erudition, by the air of...

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The talent trap: why try, try and trying again isn’t the key to success

Ian Leslie in New Statesman:

AngelaAngela Lee Duckworth begins her book with a story that frames her life’s work as an act of retribution against her father. When Duckworth was a child, her dad would tell her, repeatedly, “You know, you’re no genius.” He was, she says, expressing the worry...

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In a New Novel, a Secular Muslim American Rejects the Burden of Labels

Pauls Toutonghi in The New York Times:

EtrazEnter 2016 — the election year of our discontent — which threatens to topple the country into a social chaos unseen since the late 1960s. Nearly two-thirds of Republican voters approve of a temporary ban on Islamic immigration. A mainstream...

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