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Building Wheelchairs In Peru

Day 6 in Peru and we were ready to build wheelchairs. I think when that morning showed up, I was surprised at how fast our time had gone. One week goes by in the blink of an eye The first couple of days made me feel like our time there would last forever. Guess that wasn't the case. I was so thankful we started our mornings off with a devotion that Fred brought for us. We'd gather together as a


World Vision & Thirty-One Gifts Partnership Giveaway #GiftCatalog #GivingTuesday [ad]

I have this thing about Thirty-One Gifts. I want one of every bag they have. No, really. Like, all of them. I know, what would I do with all of those bags? But for real, they're so darn cute, who cares. Kidding. I care. I've gotten several bags over the years, and I love them. My sweet friend, Mary even gave me one for a wedding gift! It's perfect for a Minnesotan "Lake Time"! Now, we've all


Peru: A Place To Do A Lot Of Waiting

Our 4th morning had up and running. We headed back out to the storage unit because we had to pack a truck with the 150 wheelchairs we needed to build by the distribution site. We got there...and waited...again. lol Peruvians are on their own schedule. While we waited, Paige (I think), came up with the idea to do test put-together of one of the wheelchairs. I was thrilled to find out they were


Getting Started On Our Guest Bathroom

One of the first rooms I've been looking forward to working on is our guest bathroom. Before the house was even halfway finished, I had the paint picked out, and had the faucet that was going to MAKE the bathroom. Now, there are a lot of firsts for me with this house. One of those firsts is having a guest bathroom. Do you know how exciting it is to have a guest bathroom? Maybe if you're not me,


The Wheelchairs Arrive In Peru

Our fifth morning had us starting off like we did most of our mornings, at Starbucks. Well, ok, not exactly there. We always had an amazing spread of food thanks to the Gutierrez family. Better than the cereal I typically have for breakfast. Stephanie, Pastor Danny's wife, is a Minnesota gal! After Starbucks, we headed to the storage unit. This was our first view of this one. Each


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