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Diary: ebola


1409307203767_wps_14_BN2XBP_Colorized_transmisPaul Farmer at The London Review of Books:

The worst is yet to come, especially when we take into account the social and economic impact of the epidemic, which has so far hit only a small number of patients (by contrast, the combined death toll of Aids, tuberculosis and malaria, the ‘big...

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when H. G. Wells interviewed stalin


ImgresA 1935 piece by Malcolm Cowley at The New Republic:

I doubt that any other interview of the last ten years was more dramatic, more interesting as a clear statement of two positions or, in a sense, more absurdly grotesque than H.G. Wells’s interview with Stalin.

They met in Moscow on...

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Cubism at the Metropolitan Museum


141027_r25660-320-419Peter Schjeldahl at The New Yorker:

The show eases, somewhat, the famous difficulty of telling a Picasso from a Braque in the woodshedding period of 1909-12, which is termed Analytic Cubism. A wall text—a welcome one among far too many that are prolix, making for an installation that is like...

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a lucid, thrilling and amusing history of the digital age

Peter Conrad in The Guardian:

PeterRevolutions usually leave ancient institutions tottering, societies shaken, the streets awash with blood. But what Walter Isaacson calls the “digital revolution” has kept its promise to liberate mankind. Enrichment for the few has been balanced by empowerment...

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Genetic Variant May Shield Latinas From Breast Cancer

Anahad O'Connor in The New York Times:

Well_women-tmagArticleA genetic variant that is particularly common in some Hispanic women with indigenous American ancestry appears to drastically lower the risk of breast cancer, a new study found. About one in five Latinas in the United States carry one copy of the variant,...

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