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Want To Win A Wonderful Stay At AmericInn? #sp

Next Wednesday, we are starting our first road trip in two and a half years. Not only that, this will be Fred’s first road trip with us. We’re heading back to the Midwest and we’re taking him along for the ride…literally! I have no doubt we’ll be stopping along the way and taking lots of family selfies! We’ll be a new family after all. Maybe as we head back we’ll stop in Blue Earth to get a


My Daughter The Licensed Social Worker #EarnItFrameIt #sp

I have a daughter with a Masters Degree! I have a hard time wrapping my brain around so many pieces of that statement. Me. Having a “child” old enough to have put themselves through graduate school! Me. Having children who are extremely smart. Me. Having children who want to make something of themselves! Let’s talk about my girl! When she was 16 and got her first job, she decided to have two


I Got The Man His Wedding Ring #FredNMimiSayIDo

How can it be so hard to choose a man’s wedding ring? It went from being a plain ol’ gold band, to one with diamonds, to camo colored. There are an unlimited number of designs for guys now. We ended up not going back to the same jeweler where I got my wedding set because we found a jeweler near where we live who would take our old rings. They’re a small jeweler with only two stores. What they do


A House Built On The Rock #FredNMimiBuildAHome

I was so excited to go out to the property, and the people in the small cul de sac adjacent to our were out in their yard. I wanted to get some ideas from them about how the building process went for them. Instead of just exchanging a few words, they gave me a full blown tour of their home! As I share about their home I'm going to show the progress of our future home! So exciting! For the


We’ve Decided To Build A House! #FredNMimiSayIDo

We’re planning a wedding, and now we’re planning on building a house. So how the heck did this happen, especially when we’re planning one of the most stressful things a person or couple can do. Here’s how this all went down. Almost two years ago, Fred realized it was time to buy a house. Unfortunately, he went out of the county to find a house. That would’ve been all fine and dandy had we


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