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Iraq’s forgotten Christians in Kurdish exile


SebastianMeyerIraqiChristian_18-1Jenna Krajeski at Harper's Magazine:

One afternoon in early September, a crowd formed in the mall’s basement. “We are disrespected, all of us!” a man shouted, waving his arms. His audience shuddered. “I waited for three hours and all I got was this,” he said, holding up a bag of...

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The Rise and Fall of Public Housing in NYC


Fekner_600Richard Price at Guernica:

In 1935, the first public housing complex in New York, prosaically christened First Houses, (landmarked since 1974) on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, offered 122 apartments featuring oak wood floors and brass fixtures. The rent, adjusted to each family’s monthly...

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heidegger's black notebooks


Gordon_2-100914_jpg_250x1326_q85Peter E. Gordon at the New York Review of Books:

Heidegger was one of the most influential thinkers of the modern era. He was also a convinced Nazi. During his brief term as rector at the University of Freiburg (1933–1934) he worked to advance the process of Gleichschaltung, or...

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Kiran Desai: 'You look bad if you go to India in western clothes'

Heidi Julavitz in The Guardian:

Women-in-Clothes-Why-We-WearKD: I remember starting to wear the most basic T-shirts and jeans and being unhappy in them. If you haven't grown up wearing a lot of jeans, they're very uncomfortable.

HJ: They have grommets on them. That dig into your body!

KD: Why did they...

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Collaboration: Strength in diversity

BirdsFreeman and Huang in Nature:

Sticking with co-authors with similar surnames to yours might dent the impact of your work. The reason is unclear, but bibliometrics suggest that teams with greater ethnic diversity generate papers that make more of a splash in the scientific literature. We...

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