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Sweet September $500 Cash Giveaway

I’m so excited to be on a roll with some awesome giveaways! Now that school is in full swing, it’s time to fill the wallet back up after all of the back to school gear that was purchased! Now’s the time to enter! Welcome to the $500 Sweet September Cash Giveaway! We have joined forces with a fantastic group of bloggers to bring you this great giveaway. One lucky person will win $500 cash.


Back to School with SOL REPUBLIC & Giveaway

Last year, Buddy got a pair of SOL REPUBLIC headphones for Christmas. I’ve been ever so slightly jealous of them since then. I got to try them before he did and knew they were comfortable and they’ve got great sound. When I had the opportunity to get a pair of my very own, I jumped on it right away. The hardest part for me was deciding between in ear headphones or over the ear. I went with over


Update On My Daughter, The World Racer #11n11

Back in July my daughter, Smooch headed out of the country for a year. She became a World Racer and will be going with her team to 11 different counties. It’s just amazing to me what she’s doing with her life. You’d think, oh my gosh, traveling the world as a 21 year old, seeing so many different cultures, hanging out with friends would be easy. Not so much. It’s been quite a spiritual journey


Dorm Rooms Benefit From NewAir Water Dispenser

I’ve had two girls head to college so far. I’ve got two boys going in the coming years. Knowing what the kids will need is important. Thinking about what would come in handy that isn’t usually on the list is easier now having gone through it twice. I learned that if you can accessorize in small dorm rooms with awesome products, the college days can go a lot smoother and end up saving money


Heading to Middle School with Master Lock & Giveaway

Last week I took my youngest to middle school for the first time. It was an open house and he’s never been the middle school here. It was quite the experience. The middle school is currently sharing it’s space with the elementary kids while their school is being rebuilt. We brought along Doodle’s new Master Lock padlock to try out on what could be his future locker. Oh, and speaking of the


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