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Wordless Wednesday: Daughters

My daughter, Smooch, has a friend, Zoey Cole, who took some photos of my girls and Smooch’s bff from home, Mac. I have to tell you, Zoey captured my girls SO perfectly. I’m eternally grateful she allowed me to share the photos here! Thank you Zoey for this gift of my girls in photos! Such a beautiful blessing. In case no one can tell, I’m over the moon about my girls! Be sure to check


Summer Days at Busch Gardens

Here we are, mid-July and I still feel like we have so much good weather left, I can hardly look ahead to the next couple of months! We started our summer off with a trip to Busch Gardens right after the kids got out of school. It was the perfect way to kick off summer vacation! The boys and I went last year and had so much fun, we wanted to do it with Fred and his kids! It seems that as


Summer Lovin’, Havin’ A Blast #ad

This is our first full summer in Maryland and it’s actually been very beautiful. It got warm here much sooner than it ever did in Minnesota. That meant we were pulling out our summer clothing and protection a couple months earlier than normal! That’s a win for us. Our first big day outside was with Doodle’s Field Day at the the of the school year. First, it was stinkin’ hot. Second, I’ve never


Messing Up My Blog In Epic Fashion

So, the other day, Fred and I were looking through my photos in Google+ and I saw that I had duplicates of hundreds of photos. I thought that was just dumb to have 2 of every photo. I mean, what’s the point, right? So, I think I deleted about 1500 photos. Pretty nice amount, right? Feeling pretty dang accomplished. And THEN…I visited my newly fixed blog to find an older blog post and guess what


Being a Proverbs 31 Woman Verses 18-20

Yes, it's been two weeks since I wrote a blog post. We went to my mom's to dog sit and my other computer died. I have a program on THAT computer which I use to write my blog posts. So, I've just been sitting here wondering what to do because I just don't care for writing my blog posts inside of Blogger. Well, I have given up on that for the time being because all I do is keep pushing off writing


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