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Changing My Engagement Ring #FredNMimiSayIDo

Back in December Fred and I went to the jeweler at the mall to get some ideas of what my style would be for an engagement ring. I had no clue what I’d like. The one thing I did know was that I didn’t want a round diamond, I wanted a square one. I had seen one when I went to MI for Amy’s wedding! I fell in love with the shape! We looked through the cabinets trying various ones on. I have short


Searching For My Wedding Dress #FredNMimiSayIDo

This past weekend I headed out with the boys to stay with my parents. Mom really wanted to be part of helping me look for a wedding dress. I just loved that, and I was excited for it, too. She and I had spent some time looking online at dresses. Now let me set the scene for the ceremony. We’re planning on something extremely simple. We’ve rented a room above the Federal House restaurant in old


My Daughter, The Social Worker & Giveaway #EarnItFrameIt #ProudGrad

Last week was an extremely stressful week for my oldest daughter. After three and a half years to get her Bachelor’s Degree, and two years to get her Master’s Degree, she took her licensure exam to become a social worker! Being that she’s 23, she hasn’t had a lot of real life experience in the field. The past six months she’s been working at a hospital learning to do social work as an intern.


Do You Take Water For Granted? #WaterEffect #WaterNow

Thanks to World Vision for sending me an umbrella and Royal Silk Scarf made with luxurious silk, using Fair-Trade practices in exchange for sharing about World Water Day! When we went to Peru on our mission trip a year and a half ago, one of the things we didn’t have to worry about in the city of Lima was a lack of water. We did have to be careful of the water we drank, just like you do in


Going To The Chapel, And We’re Gonna Get Married

I know I’ve been married before, but I have the words “She’s finally getting married, she’s finally getting married,” going through my mind. The past month has been a very crazy and busy one. At the beginning of the month, I headed over to Fred’s house, and when I got there, he was standing inside the front door with an engagement ring. He had done a blog post in which he asked me to marry him!


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