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How Lincoln Played the Press


Gary Wills in the New York Review of Books:

Wills_2-110614_jpg_250x1245_q85People are amazed or disgusted, or both, at today’s “power of the media.” The punch is in that plural, “media”—the twenty-four-hour flow of intermingled news and opinion not only from print but also from TV channels, radio stations,...

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Mystery of dinosaur with giant arms solved


Rebecca Morelle at the BBC:

ScreenHunter_855 Oct. 24 20.34In the 1960s, researchers unearthed two gigantic dinosaur arms. For decades, scientists have speculated about what kind of beast they belonged to.

Now, the rest of the dinosaur's body has been unearthed, and researchers say that the creature is even more...

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The Combination Lock Test


Brendan Fitzgerald in The Morning News:

A man dies, leaving behind, among other things, a combination lock. Opening it may just prove the existence of the afterlife.

Combo-lock-featureI first learned about Stevenson through his obituary, which ran in the New York Times in 2007. My wife and I have a habit...

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Making Organizations Moral

Sophia Nguyen in Harvard Magazine:

EthicsIn the early 2000s, a riptide of business scandals toppled Enron, Arthur Andersen, and WorldCom. In the aftermath, says Straus professor of business administration Max Bazerman, “society turned to professional schools” to ask why their graduates were...

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the death of fraternity

SuterABaflr25.4_60Chris Lehman at The Baffler:

Whether we like it or not, the big idea behind American democracy is to make us like each other more. It’s a faintly embarrassing dimension of our social experiment, carved out of the crack-up of the original British colonies, that the great theorists and...

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