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Introducing Foster Friday’s!

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It can be difficult for our older/special needs dogs in our busy shelter environment. With over 190 dogs, they need quiet and comfort while waiting to be adopted.

We are looking for foster families that can open their heart and home to some of our special dogs, who would really appreciate the comfort, love and care that a foster family can provide.

Dog food will be provided by Care for Dogs as well as any medicine that might be needed. Our clinic is open from 09:00am – 4:00pm Monday through Saturday, should any medical checks be necessary.

If you are interested in fostering one of our featured dogs, please contact: 084 752 5222 (English) or 086 913 8701 (Thai)

Remember – Fostering Saves Lives!


A BIG Thank You to our Young Animal Ambassadors!

This puppy loved all the attention from Kimberley. Zen and Meshi enjoying puppy time. Cuddle time!

We were happy to welcome Christina from NIS School and her Animal Ambassadors to our shelter for a visit.

They helped walk dogs, washed and groomed some of our special dogs and enjoyed giving some of our puppies some cuddles.

We are extremely grateful for their very generous donation (over 10,000THB!!) that they have been collecting since the beginning of the year by holding several fundraising events to help our furry friends.

On behalf of the entire Care for Dogs team, Thank You to an amazing group of young children trying to make a difference in the lives of animals.


Adoption fair 14/06/2015

Toby is really happy in the arms of his new loving owner Spa is such a sweet and super friendly girl Roxy's cuteness is unmatched. She's one-of-a-kind! Kai Dao's dressing up to make sure that she's pretty enough to meet you! Little Saraphi looks shy when closely photographed Tim is now going to the new home! Dum Dum is truly a black beauty

Finding homes for homeless mongrels is quite a challenge, especially when their appearances are not “cute” by popular standards. However, at the adoption fair, we usually meet kind people who really know where true beauty lies and adopt the “average-looking” dogs nonetheless. This time is no difference and we sincerely thank the generous adopters and all who made such adoption possible.

Still, there remain several dogs not yet adopted. Some have been to the fair several times already. Perhaps the challenge is their “street dog” looks, which sadly no one can do anything about. But, despite their pedestrian faces and furs, their hearts are definitely golden. And most amazingly, they too can become more and more beautiful, just by the look of love in their eyes. All you need to do is simply giving them love and tenderness and the transformation will catch you by surprise!

So, if you are looking for dogs to share your life with, please considering giving street dogs a chance. They TOO are beautiful and, given some time, they TOO can be the most beautiful dogs in the world in your mind.


Dog Awareness Program – Making a Difference!

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Our new Charity Support Coordinator, Khun Fon, has worked at Ko Lanta Animal Welfare and has experience is community education programs. She will head our ongoing school and community outreach programs which are conducted within our grant from Dogs Trust.

After school holidays, Khun Fon started the first lesson of our 4 week program with grade one students at Baan Fon School. We plan to continue these lessons at this school from grade 2 – 6.

Khun Fon will also conduct our monthly community workshops for pet owners in our surrounding villages.

Due to her broad background, she will also run our adoption fairs, do adoption follow up visits and support our vet team as vet nurse.

We welcome Khun Fon to our team!


Flight Volunteer Wanted!

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Are you departing Thailand, flying to Paris?

Kara has been adopted by loving volunteers and we need your help to get Kara home.

There is no work or expense on your part as Care for Dogs makes all the necessary arrangements.

Please consider being a flight volunteer and help one of our special rescued dogs get to her forever home.

If you can help, or would like more information, please contact: anng@carefordogs.org


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