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Like Joyce, García Márquez gave us a light to follow into the unknown


Peter Carey in The Guardian:

Gabriel-Garc-a-M-rquez--005Sometime in the very early 1970s two Australian friends returned from Colombia and asked me to ghostwrite the story of their adventures, which included a conversation with an unknown writer named Gabriel García Márquez. In an effort to overcome my reluctance they...

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Scientists find protein that unites sperm and egg


Erika Check Hayden in Nature:

EggScientists have identified a long-sought fertility protein that allows sperm to dock to the surface of an egg. The finding, an important step in understanding the process that enables conception, could eventually spawn new forms of birth control and treatments for...

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Why Don’t We Want Our TV Series to End?



Elizabeth Alsop in the LA Review of Books:

IT’S A GOOD TIME to be a canceled show. Last May, Netflix sent the viewing public into paroxysms when it released the fourth season ofArrested Development, which last aired on Fox in 2006. A month earlier, Rob Thomas made Kickstarter history when...

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The Intellectual and Other Wanderings of Walter Benjamin


Peter Gordon in The New Republic:

Walter Benjamin passed some of the happiest moments of his life wandering shirtless in the sun on the Spanish island of Ibiza. In a letter in 1932, he wrote that the little Mediterranean island lacked modern conveniences, such as “electric light and...

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‘Updike’ by Adam Begley

Merlin_720106Michael Dirda at The Washington Post:

Compared to most lives, John Updike’s was golden from the get-go. The adored only son of a highly educated mother (who herself wrote fiction, some of it eventually published in the New Yorker), the star student of Shillington, Pa.’s high school,...

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