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"My Merlot" - 5 new articles

  1. Baby Kono IV: 28 Weeks
  2. the things I will miss
  3. Baby Kono IV: 26 Weeks
  4. 10 years
  5. Baby Kono IV: 24 Weeks

Baby Kono IV: 28 Weeks

28 weeks! We are officially in the third trimester and it is officially hitting me just how soon this little girl is likely going to make her arrival. Even if we make it to my own personal goal date of October 9th that's still only six weeks away....


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the things I will miss

This was last year's August nature table, but it looks pretty much exactly the same right now and every time I sit down on the couch and look at it I think, should I just go ahead and switch it to fall? I mean, it's coming so soon. But I don't,...


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Baby Kono IV: 26 Weeks

In lieu of posting a formal 26-week update here, I'm over at The Sunlit Path today talking about this pregnancy thus far, including an update from my most recent appointment. I hope you'll join me there.

I mentioned in this post that Baby...

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10 years

Ten years ago today Collin and I stood before God and in front of our family and friends and committed our lives to each other.

It was easy for me to fall in love with Collin....quickly fall in love with most of you know we got...

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Baby Kono IV: 24 Weeks

24 weeks
The other night Collin and I had a rare moment of just the two of us, no kids, watching television.

Okay, fine, it was the Bachelorette finale, if you must know. Hey, don't look at me with those judgey eyes and while we're on the topic,...

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