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Wordless Wednesday: Play Ball

His first game of the year! 2 walks, 2 runs Be sure to visit Full Time Mama, too! document.write('<\/script>');


The Love Dare Day 3: Don’t Be So Selfish

Do you ever read something, something that’s not good and you can totally relate? It’s a reflection of you? Ish, that was me today reading the first paragraph in the Love Dare. I’ve never felt like I was high maintenance, and I’m not in the physical sense. I don’t need a lot. Emotionally though, I can’t say that same thing. I’m “more needy, overly sensitive, demanding.” I judge others harshly


the Love Dare Day 2: Showing Kindness

Today started off emotionally for me. Things have changed in my relationship with Fred. Right now I’m doing this Love Dare in the hopes I’ll be able to salvage our relationship. That is one of the goals. The other goal is to simply love better, in general. When you do the Dare, you have to go in without any expectations. I don’t know if this will “work” for us, but I have to give it a try. Fred


He’s Infiltrated My Life

Have you ever spent so much time with someone that they’ve infiltrated your life before you know it? The last couple of days I realized how much Fred has woven his way into my life. Probably more than any other man ever has. Tonight for dinner, mom made steak. If you’ve never tried Fred’s grilled steak, you haven’t lived. He’s so great at grilling. He’s a great cook. He also loves asparagus


The Love Dare…Dating and Broken Day 1

I’ve known about the Love Dare. I’ve watched Fireproof before. I watched it again Saturday night as I sat in the midst of heartbreak. The way life going isn’t how it was “supposed” to go. The Love Dare is for married couples and obviously we aren’t married, but, I believe it will help me learn to love him more unselfishly. I’m not sure it will do any good, but what could it hurt trying to love


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