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Loving Homes Sought for Two Pit Bulls

Do you have a passion for pit bulls?

Do you have experience with pit bulls and a commitment to their proper training and responsible management?

We are seeking to re-home two pit bulls who are living a depraved life on a chain and in a cage. Ka-Ti is a sterilized girl. She is good with adults, but not good with kids or with other dogs.
Tiger is a sterilized male, who’d be happiest with a male owner and in a home without children. Interested?

Tiger Ka-Ti

Contact us at contact@carefordogs.org or call us on 086 913 8701 (Thai) or 084 752 5255 (English).


Job Vacancy: General Manager at Care fo Dogs

CfD Logo

A professional challenge in a meaningful environment in fascinating Thailand

Care for Dogs is a foundation for homeless dogs in need of help. Our main aim is to improve the situation of street and temple dogs by organizing sterilisations, dog rescues and adoptions, as well as running a shelter for approximately 200 dogs and puppies in Hang
Dong, Chiang Mai.

We are looking for a professional, experienced and dynamic personality for the position of

General Manager

to keep up with the growth and to ensure the smooth running of all operations of Care for Dogs in the long run. In this position you will be responsible for the overall commercial and financial side of Care for Dogs, for further developing of our fundraising activities and for ensuring that the strategic targets will be reached.
You will be responsible for the following tasks:

  • Working out a strategy proposal and operative yearly targets for approval of the board and to ensure that the targets are achieved
  • Managerial supervision of our shelter manager (the shelter manager supervises 10 staff members, approx. 20 volunteers and manages the sterilisation, medical rescue, adoption and education programs)
  • Working out a fundraising strategy proposal with yearly operative targets and fundraising activity plan
  • Responsible for fundraising activities/campaigns within Thailand and internationally
  • Overseeing that website and facebook are up-to-date and used as efficient communication and fundraising tool
  • Responsible for marketing / PR incl. setting up of a monthly e-newsletter
  • Ensuring that expenses are kept within budget and that funds are used responsibly according the aims of the foundation

For this challenging job opportunity the following requirements must be met:

  • Strong business and managing background incl. fundraising and marketing
  • Excellent communication and networking skills
  • Proactive and result-orientated
  • Very good leadership skills and “can do” attitude
  • Experience in a non-profit-organisation and a cross-cultural background an advantage
  • Excellent English / Thai knowledge preferable

A thorough introduction will be provided. A visa and a work permit will be organized in case of foreign applicants.
If you are interested, kindly send a cover letter in English with a detailed resume (incl. qualifications and work experience), current and expected salary, photo, and contact details to Karin Hawelka (e-mail: karin@carefordogs.org).
www.carefordogs.org ; www.facebook.com/street.dog.rescue


The Wedding of Aarika & Miguel

How you can help

Care for Dogs is a volunteer group totally dependent upon financial support to reach it’s aims and objectives.

Volunteers commit time and energy but medicines, veterinary charges and vaccinations need to be bought with money.

We need your support in order to grow and help more dogs start wagging their tails again! Small donations can go very far in spreading happiness! As you can see from the examples below, money donated by people living in America, goes a long way.

  • 60 US$ Food for 20 dogs for one month
  • 40 US$ Treatment for parvo virus or distemper (contagious and fatal)
  • 48 US$ Treatment for venereal disease (extremely contagious and fatal)
  • 29 US$ Spaying / sterilization of a female dog
  • 8.60 US$ Vaccinations for a puppy (rabies, parvo virus, distemper etc.)
  • 2 US$ Treatment for mange for one dog
  • 1 US$ Dog collar and chew toy

Thank you for celebrating Aarika & Miguel’s wedding by helping the dogs!

Aarika & Miguel will be notified of your kind gift.

  •  Single Gift Donation



  •  Recurring Gift Donation





    More than Numbers – Care for Dogs 2013

    With the first quarter of 2014 almost over it may be time for a little encouragement and a reminder of what we do at Care for Dogs. Every day we face a poor dog or 2 or 3…you get the idea…that needs our help, this is a never ending task that can sometime lead to frustration, so let’s take a look back at 2013 and see just what we have achieved.
    Care for Dogs is and continues to be on the front line of the dog problem in Chiang Mai providing care and attention to those animals in need. Let’s not forget the Care for Dogs motto ‘Saving One Dog will not change the world, but surely, the world will change for that one dog’ and with those words in mind have a read of this insight into how Care for Dogs is changing the life of one dog at a time.


    Dr. New our resident vet sterilizing Puppies dumped at the shelter, a direct result from not sterilizing

    Care for Dogs is continuing with its main mission to sterilize as many dogs and cats as it can from the streets and temples of Chiang Mai. Our ultimate aim is to have a visible and viable impact on the dog and cat population and to reduce their numbers. In 2013 we sterilized 634 dogs and cats from different areas of Chiang Mai. Sadly, the sterilization waiting list is always longer than our capacity to operate and then house the post op dogs and cats. Care for Dogs continues to keep sterilized animals for after-care at our shelter for up to one week to enable us to monitor their wellbeing. It is our policy that every dog that enters the shelter gets a combined vaccination (incl. rabies), heartworm prevention, deworming and flea- and tick treatment.


    Another successful adoption at one of our adoption fairs. Adoption from the shelter.

    We are always delighted when a homeless dog or puppy gets adopted! In 2013 a total of 231 dogs and cats found a new home.

    Twice a month Care for Dogs runs an Adoption Fair at Airport Plaza where we aim to take approx. 6 – 8 puppies and 2 – 3 adult dogs for adoption.

    We also sell merchandise and try to raise awareness about the plight of homeless dogs in Thailand through education and leaflets. All profits and donations from our adoption fairs are used to fund our ongoing activities and commitments.

    Thanks to the tremendous efforts of our volunteers, we are also able to publish regular adoption profiles of our dogs online and in printed media, these go a long to helping potential adopters decide on the right forever dog for their family.

    In 2013 we added a part-time Adoption Follow-up Coordinator to our growing team. The coordinator visits all adopted dogs and puppies to make sure that they have found a responsible and caring home.

    Medical treatments of sick or injured dogs

    Dog slashed with a knife. Dog with bad wound.

    A big part of what Care for Dogs does and stands for is the rescue and treatment of sick and injured dogs or cats. The more people that know about Care for Dogs the more rescue cases we get involved in. The demands can sometimes be hard to meet and the staff often finds themselves working to the brink of their capacities. Care for Dogs deals with a variety of different cases including; dogs that have contracted cancer or have a tumor, dogs that have been purposely injured by human hands or dogs that are suffering from the hardships of living a life on the streets with little or no comforts. The cost of treatment for such animals can often be quite high and Care for Dogs continues their best to search for the funds to cope with these demands.

    Wolfie was a road traffic victim and unable to walk, through extensive electro acupuncture Wolfie has made good progress on his road to recovery.

    As well as the above cases we take in patients with TVT-tumors distemper, parvovirus, mange, skin and eye/ear infections on an almost daily basis. Care for Dogs is also seeing an increased number of road traffic accidents as Chiang Mai continues to grow as a city. Road traffic accidents usually require expensive orthopedic surgery or in some cases, like Wolfie, Electro Acupuncture.

    Often the health problems we see are already long-term or have become chronic and need several weeks or months to fully heal or clear up. Sadly sometimes dogs are brought to us in such a poor state that despite medical treatment the dogs are not able to recover and it is down to us to relieve their suffering and make them as comfortable as we can in their final days.

    A new fence for the New Hope Recovery Home

    The new fence at the New Hope Recovery Home. The fence was funded through donations from a website/facebook appeal

    Due to the success of our New Hope Recovery Home for dogs with distemper and the fact we are having a good survival rate (meaning more dogs are being sent there to recover) a new fence was needed to replace the old bamboo one. The last thing Care for Dogs wants is for dogs with a contagious disease to be able to escape from their enclosure and potentially put other dogs at risk. The new fence is made from quality steel and can be taken down and reused should Care for Dogs ever need to renovate or move to a new location. The fence panels are locked in place with a bolt system that can easily be undone.


    Vaccinating puppies and adult dogs is vital to their survival. Street dogs usually have weakened immune systems and are more susceptible to viruses and illness.

    Due to the high numbers of unvaccinated dogs, diseases like parvovirus and distemper (not contagious to humans though very contagious to other dogs) are very common in Thailand and can spread quickly.

    Distemper starts with eye- and nose discharge, followed by pneumonia, diarrhea, and at the last stage there are often severe neurological signs and/or seizures occur.

    Parvovirus targets the dog’s digestive tract and attacks the lining of the intestines, leading to severe and bloody diarrhea. The dog is no longer able to eat and its body shuts down.

    Both of these diseases are preventable through vaccinations and both, if not prevented, can be lethal. Care for Dogs therefore continues to vaccinate dogs whenever it can. In 2013 well over a 1000 dogs were vaccinated against rabies and given a combined vaccination against parvovirus, distemper, hepatitis and leptospirosis. This puts a strain on our budget but it is vital to help as many dogs as possible to protect them from these live-threatening diseases.

    Care for Dogs also joined a local government project that offered combined vaccinations to dogs at different villages during a week-long project.

    CfD joined the Chiang Mai Municipality “Rabies Zero” project run by the Livestock Department at Three Kings Monument in central Chiang Mai. This was set up to help educate people on the risks of rabies and to offer free vaccinations for dogs to anyone that attended.


    Our shelter numbers continue to grow and by the end of 2013, despite efforts to bring numbers down, we were again up to around 200 dogs. It is always our aim, and a continual battle, to control the shelter numbers. Unfortunately with the many street dogs here this is no easy task. Though we have regular adoptions and accept only urgent rescue cases we still struggle to keep our numbers under control. Adding to this is the ever increasing number of puppies and dogs that get dumped at night in front of our shelter. Due to Care for Dogs continued growth and involvement in the community we are rapidly outgrowing the land and resources that we have. To sustain this growth and achieve all our targets Care for Dogs needs larger premises and more funds which we continue to search for.


    Anyone for walks? A bath? Medicine time.

    Thanks to an amazing team of committed volunteers we are able to provide above average care for all the puppies and dogs that come to our shelter. Cleaning, feeding, rescues, medical treatments, operations, sterilizations, love, petting, walking, phone calls, e-mails, visitors, adoptions, adoption fairs, administration – there is nothing that our dedicated team of volunteers won’t get involved with.

    We have regular volunteer intakes throughout the year as well as our long term local volunteers. Unlike a lot of other charities and organizations Care for Dogs still does not charge for the volunteer experience that we offer. At this time we feel that the time and effort that our volunteers put into our dogs is payment enough and we have had lots of feedback from volunteers choosing Care for Dogs as a place to volunteer due to this policy.

    Social media / Website

    Social Media Website

    Our facebook page www.facebook.com/street.dog.rescue gets up-dated daily with posts in Thai and English about rescues, sterilizations, adoptions, donations and other animal-welfare-related topics. Social media has become an important tool for us to raise awareness about the situation of street dogs, to get in touch with volunteers and to find support for our activities. Care for Dogs is proud to have well over 28,000 followers (and still growing) from around the world and Thailand.

    We also continue to up-date our website www.carefordogs.org with regular blogs about our activities and send out a monthly e-newsletter. Thanks to our team of volunteer translators of different nationalities we are able to publish the website in 4 languages (Thai, English, German and French).

    Our facebook site “Chiang Mai Dogs Lost and Found”

    This is a platform for Chiang Mai Province to spread the word about lost and found pets, trying to bring together again lost dogs, cats, birds, etc. with their desperate owners. Though initiated by Care for Dogs this page is open for other animal welfare organizations and individuals in Chiang Mai Province who want to inform about lost and found pets.

    Fundraising + Adoption Activities

    Donation in kind Donation boxes Selling of Merchandise Kissing Booth

    Besides international fundraising Care for Dogs continues to raise funds locally with the following activities:


    • Increase of Adoption & Sales Fairs to 2 x per month (incl. “Kissing Booth” to raise funds)
    • Approx. 30 donation boxes at various businesses through Chiang Mai
    • Receiving donations in kind from our supporters

    Other Special Events Included

    •  Hill’s continues to support Care for Dogs with regular food donations and PR/Education events.
    • CfD was invited by Khun Hataithep Theerathada to join a fundraising event called “Pawparazzi” in Bangkok and received donations to the value of 125.000 Baht
    • Care for Dogs Annual Fund Raiser was held at the Shangri-La hotel in Chiang Mai and raised a CfD record breaking amount of over 177.000 Baht for Care for Dogs
    • Meeting at Chiang Mai University (CMU) with CMU officials, local government officials and CfD about the planning of a joint sterilization project of the dogs at CMU.
    • An adoption booth at the first Promenada Chihuahua Party.

    Animal Awareness through Education

    School / students visits at the shelter

    We get regular visits from local schools and student groups who are interested in and would like to gain insight into the situation of homeless dogs. These visits are often an eye-opener as many children (and adults) are not aware of the dire situations of many street and temple dogs. The young visitors have the chance to get “down and dirty” with cleaning, walking, bathing or petting dogs and puppies.

    Some highlights of 2013 included:


    • February: 1st grade students at Lanna International School held a Valentine’s fundraiser under their teacher Gaby’s guidance and donated the profits to Care for Dogs.
    • March: Our team did an educational visit to NIS school to explain the situation of street dogs and educate kids on how they can help.
    • March: Care for Dogs was pleased to be a part of the PREM International Care Boot Sale.
    • May: Care for Dogs took part in the CMIS (Chiang Mai International School) yard sale raising much needed funds and spreading the word.
    • June: Care for Dogs received a visit from the German school in Chiang Mai
    • November: Care for Dogs sent a team to NIS International School to meet the kids and talk to them about the work we do at Care for Dogs. Those students then did a return visit to Care for Dogs to meet the dogs we talked about.
    • November: Care for Dogs received a visit from the NIS Temple Project students to learn a little more about what we do and how to care for dogs.
    • November: One day visit from 35 medical students from the faculty of medicine at Chiang Mai University.

    Temple Dogs Projects with local schools

    Temple Projects

    In 2013 CfD has continued its cooperation with PREM International School and NIS International School with their education projects to teach children about responsible pet ownership and care towards animals. Both are fabulous educational programs and promote “hands on” experience amongst the students. It also raises awareness and compassion among the students for temple and street dogs.

    The “Hands to Paw” project continues to be run by dedicated volunteer Joy Huss with students from PREM International School in Mae Rim. Joy has put a lot of heart and soul into this project. The “Care for Dogs” projects at NIS are run by dog-loving teachers Dee Fancett and Christine Thorp. The projects are a win-win situation for students and dogs alike and we are delighted to team-up with these schools for such excellent children- and youth education projects.

    Chiang Mai, March 07, 2014

    Care for Dogs Foundation

    Daniel Hatley

    Shelter Manager



    boca When Boca and his siblings were only tiny puppies, they were found wandering around the middle of a very busy highway. Thankfully, a passing good Samaritan rescued them all, and brought them into our shelter. His handsome, soft, “patchwork like”long coat, combined with his engaging personality, are reasons enough to come out and meet him. Boca’s a dog that’s survived against all odds. Please take Boca into your heart, and into your family, so that he can thrive, not just survive.


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