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"My Merlot" - 5 new articles

  1. Easter Highlights
  2. Dear Stella: 3 Months
  3. an anniversary
  4. Stop the Presses!
  5. A "Wheel-y" Great Valentine's Day

Easter Highlights

~ Chocolate before breakfast ~
~ New sunhats and field guides ~
~ First Easter dress ~
~ The return of the Alleluia ~
~ Celebrating at Papa & Busha's ~
~ 150 hidden Easter eggs ~
~ Lemon Meringue Soup (opps!) ~
~ Basketball, basketball,...


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Dear Stella: 3 Months

Dear Stella,

You are now three months old and quickly careening your way to four months. It has been on my to-do list to sit down and write this letter for the past three weeks but February has been a busy month…more on that later, let’s talk...


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an anniversary

On Monday we celebrated the anniversary of Keaton's baptism.

This is something we were good about doing with the kids when they were young and we've been really terrible at doing the last few years. And speaking of terrible, I did a terrible job...


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Stop the Presses!

This guy requested Tea Time with Mom!

How can I not oblige a request like that?

So we were swept away to a chimney-corner nook where we found flowing brooks, trees and crooks, and flying fairy looks in our winter picture story-books.


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A "Wheel-y" Great Valentine's Day

I woke up earlier than usual on Sunday morning because it is our tradition to have waffles for breakfast on Valentine's Day (and because I am the opposite of an expert waffle maker and so I knew I needed extra time). Shortly after I started...

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