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Although still a young dog, poor Lern has been through so much heartache in the past couple of years.

Now, diagnosed with chronic kidney failure, he needs now more than ever, a foster family to come forward and offer him the love and comfort he deserves.

Lern loves to go for walks and would benefit from the stability that a foster come could provide.

He would be best suited as the only male dog in the home.

Please consider opening up your heart and home to give Lern a chance of being part of a family.

If you can help or would like more information on Lern, please contact anng@carefordogs.org

Thank You


Dogs of the Week – Serena & Blair

12239653_10153756977504044_7048969159517525743_nGerman Shepherd Dynamic Duo!

Serena and Blair are two young sisters that are the essence of happiness, and are so pure of heart – you feel it as soon as you meet them.

German Shepherds are an amazing breed. They are extremely intelligent, strong and sensitive. The shepherd is incredibly loyal and obedient, showing a great willingness and eagerness to learn.

Serena and Blair will need training and socialization, and so therefore we are looking for someone with experience with large dogs, or this particular breed, to adopt them. A person that is familiar with shepherds and understands the issues in their training, health and well-being are of the utmost importance.

These two darlings love people, and thoroughly enjoy their daily walks, something they will need to maintain their fitness, helping to ensure long healthy lives.

Can you meet Serena and Blair’s needs and provide them with a wonderful, cultivated life experience?


Chelsea – Happy Ever After!

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It was love at first sight when one of our visiting volunteers first saw Chelsea.

After spending time together, it became official and Chelsea would start her preparations to travel to her forever home in Luxembourg.

We are so happy that Chelsea now has such a loving home and new adventures ahead.

Thank You Isabelle for opening your heart and home to one of our very special rescued dogs.


Hyorin – A Heartbreaking Story

12244767_10153760292934044_78677045425582100_oSadly, the story of Hyorin is all too familiar.

We see time and time again female dogs in life threatening conditions as a direct result from receiving birth control injections. The ingredient a hormone, delays or suppresses the cycle while the dogs are in heat by interfering with the hormonal balance in female dogs.

Because the timing of giving birth control injections is so important, many female dogs become pregnant despite the injections. When this happens, the dog cannot give birth because the hormone in these injections causes the cervix to close.

We were alerted to Hyorin’s situation because she had been trying to give birth for a couple of days. As soon as she came into our care, our vets performed an emergency c-section.

She is recovering after her surgery, but, sadly, none of her puppies survived. It was too little, too late to save them.

Birth control injections put animals lives at risk – please sterilise your dog instead to keep her safe.


Our Puppies Are Delighted!

bryannaA Big Thank You to Bryanna who recently visited our shelter and brought our puppies lots of treat and toys.

We appreciate all of the supplies you brought and are puppies are delighted with everything!

Thank you for your support.


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