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Exploring Srinagar's alpine meadows, and the poetry of its mountains and people


Vivek Menezes in National Geographic:

ScreenHunter_1200 May. 26 18.21It was Kashimiri poetry that sparked the idea of a family summer holiday in Srinagar. I encountered Ranjit Hoskote’s I, Lalla—The Poems of Lal Ded in 2011, and was instantly hooked by the power packed in the four-line vakhs. Lal Ded, an unusual...

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The obsession with eating natural and artisanal is ahistorical, we should demand more high-quality industrial food


Rachel Laudan in Jacobin:

French-peasants1-e1432300470940Modern, fast, processed food is a disaster. That, at least, is the message conveyed by newspapers and magazines, on television cooking programs, and in prizewinning cookbooks.

It is a mark of sophistication to bemoan the steel roller mill and supermarket bread...

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"The Future of Science," A Special Address by Steven Weinberg


The Caveman’s Home Was Not a Cave

1949_36ac8e558ac7690b6f44e2cb5ef93322Jude Isabella at Nautilus:

It was the 18th-century scientist Carolus Linnaeus that laid the foundations for modern biological taxonomy. It was also Linnaeus who argued for the existence of Homo troglodytes, a primitive people said to inhabit the caves of an Indonesian archipelago....

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The Muslim ‘No’

Big_2b854456fbMichael Marder at The European:

Each of the three monotheistic religions, commonly referred to as ‘Abrahamic’, has its own affirmation of faith, a single statement held to be fundamental by its adherents.

In Judaism, such a proclamation is Shema (Listen), drawn from Deuteronomy 6:4....

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