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Pizza Bagels Video

I’ll give you two words you can say to your kids and I bet they will come running into lunch or dinner without a single protest. “Pizza” and “bagel”! Just as an example I do 30 second quick recipe commercial ideas on Kids Place Live on Sirius radio and while I was driving with the kids today they heard one come on. It’s no surprise at this point that it’s my voice, but they love hearing the different tips and recipe suggestions. Today’s happened to be the idea of using tortillas, english muffins and bagels to make mini pizzas, so guess what they asked me to make tonight? You got it, Pizza Bagels! Watch this Pizza Bagels video to see how to make a super quick and easy meal that uses only three ingredients.

Pizza Bagels video from weelicious.com

If you really want to go crazy you can switch up your toppings by varying the cheese to Monterrey Jack or even cheddar or adding different toppings like olives, pepperoni, ham and pineapple or sun dried tomatoes and mushrooms. Get your kids involved by asking them...

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Turkey Cucumber Roll Ups

Turkey Cucumber Roll Ups from weelicious.com

I still can’t believe my kids are going back to school this week. It has been one of the best summers I’ve ever had getting to travel with them at this amazing age. We started the summer in the Turks and Caicos for a much needed family vacation for two weeks. Then I headed to farm camp at Blue Hill in New York with my parents and the kids where I also appeared on the Today Show in a segment about work life balance (is there such a thing?!) and an appearance on The View for a Back to School Lunch segment.

Turkey Cucumber Roll Ups from weelicious.com

When back in Los Angeles I got to celebrate my baby shower with dear girlfriends enjoying snacks, blessings and the most incredibly relaxing afternoon being taken care of by incredible women. There were endless family dinners with my parents, in laws and the kids, weeks of fun camps the kids attended (and the lunches I packed for them), the last days of pregnancy indulging on cupcakes to the birth of our baby girl.

Turkey Cucumber Roll Ups from weelicious.com

After living in my baby bubble for the past few weeks, it’s...

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5 Ways to Improve the Health of Your Home

5 Ways to Improve the Health of Your Home by weelicious.com

Over the past few years we have tried to make some major changes in our home to protect the health of our family.

1. Buy Organic Produce – We buy most of our food at our local farmers markets focusing on organic or pesticide free foods that are locally grown as often as possible trying to avoid chemicals that can be sprayed on the food we eat that’s supposed to keep it beautiful. I would rather eat tasty food that’s unattractive to pretty food with little taste any day!

2. Use Natural Cleaning Supplies – When Kenya was born 8 1/2 years ago we started by tossing out any and all cleaning supplies made with toxins or pollutants.

3. Shoe Free Zone – We even decided to become a shoe free home so that we didn’t track in dirt and other contaminants from the outside world on to the floor that he would be crawling on all day.

4. Be Careful of Plastic – Right around the time Chloe was born I got rid of all the plastic in our home, which included cups, plates and...

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Shrimp UnFried Rice Video

Kenya could probably subsist on brown rice, so I keep bags of it on hand in the freezer at all times. Thank goodness for our rice cooker which makes cooking huge batches of it all fluffy and nutty smelling. We enjoy eating it plain or sprinkled with sesame seeds or in Tex Mex Rice Cakes, Mexican Rice Balls, served alongside Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry or in Shrimp Un-Fried Rice. Watch this Shrimp Un-Fried Rice Video to see a few quick tips to making this dish in less than 30 minutes.

Shrimp Un-Fried Rice video from weelicious.com

I loved going out for Chinese food when I was a kid, but for some reason it feels like there are fewer and fewer really delicious Chinese restaurants these days with our favorites like Chinese Chicken Dumplings, Pan Seared Dumplings, Orange Chicken and Mu Shu Chicken. My father in law and I were just having this conversation when he pointed out there used to be tons of authentic Chinese restaurants making high quality, clean Chinese food and it feels like they have all but disappeared.

Instead of making...

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De-Junk the LunchBox

Tillamook De-Junk the Lunchbox from weelicious.com

People often comment on my school and camp lunch posts on Instagram that I make a lot of vegetarian lunches. Since my son is now a full-fledged vegetarian and both of my kids adore cheese, yogurt and sour cream, I have always incorporated those foods into their school lunch as a way for them to get a healthy portion of protein. When I’m packing the kids’ lunches every day I strive first and foremost to find total balance in each lunchbox.

I have always been a fan of Tillamook products since I was a kid (I used to eat their cheddar cheese by the brick-full) and when I heard about their De-Junk the Lunchbox campaign I was especially excited as we’re deep in back-to-school mode.

Tillamook launched their Dairy Done Right campaign to expose the difference between good and bad dairy. Their standards for the 106 year old company have always been of the utmost importance.

Tillamook De-Junk the Lunchbox from weelicious.com
LunchBox: Fruity Delights with Tillamook Sour Cream (find the recipe in Weelicious Lunches!), ...

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