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Volunteer of the Month – October, 2014

sheila-walking-dogsOn behalf of the entire Care for Dogs team, we would like to express our appreciation to the amazing individuals who volunteer their time to help us care for the many abused, homeless and forgotten animals that come into our care.

From dog walking, cleaning the yard, bathing dogs, special events and more, it is through their compassion and commitment, that we are able to accomplish the work that we do.

Meet Sheila!

Sheila started volunteering with us in December, 2012. There is no task that she will not do. From dog walking, medical baths for our dogs with skin problems, cleaning eyes and ears, providing special food for some of our medical patients and giving all of our dogs and puppy’s a generous dose of TLC, her dedication to the well-being of our dogs is greatly appreciated.

Sheila also does the official introductions and training for our on-site volunteers.

When asked why she volunteers with us, her reply:
“I volunteer at CfD’s because, dogs that have been abused need extra care, they need to re connect with people and to know that not all humans will hurt them. To walk a dog that is in the shelter gives it a chance to use its nose and perhaps have a roll in the grass. It gives it time to relax and enjoy life. It takes a long time to rehabilitate an abused dog before it is ready to be adopted, and if we can help it on its way to another chance at a good life in a new home, then I feel my job is really worth while”.

Thank you Sheila for your commitment and compassion, helping us provide hope, one dog at a time.


Sponsor A Dog Program – Meet Doremee!


When Doremee came into our care, she was extremely skinny. She also had a TVT tumor, which if left untreated, is life threatening.

After coming into our care, she began treatment for her tumor, which for most dogs, is an 8 week treatment program.

She improved and the treatment was successful eliminating the very large tumor.

Doremee is a sweet, shy girl that has been at our shelter for 1,051 days!

Please consider sponsoring a dog like Doremee. Your support will help dogs like her continue to have a save place to call home until they are adopted.

To sponsor Doremee, please visit:



Finally! A Forever Home for Beng!


A few weeks ago, we featured one of our long-time residents, Beng, hoping to find a sponsor for her while she waited for her forever home.

Beng won the hearts of all of our volunteers, and was always ready to greet everyone with her famous “happy dance”. Even being one of the sweetest dogs ever, she always got looked over and never caught the eye of any potential adopters.

We are delighted to tell you that after spending 1,198 days in our care, Beng has been adopted!

A BIG Thank You to Lindy and family and opening their hearts and home to one very special dog.

Beng finally has her forever home and we couldn’t be happier!


What we did in September

The Care for Dogs team has worked very hard during September. They had 25 adoptions and sterilized 60 animals. They also rescued over 55 dogs. Thank you Care for Dogs staff for all you continue to do.


Seeking a Medical Coordinator / Veterinarian

Care for Dogs Foundation is looking for a Medical Coordinator/Veterinarian to start early December. All applicants should send a CV and Cover Letter if they fit the description below to the Shelter Manager, Cory, at cory@carefordogs.org.

Medical Coordinator/Veterinarian

Areas of responsibility

• Planning and performing of sterilizations/operations
• Organizing and providing medical care for all medical cases (assessment, treatment plan, follow-up etc.)
• Arranging and supervising medical care (tablets, injections, medical bathing, wound dressings, IV drips etc.)
• Weekly TVT treatments
• Checking recovery of sick and/or injured dogs
• Checking and treating of distemper cases at a secondary location (New Hope)
• Organizing blood checks with external laboratory
• Deciding whether a dog/cat needs to be checked at another clinic (e.g. for x-ray, ultrasound, second opinion, specialists) and planning of visits at outside vet clinics
• Regular update of medical records
• Introducing and supervising all English speaking vet- and vet nurse volunteers

Candidates should
• Have a minimum of 2 years of experience
• Be a certified Veterinarian
• Be highly motivated and adaptable
• Willing to go outside of their job description
• Work in a small busy environment
• Have a love for dogs

All applications will receive an e-mail response within one business day.


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