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Fear gets you nowhere, and other things I wish I'd known at 17


Tim Lott in The Telegraph:

Boyhood2_3357983bIf I were to list the things I knew when I was 17, it would be a very short list and most of those things would be wrong. I ‘knew’ for instance, that my parents were idiots, that girls were both more boring and nicer than boys, that the most important thing in...

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How what we eat is destroying our livers


Mitch Leslie in Science:

FattyLiver_TheCulprits_672The patient who walked into Joel Lavine's office at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), medical center one day in the mid-1990s didn't know how sick he really was. He was morbidly obese. A brownish blemish known as acanthosis nigricans sprawled over the...

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70,000 Years of Human History in 400 Pages



Michael Saler in The Nation:

In Sapiens, Yuval Noah Harari recounts how humans have developed from brutes to demigods in the course of their evolutionary history: a grand narrative, one would think, but he perceives it as a comic-tragedy, and details it with mordant humor. Even the...

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Why men fight wars—and what could make them stop

David Berreby in Psychology Today:

PT0715_Science-Of-Peace01_v1-1In a sparsely appointed trailer in northern Iraq, close to the sandbagged front line where Kurds faced the advancing forces of the Islamic State, fighters sat on the floor last spring and talked to Lydia Wilson about war. “Here,” one would say, pointing...

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The Backwards Brain Bicycle


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