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Stravinsky’s Illegal “Star Spangled Banner” Arrangement


Timothy Judd over at his website (via Rick Perlstein):

Did the Boston Police really arrest Igor Stravinsky in 1943 for adding a dominant seventh chord to theStar Spangled Banner? The unlikely mug shot, above, seems to back up the story…until you look carefully at the date.


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confronting death


Ad91acb1-d9d0-4756-a24d-f27bd0d51f81Stephen Cave at The Financial Times:

Someone must care for the dead, who, as the mortician Caitlin Doughty writes, “have become useless at caring for themselves”. In ancient Egypt, it was the job of the jackal-headed god Anubis, who would usher them to where their hearts would be weighed...

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The Grateful Dead and the old, weird America


La-et-jc-the-grateful-dead-and-the-old-weird-a-001David L. Ulin at The Los Angeles Times:

For about 10 minutes on Sunday morning, I regretted not going to Santa Clara to hear the Grateful Dead. This was after I saw the set list from the first of the five “Fare Thee Well” shows scheduled to conclude July 3, 4 and 5 at Chicago’s Soldier...

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the new american discontent

05PACKER-master675-v3George Packer at the New York Times:

In the absence of any perceptible contractions of revolt, two writers — Charles Murray on the libertarian right, Chris Hedges on the apocalyptic left — have given up waiting and decided to induce labor. Their methods are different: Murray’s “By...

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How I Would Vote in the Greek Referendum


Joseph Stiglitz in The Guardian (Photograph: Sotiris Barbarousis/Sotiris Barbarousis/epa/Corbis):

Why are European Union leaders resisting the referendum and refusing even to extend by a few days the June 30 deadline for Greece’s next payment to the IMF? Isn’t Europe all about...

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