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the great Bohumil Hrabal


PortraitZuzana Slobodová at The Times Literary Supplement:

Both books reflect Hrabal’s fascination with language, and it is here that his main achievement lies. Hrabal started out as a surrealist poet, and his stories and novels are written in the form of prose poetry, which borders on surrealism...

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just read hrabal


8024623161.01.MZZZZZZZJohn Yargo at The Millions:

Bohumil Hrabal was born near the beginning of World War I in Brno, in the Austro-Hungarian empire. He was raised by a gallery of colorful relatives, including an uncle who served as an early model for the gregarious and unscrupulous type that populated his later...

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Geoff Dyer at a conference on . . . Geoff Dyer


2014+29dyer2Philip Maughan at The New Statesman:

I couldn’t help but smile on a recent, drizzly afternoon when an earnest, hyper-intelligent historian from Queen Mary, University of London, concluded a lecture entitled “What Colour Was the 1990s?” – an echo of Dyer’s debut novel, The Colour of...

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bananas and foreign policy


BananaIn the early 20th century, with American industry just beginning to expand overseas and Latin America still just emerging from colonial shackles, bananas became one of America's first powerhouse industries: "[Bananas] are the world's largest fruit crop and the...

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Cancer biomarkers: Written in blood

Ed Yong in Nature:

BiopsyIn 2012, Charles Swanton was forced to confront one of cancer's dirtiest tricks. When he and his team at the Cancer Research UK London Research Institute sequenced DNA from a handful of kidney tumours, they expected to find a lot of different mutations, but the breadth of...

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