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Internationalizing human rights


Ken Roth in Open Democracy:

ScreenHunter_1049 Mar. 04 18.17The partnership between international and national groups has always had its moments of difficulty—misunderstandings born of different perspectives, priorities and resources. But the typical geographic divide between the two types of groups has usually led to a...

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The Case Against Early Cancer Detection


Christie Aschwanden in FiveThirtyEight:

ScreenHunter_1048 Mar. 04 17.48South Korea has a thyroid cancer problem. Incidence of the disease there has climbed 15-fold over the past 20 years — faster than any other cancer worldwide.

South Korea also has a thyroid cancer diagnosis problem. In a studypublished this month...

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Inheritance of Anger

Robert Minto in Open Letters Monthly:


MarioMario Vargas Llosa’s father was a cruel man who abandoned Mario and his mother for ten years and then returned to tyrannize them. Vargas Llosa became a writer in order to annoy him. In his memoir A Fish in the Water he writes,

It is probable that...

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What Does Quantum Mechanics Suggest About Our Perceptions of Reality?

Hans Halvorson in Big Questions Online:

ScreenHunter_1047 Mar. 04 13.38Quantum mechanics suggests that we perceive at most a tiny sliver of reality. Of course we already knew that! We knew that the visible spectrum is only a small part of the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. We knew that the universe is much, much...

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Mathematics on The Simpsons


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