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"My Merlot" - 5 new articles

  1. Happy Birthday, America!
  2. Burger of the Week: The Jalapeno Burger
  3. The First Lesson
  4. Me and My Dad
  5. Burger of the Week

Happy Birthday, America!

It's been four years in a row now that we've spent the 4th of July holiday up North, at that cabin with my parents, aunt and uncle, and cousin - I think that's a solid start to "a tradition."

We've been talking about this long weekend getaway for...


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Burger of the Week: The Jalapeno Burger

I apologize for the silence around here this week, I have posts to write and things to tell you but it's Birthday Party Week, which means I'm up to my eyeballs in Paw Patrol print-outs and assorted rainbow colored decorations. Hutton's very excited...


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The First Lesson

He sits at the table with his arms crossed, "Why did you have to sign me up with a teacher, Mama?"

I try to explain that he is almost 4 now; the Mommy and Me lessons only go to the age of 3.

He throws his napkin on the floor in response and picks...


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Me and My Dad

Before school was out both of the boys made something for Collin to give to him on Father's Day. Along with those items came home this "Me and My Dad" worksheet. I was reading through it real quickly while repacking Keaton's backpack one Friday...

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Burger of the Week

I know I said my next post was going to be a life update on the fun stuff that has been happening around here but that post requires me transferring and scanning photos so in the meantime let me tell you about another very important thing happening...

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