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For Arab Christians and Secular Arab Nationalists, Isis May be the Death Knell



William Dalrymple in The Guardian (Photograph: Karim Sahib/AFP/Getty Images):

According to tradition it was St Thomas and his cousin Addai who brought Christianity to Iraq in the first century. At the Council of Nicea, where the Christian creed was thrashed out in AD325, there were more...

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Miss America Hypocrisy: The Vanessa Williams Nude Photo Shaming



Amanda Marcotte in The Daily Beast (NBC/Getty):

In the three decades since the scandal erupted, some things have changed and some haven’t. You still have plenty of people who want to shame young women for failing to meet the paradoxical demand to be sexy and not sexual, but there’s a...

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Bayesian Superman



Noah Smith over at his website (via Crooked Timber):

Consider Proposition H: "God is watching out for me, and has a special purpose for me and me alone. Therefore, God will not let me die. No matter how dangerous a threat seems, it cannot possibly kill me, because God is looking out for me...

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The Problem of Slavery


Scott Spillman in The Point (image Kara Walker, savant, 2010):

As 12 Years a Slave repeatedly shows, the idea that black slaves were something less than human—although appealing for obvious reasons to masters— was subject to an inevitable tension, first at the abstract level of...

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An interview with Rohan Maitzen

Matthew Jakubowski in Truce:

Before I ask more about your blogging—when you decided to pursue your interest in ethical criticism as a research topic, can you say more about that particular choice, especially how becoming a mother made you want to do work that mattered more in the world? It...

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