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‘Infested,’ About Bedbugs

19ZUK-master315-v2Marlene Zuk at The New York Times:


A book about bedbugs is, by necessity, a book about nearly everything: about travel and adventure, about our ­relationship to nature, about how scientists solve problems, about trust and whether we view strangers as friends or foes. It is a book about...

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Armenia’s genocide: death and denial


8ca97ea2-f1f5-4a89-b6bb-8b57bb6fe77dDavid Gardner at the Financial Times:

Last April, on the eve of the anniversary of the government deportations in 1915 that began the systemic massacres, then prime minister and now president Erdoğan, in a hedged but nonetheless unprecedented statement, offered his condolences for the mass...

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how will Günter Grass be remembered?


GRASS-articleInlineDavid L. Ulin at The LA Times:

“[W]riters,” he declared in his 1999 Nobel Prize lecture, “should consider the condition of permanent controversiality to be invigorating, part of the risk involved in choosing the profession. It is a fact of life that writers have always and with due...

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Broken on the wheel

Ken Armstrong in The Paris Review (via The Browser):

Calas3On the night of October 13, 1761, cries rang from the shop of Jean Calas, a cloth merchant who lived and worked in the commercial heart of Toulouse, in the South of France. The eldest of Calas’s six children, Marc-Antoine, a moody,...

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Tariq Ali on Eduardo Galeano

Tariq Ali in The Guardian:

ScreenHunter_1143 Apr. 18 14.07In Bertolt Brecht’s Galileo, the eponymous antihero is confronted by his student, who is livid that the great man has recanted: “Unhappy is the land that breeds no hero.” Galileo’s response is calm: “Unhappy is the land that needs a hero.” And he...

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