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Computers Can Predict Schizophrenia Based on How a Person Talks


Adrienne LaFrance in The Atlantic:

ScreenHunter_1334 Aug. 28 15.53Most of the time, people don’t actively track the way one thought flows into the next. But in psychiatry, much attention is paid to such intricacies of thinking. For instance, disorganized thought, evidenced by disjointed patterns in speech, is considered a...

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Expecting Iran to cheat is why we need this deal, says former Mossad chief

Transcript here.


Over half of psychology studies fail reproducibility test


Monya Baker in Nature:

PsychDon’t trust everything you read in the psychology literature. In fact, two thirds of it should probably be distrusted. In the biggest project of its kind, Brian Nosek, a social psychologist and head of the Center for Open Science in Charlottesville, Virginia, and 269...

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The revival of powerful literature about the Levant

Hoffman_loc_imgAdina Hoffman at The Nation:

In English, the word “Levantine” has long been a pejorative, and at a certain colonial point referred to those upwardly mobile non-Muslim Middle Easterners considered contemptible by commentators of various stripes for being neither here nor there, whether...

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Maxine Kumin 1925–2014: A Life in Poetry

Dt.common.streams.StreamServerEleanor Wilner at Hudson Review:

Hers was the world of presence, of the actual: she spoke always in the language of the body; the choice of words is a diction decidedly Anglo-Saxon—the Germanic-descended language of peasants and pig farmers in England, not the Latin of Church and university,...

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