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A Skill I Wish I Had

I’m doing a blogging prompt that was supposed to be for yesterday, but Sunday was a really busy day with church and then going for a long hike with a Fred and each of our kids. Today’s (for me) prompt is “something I wish I knew how to do.” Now, there are a LOT of things I wish I could do. One skill I’ve always thought would be awesome would be to learn how to quilt. I remember my stepmom taught


Choosing Healthier Meals & Giveaway #RealisticResolutions #ad

I realize that at the start of the year most people make a resolution to diet and lose weight. I have to admit that having gained 10 pounds since moving from Minnesota, losing weight sometimes crosses my mind. As with other years, I didn’t make a resolution to start the new year off. Like my kickboxing trainer said the last time to the class before the new year, “You’re ahead of the game. You


Introducing Peru To Our Kids

Before we got Peru, Fred and I decided how we’d surprise our kids. We were going to send a photo of her every day leading up to the Monday they were all going to be introduced to her. Of course, things don’t always go as planned. I sent one photo and that was it. Fred sent 3? I can’t remember. The day we introduced her to the kids, as they sat in the driveway we sent a photo of her face to all of


Books For Tween Boys

When my girls were little, there were books galore for them. I never seemed to have a hard time finding something for them to read. For my boys, though, it’s been a different story (pun intended). It seems like for every 20 books for girls, I find 1 for boys that isn’t lame. C’mon, you know what I’m talking about. You know that there are just some lame books out there. They’re in the market


Getting Fit With Kickboxing

This fall, one of our pastor’s wives shared on Facebook a Groupon for kickboxing at an academy she’d been going to. I gave it a cursory glance and didn’t think too much about. As a couple of days passed and feeling gross sitting on my hind end day after day I looked into it a little bit more. There were two options of 10 classes or 20 classes. Mmmmm maybe At church that next Wednesday, I went up


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