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Corn Apple Sweet Potato Puree

Corn Apple Sweet Potato Puree no text

The weather in California has changed over the years to the point that it actually feels a bit confused. At the same time that the corn is as sweet as sugar, we’re also seeing sweet potatoes and apples popping up at the farmers market. It feels off to see these three foods in a seasonal baby food puree, but if you can get them fresh and organically, I say go for it.

I made this Corn Apple Sweet Potato puree for Gemma this week to rave reviews. In baby world that means she ate the entire recipe over three days, so there was nothing to even freeze for a rainy day (not that we have many of those these days either).

If you’re like me you’ll end up buying too many sweet potatoes and apples when they’re in season, so you could try making this Coconut Sweet Potato Puree or a simple Apple Sauce. If you’re still trying to figure out what to feed and when you can check out these ideas for introducing new foods. It’s such fun when you move into mixing and...

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Acai Bowls

If you’re not making Acai Bowls for your family, now is the time to start! What is an acai bowl? To me, it’s basically a smoothie bowl, and to my kids it’s one of their favorite nutritious breakfast recipes. In Los Angeles there are restaurants that serve only acai bowls with all of the accompaniments. They’re that good!

Acai Bowls from weelicious.com

We know that berries are good for you, but acai berries are one of the healthiest you’ll find. Acai is a cross between a blueberry and a grape, indigenous to rain forests in the Amazon and packed with antioxidants as well as being an immune and energy booster. The best part is that you buy it in the freezer section of your grocery, so you can get it year round.

Acai Bowls from weelicious.com

This recipe is super simple! Just crack a few packets of acai on your counter which makes it easier to remove the outside wrapping and popping it into the blender and toss it in with some milk and frozen banana to make a creamy mixture you pour in a bowl and then top with anything...

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10 Dessert Recipes That Are Actually Good For You

10 Dessert Recipes that are actually good for you from weelicious.com

What would the world be without dessert? A sad place in my book. What if you could enjoy a bunch of sweet treats that are actually nutritious and close to guilt free? You have to try these 10 dessert recipes that are actually good for you! Don’t feel like you have to abstain from dessert when there are plenty of dye free, low sugar, big flavor treats out there. I’m a firm believer that kids should have some sort of treat most days. That doesn’t mean it should be full of junk, though. I’m talking about desserts that are made with naturally delicious foods like a mix of fruits, creamy yogurt, nuts, seeds and even the occasional vegetable thrown in. After all, what would zucchini bread be without it’s soft texture that makes the chocolate zucchini bread below so darn moist and tender? After you try these recipes you won’t believe they’re actually good for you!

I’m a firm believer in balance and that includes sweet treats and desserts. If they’re off limits to kids they...

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HAPP Diaper Bag Giveaway

HAPP Diaper Bag Giveaway from weelicious.com

For a relatively organized person, I have always been a hot mess when it comes to leaving the house with babies. I never quite got with the program that babies do things we hope they won’t like pooping, peeing, spitting up, needing toys, a change of clothes, a blanket and so on until we were out stranded with none of it! I was the mom who generally grabbed a diaper and tossed a bag of wipes into her purse and that was that. Eventually I graduated to inheriting a friend’s diaper bag, but could never get the hang of it with the mountain of pockets, pouches and such that honestly didn’t feel very well thought out. I really gave it a college try, but it just never seemed to suit my needs.

HAPP Diaper Bag Giveaway from weelicious.com

By the time I had Gemma I was gifted a fantastic diaper bag and really got the hang of how much it can help a new mom, especially now that I have three kids with many needs throughout a day of running around. With a baby to carry and several other hands to hold, my sheer delight arrived when I...

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7 Popsicle Recipes to Keep You Cool

7 Popsicle Recipes from weelicious.com

Want a refreshing treat for the kids and adults? These 7 popsicle recipes to keep you cool will be the savior as the weather gets warmer outside!

During these hot summer months, nothing is more refreshing than an ice cold popsicle! My kids love to cool down by the pool and at camp with their favorite friends as you can see here, snacks, and of course popsicles. Even Gemma who’s only 11 months old has been devouring ice pops this summer. These popsicle recipes are easy to make, and you know exactly what is going into them which makes them better than store bought, not to mention more affordable. You can use your favorite fruits, juices, coconut water, yogurt, and even greens for the popsicle recipes below to create your family’s new favorite way to keep cool and healthy all summer long. Don’t forget to pick up some popsicle molds in fun shapes to make your icy cold treats even more fun. What flavors does your family love?

Fruity Lemonade Ice Pops recipe from weelicious.com
Fruity Lemonade Ice Pops


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