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Atheism in the Ancient World


Rebecca Newberger Goldstein in the New York Times:

1122-BKS-Goldstein-master675-v2The philosopher Sidney Morgenbesser, beloved by generations of Columbia University students (including me), was known for lines of wit that yielded nuggets of insight. He kept up his instructive shtick until the end, remarking to a colleague...

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How Fairness Develops in Kids Around the World


Ed Yong in The Atlantic:

ScreenHunter_1515 Nov. 26 18.07You're sitting at a table with a friend and a stranger offers you some candy. Hooray! Who doesn't like candy? But wait! You're not getting the same amounts. One of you gets four delicious pieces, and the other gets a measly one. Does that feel unfair? Do you bristle?...

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Finland Timelapse

the rise of fascism in the United States

Editorial in The Feminist Wire:

TrumpLast week, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump expressed support for a database of Muslims in the United States, a registry so that “we” can keep track of “them.” Trump, of course, is no friend to civil liberties. We know this from his 1989 advocacy of...

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Let’s Watch Father Carve This Handsome Bird

Sadie Stein in The Paris Review:

This vintage video from the U.S. Department of Agriculture actually gives a very good primer on carving—frankly, it’s the best guide I’ve found, and the thigh-meat trick is indeed neat, even if the announcer’s chummy tone can grate. (Be sure...

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