Took my oldest ice skating today. It was “priceless.”

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  1. Things with My Son
  2. It’s Funky Friday!!!!!
  3. Weekly Rant 5/26/09
  4. Star Trek is the Bomb
  5. New Year’s Resolutions for 2009
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Things with My Son

Took my oldest ice skating today. It was “priceless.” 

It’s Funky Friday!!!!!

Funky Friday is the day you put on some of your favorite groove music and follow up on some of the things you put off earlier in the week. Today’s Song of the Day for me: “Back to Life” by Soul II Soul Don’t forget to Report back on how many things you crossed off […] 

Weekly Rant 5/26/09

“Life is about the details”– Jack Dicker, CEO of Dicker Staffing Services Focus on the small things in life and the big picture will come into play. Too many times we see people looking for the big things in life without paying any attention to what they need to do to get them. 

Star Trek is the Bomb

Saw it for the second time and it was Just as good as the first time.

New Year’s Resolutions for 2009

Blog more Diet Exercise Pay down credit cards Be a better father and husband

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