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"My Merlot" - 5 new articles

  1. Soul in the Season - Autumn 2014: Nourish
  2. Our Week So Far....
  3. Back to School
  4. The Sunlit Path
  5. Vacation Journaling 2014: Day 2 - Northwoods Children's Museum

Soul in the Season - Autumn 2014: Nourish


Soul in the Season is back and it has found a new, permanent, home over at The Sunlit Path!

It's been exactly three years since I last made a "Soul in the Season" list and five years since I started this segment in the first...


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Our Week So Far....

Sunday - At church on Sunday Keaton slumped over and look up at me with puppy dog eyes and whined, I'm just soooo tired! And I did as any doting mother would do, I looked down at him and hissed, "sit up straight, that's not how you sit in church!"...


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Back to School

Yesterday marked the First Day of the 2014-2015 school year.

Keaton has been pretty excited about this upcoming year - and especially about his new back pack and lunch box - at Meet the Teacher night last week he had a hard time sitting still...


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The Sunlit Path

I was so upset last Tuesday evening when I sat down to continue our vacation journaling and realized I had forgotten the cord to transfer pictures from my (real) camera to my computer. You may have seen some of the fishing pictures loaded to...

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Vacation Journaling 2014: Day 2 - Northwoods Children's Museum

Monday, August 18th

We woke up this morning and checked the weather. As predicted late last night, it didn't look good. Rain. Possible thunderstorms. Kind of chilly. We had tentative plans of going to Paul Bunyan's for breakfast followed by...

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