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Share Big Dreams With World Vision & Giveaway #GiftCatalog

Holidays usually mean gifts for the entire family. One thing that’s important to Fred and I is that we teach our kids to care about others. Having gone on mission trips and our kids knowing about them and that we’re trying to help others, they understand why we like working with organizations like World Vision. Last year looking through the World Vision, Fred got soccer balls for a school. His


It’s a Minted Holiday #HollyJollyHoliday

We know it’s coming to be that time of the year. It’s time to start thinking about the holidays. One of the most important things for me at Christmas is the personalization of cards. The cards that I personalize are what I send as a newsletter to all the people who are closest to us. I’ve done this for years and I want our close friends to keep up with us now more than ever since we’re so far


Teaching My Son To Shave

My oldest son is 15 1/2 and he’ll be shaving sooner than later. This has actually been a topic of conversation for about a year now. When he was turning 14 he was showing signs of a mustache growing. It wasn’t much, as I’m sure is the case for most teen boys. Then last Christmas happened. Both of my girls came out to spend Christmas with the family. While they were here, they tried convincing


A Crucial Catch Day With The NFL #NFLPink

You might recall that back in March, I had to have two mammograms. My first one they saw something, but weren't sure what it was. The second time...ooooeeee mama, that bad boy hurt. What they saw on the first mammogram was to the very left of my left breast closer to my armpit. That meant they had to tweak my body in a way that didn't seem possible. But the tech got it and I just gritted my teeth


Adventuring With GoPro

Guess who isn’t the adventurer in the family…yea, this girl. Guess who is…my 2nd daughter. I look at the places she’s been and the crazy things she does and I just gulp. Where she got those guts from I’ll never know. lol Last year when she decided to go overseas for a year she was told she could only pack what she could fit into two backpacks. What I didn’t know when she left is that she


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