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Our First Trip to Hersheypark!

When I say “our first trip” to Hersheypark, I mean it was our first trip there as a family, and my boys first time there. Fred grew up going there since he’s originally from PA! I actually went there when I lived with my dad in the 6th grade. Don’t try figuring out how long ago that was, it was basically in ancient times! We headed up to PA early in the morning and stopped at Fred’s parents’


House Building Has Slowed to A Crawl #FredNMimiBuildAHome

Before Fred and I got married at the end of June, I knew that if the house was going to continue at the pace it was going, I would have to pretty much have everything picked out before I left. Do you have ANY idea how stressful that was for me? I’m learning that I’m a control freak, and when I’m not in the same state as the house we’re building for a month, I pretty much melt down. I knew


How Many Floors Can One House Have #FredNMimiBuildAHome

We have four kids who will be living with us. I’ve got two who have already flown the coop, but I want to be sure they always have someplace to stay if they come here. My oldest son had the smallest room in our last house in MN, and here he’s had to share a room with his little brother. With the house plans we were able to choose from, Fred was good enough to use, to choose a house that has a


We Got Married! #FredNMimiSayIDo

So, it’s been a month and a half since my last blog post. Life has been absolutely nuts since the end of June. Actually, as my blog posting shows, the past year has been crazy! At the end of June, June 28th to be exact, Fred and I tied the knot. It was a whirlwind of a weekend to be sure! My daughter and my best friend flew in from Minnesota. What a treat to have them both here. I was sad that


Want To Win A Wonderful Stay At AmericInn? #sp

Next Wednesday, we are starting our first road trip in two and a half years. Not only that, this will be Fred’s first road trip with us. We’re heading back to the Midwest and we’re taking him along for the ride…literally! I have no doubt we’ll be stopping along the way and taking lots of family selfies! We’ll be a new family after all. Maybe as we head back we’ll stop in Blue Earth to get a


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