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If Labor Dies- What is Next ?

David Rolf. SEIU.


[if you see Tefere Gebre either watch the entire panel or  go to the playlist tab, and click on video 3. I have been unable to change this]

The American Labor Movement at a...

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Trans Pacific Partnership : TPP- The Dirty Deal

This is the proposal that President Obama wants authority to negotiate.



State of Our Unions – Secretary Thomas E. Perez

American Labor at the Crossroads Conference;  Jan. 15, 2015.


Co sponsored by the Albert Shanker Institute, the AFT, the Hillman Foundation and others.

[If when you start you see Randi Weingarten of...

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Revolving Doors and Education Entrepreneurs

The Selling of Public Services.  By Seth Sandronsky

CCSF2Do failed policy proposals from public education officials enjoy an afterlife when their creators depart Washington for the private sector? This is...

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Historic Victory of Guatemala Coca-Cola Workers

from the Coca-Cola Workers Alliance

IUF (Uniting Food, Farm and Hotel Workers Worldwide)

Guatemala workers have proudly featured in the history of struggle between IUF members and The...

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