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Like A River From Its Course Book Review & Kindle Giveaway

Reading, it's one of my great joys. I have always loved historical fiction, and most of what I read is set back in the 1800s. When I was offered to review Like a River from Its Course, I was glad to have the opportunity. I honestly wasn't sure what to expect. I knew that it would cover a hard topic. What I wasn't aware of was how hard I was going to experience this. Now, I say "hard" because


Giant National Capital Barbecue Battle

We haven't had a lot of opportunity to get down to D.C. because our weekends are always so full! When Liquified Creative reached out to me offering tickets to go to the Giant National Capital Barbecue Battle, I jumped on it! They didn't ask me to post about our day, but we had so much fun, I wanted to share. I really did all of this for my husband who could live off of barbecued food. Friday


Orange Lime Sugar Scrub

I don't do a lot to pamper myself, but something I've made sure to do for myself is not have cracked, dried, or peeling feet. I don't know why, but it's something that gives me the heebie jeebies! Is that even how you spell that? I recently purchased my starter kit for YoungLiving. No, I'm not going to be a distributor, and no, you're not going to see me offering all kinds of stuff on my site.


Kids Camping Packing List

I'm so excited for the beginning of July. Since my oldest daughter had her first camping trip to Camp Shamineau back when she was in 3rd grade, each of my kids has gone to camp there every summer. This year will be no different! We're heading back to Minnesota in a week. July has had tradition for my kids, especially my boys for the past 16 yrs. They start off up at Aitkin with their extended


FlyOver America - Mall Of America Giveaway

Looking for something fun and amazing to do with the family this summer? Whether you're going to the Mall of America for vacation or if you've visiting for the day, be sure to check out FlyOver America. When they contacted me to offer my readers a giveaway, I couldn't resist! If you go to the MoA, you definitely have to swing by the Nickelodeon Universe, which is where FlyOver America is


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