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"My Merlot" - 5 new articles

  1. Baby Kono IV: 24 Weeks
  2. To the Beach!
  3. The Big Camping Trip
  4. Baby Kono IV: 22 Weeks
  5. 4th of July Traditions

Baby Kono IV: 24 Weeks

24 weeks
The other night Collin and I had a rare moment of just the two of us, no kids, watching television.

Okay, fine, it was the Bachelorette finale, if you must know. Hey, don't look at me with those judgey eyes and while we're on the topic,...

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To the Beach!

A couple of weeks ago I was on Facebook commenting on a friend's SUP picture when she responded "What are you doing tomorrow?" At exactly that same moment my phoned dinged and in came a message from another friend asking "Want to go to the beach...


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The Big Camping Trip

At the beginning of the summer we asked each one of the boys to tell us one thing they'd like to do this summer. Keaton picked going on a picnic and Hutt picked camping. To be honest, I don't remember what Nolan picked - sorry 3rd child!!



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Baby Kono IV: 22 Weeks

22 weeks

I thought I was waaaaay behind in writing this first Baby Update post, I mean, dude, I'm already 22 weeks.....but then I looked back at Nolan's baby posts and realized, I'm RIGHT ON SCHEDULE! Woo!! Fist Bump!

Okay, *clap clap*...

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4th of July Traditions

"What's a tradition, Dad?" One of the boys asked Collin just a week or two ago. With the 4th of July holiday fast approaching it wasn't hard for him to explain.

Parade ~ Snowshoe Baseball ~ Fireworks

These have become our 4th of July...

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