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Gluten-Free Shrimp and Rice Noodle Stir Fry + Gluten-Free Forever Magazine

Gluten-Free Forever Magazine on Weelicious

Gluten-Free Shrimp and Rice Noodle Stir Fry. It’s a literal and figurative mouthful, isn’t it? Normally I don’t actually include the words gluten-free in the names of my gluten-free recipes, however there’s a very good reason why I re-christened this dish, which has long been a favorite of Weelicious readers. I’ll explain.

Years ago, when I set out to write my first book, Weelicious: One Family. One Meal., I knew that I needed someone brilliant to photograph the food — an artist who possessed a unique sense of whimsy as well as a passion for family and food. For months I searched tirelessly for that ideal photographer, but eventually became discouraged that the person I envisioned did not exist. That’s when I discovered Maren Caruso’s work and in an instant fell madly in love. Maren turned out to be everything I hoped for and more, and I’ve since had the pleasure of having her shoot both Weelicious cookbooks in my home. She...

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Monster Party – Adventures in Party Planning

Monster Party from Weelicious

Adventures in Party Planning is a monthly column from Daisy at Home. Photos by Elyse Anne Maria.

This adorable little guy turned one and to celebrate, his parents wanted to throw him a monster party for family and close friends. Since all the guests were very young children, we kept everything simple and casual.

The Menu:
Pizza Muffins
Chopped veggies with Ranch Dip
Fruit Salad

Like I said, simple and casual. The birthday boy’s auntie made some blue and green cupcakes with candy googly eyes, as well as a teeny tiny smash cake for the one-year-old himself. He had a blast digging into his own personal treat and making a big ole mess!

Monster Party from Weelicious

Monster Party from Weelicious

The Craft:
Normally we plan some sort of craft or activity for our party goers, but since this was such a small event with young children, we simply set out large monster-themed coloring pages with jumbo crayons, making it easier for smaller hands to hold. There was a big, grassy, fenced-in area next to the party location so the...

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Cheesy Turkey Meatballs VIDEO

How do you put a chunk of melted cheese inside of a meatball? Watch this Cheesy Turkey Meatball video and find out!

If I sat down to make a list of my kids’ top 10 favorite recipes, these Cheesy Turkey Meatballs would undoubtedly be one of them, which is great because when I’m short on time this easy-to-make dish is a sure-fire winner with my family. The recipe requires only a few simple ingredients and it cooks up in minutes. Whenever we have people over it’s often one of my go-to dishes as every person I’ve ever made them for loves them (at least they tell me they do!).

What else are they good for?

Kid’s play dates? Check.

Adult dinner parties? Check.

Play dates? Check.

Toddlers meals? Check.

I particularly get a kick out of watching kids who have never tried one of these take their first bite and realize there’s a warm lump of melted, gooey cheese inside. The way their faces light up, it’s almost like they just discovered the prize in a...

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Crispy Fish Fingers

Crispy Fish Fingers from Weelicious

As all too many parents know, getting kids to eat fish can be an endless challenge. Just yesterday, a grandmother told me that her two grandkids, aged 3 and 7, had never even tried fish. Zowzers! Pretty astounding but I truly feel the pain of any parent who can’t seem to turn their kids on to fish, especially when certain kinds of fish offer a whole host of health benefits.

Whenever the fish monger at our local farmers’ market has fresh sole in season, I buy a bunch of filets from her to make a huge batch of Crispy Fish Fingers. I bake some fingers that night for dinner, the rest I freeze for another night when I have to get a quick dinner on the table.

Crispy Fish Fingers from Weelicious

These Crispy Fish Fingers live up to their name. They are seriously crispy on the outside, and moist, flakey and mild in flavor on the inside. They’re delicious and nothing like the boxed kind you may have been forced to eat as a child — for starters, they’re made with just a handful of ingredients...

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake from Weelicious

For as long as I can remember prior to having children, I dreamt about what kind of birthday cakes I would make when I finally had little ones of my own. When I was a kid, my birthday cake of choice wasn’t exactly a cake, but rather a Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake, which is kind of more of cookie than cake (it’s the size, I guess, that qualifies it as a cake). We used to buy them from Mrs. Field’s decorated to the nines, our names written on top in creamy white icing.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake from Weelicious

Chloe’s 5th birthday was a few weeks ago. Gulp. I can’t believe my baby is already 5 years old. I get a little teary knowing that she’s getting older, but I try my best to hold onto every single hug, giggle and precious moment. Over the years on Chloe’s birthday I’ve made her Carrot Pineapple Cupcakes, Tres Leches Cake, and her favorite, Dark Chocolate Cupcakes, but this year I made her one of my childhood favorites: a giant, heart-shaped Chocolate Chip Cookie...

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