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Dang – A Puppy With a Wish


All too often, little puppies like Dang are homeless, living a life of uncertainty on the streets.

It breaks our hearts when we see how helpless they are trying to survive – no easy task.

When Dang came into our care, she was very weak, had a very swollen belly and could not walk.
Our vets discovered, after blood tests, that little Dang was extremely anemic – very low iron in her blood.

After a few days of medicine, good food and care, she is starting to feel better. She is currently in our intensive care area. When she sees someone coming towards her, her little tail starts to wag like crazy!

Our vets and staff will closely monitor her to ensure she gets everything she needs to make a full recovery.

When Dang is ready for adoption, we will ensure to keep you posted! Then her wish for a loving home and family will come true and she will no longer have to live a life as an unwanted, homeless puppy.

Thank you for your support!


Saturday’s Special Star – Looksorn!


Looksorn is the ideal dog, with the perfect character. She is friendly, active and playful, loves walks, and is good with other dogs. All that said, she also is easily one of our calmest, most easy-going dogs and is happy to just hang around and chill out.

What else needs to be said, really?

Well, we can say this: you would be lucky to have Looksorn join your family. She has been with us since 2013, isn’t it time for her to have a home of her own?

Looksorn is a beauty inside and out. Please let her show you what a treasure she truly is. Adopt her today.


Happy Adoption Fair (9/08/2015)

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Yesterday, two pups out of four went home with their new families. Huge congrats to Dolly and Opsa and a big thank you to all adopters, supporters and volunteers!

Russel and Alma, lively as they are, still remain with us. They are still young, though the size might suggest otherwise. Cheerful and utterly friendly are their characters. Your house will surely be filled with love and laughter, once you have them inside. Won’t you consider adding more joy to your house by adding them as your newest family members too?


Thank You for Your Support!

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A Big Thank You to these kind individuals who came to visit our shelter with much needed supplies.

All the dogs in our care truly appreciate your kindness!


Happy Monday – Alfa’s Final Journey Home

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When Alfa came into our care in March 2014, she had been in an area where people had threatened to kill her. She was a very sweet dog and we knew, that with time, someone would fall in love with her.

It wasn’t too long before Alfa captured the heart of one of our visiting volunteers and it was clear that Jenni knew that she would adopt Alfa and give her the home she never had. Alfa flew to her forever home, along with her sister, Wispa, another rescued homeless dog.

They are now living in the countryside of Finland with a loving family and life couldn’t be better! Alfa and Wispa have received admiring comments from passers-by, as they are a rare beauty in Finland.

Thank You Jenni and family for opening your hearts and home to 2 very special rescued street dogs.

We couldn’t be happier!


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