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10 Things I Love About Football

Well, I love football. More importantly, I love the Minnesota Vikings. Now, I know they're not a very good team. They've got a lot of issues on and off the field, but Vikings fans are loyal to a fault. I remember going to work, back in Minnesota and talking to the guys about the games and the players. It was SO much fun! Now I'm in Maryland, and I can't watch my team. =( They're not in the


Wordless Wednesday: Our House Is Almost Done

The kitchen is coming together! I love my dining room light that I got from Menards, on sale! It's even better than I expected! I plan on using this closet for a pantry. See the opening above in the kitchen? To the right of that wall is this closet. Not inside the opening, but to the right of the opening. Where that black smudge is. lol At the opposite end of the house from the kitchen


Pre-Order Isle of Hope by Julie Lessman & Enter to Win

I have been SO happy getting back into a reading routine! Life has settled down enough that I can read on a regular basis, and I've even started a book club at church! I'm back in with keeping up with my favorite authors, and it seems fitting that Julie Lessman's book Isle of Hope will be coming out next month! To celebrate, Julie has a contest going on. There are two chances to win. You can


It's Time To Travel, And I'm Freaking Out

Guess what, I'm terrified to fly on planes. I don't mean just a little bit. I mean ter-ri-fied. I have massive amounts of anxiety weeks, sometimes months leading up to getting on an airplane. In fact, last week my boss was joking around telling me I needed to forget my trip and stay home to work because we're so busy. I told her I was absolutely fine with that. And about a minute later I was


Wordless Wednesday: Busy Week #WW

Here's one more thing I haven't done in ages...a Wordless Wednesday! In staying with how I used to do Wordless Wednesdays...with words. What can I say? Every night, when Fred comes downstairs to end the night, Peru comes down with him and absolutely HAS to sit on the love seat with him. If he has his legs propped up against the other side of the love seat, she pushes her body up underneath his


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