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Two week ago, Care for Dogs received news from WDT (Watch Dog Thailand) that dogs had been slaughtered, butchered and eaten at a Moo Baan in Sansi. So, we reported the incident to the police and had our team accompany the police to investigate the area.

At the alleged area of incident, we didn’t find any carcass. However, the informant who wanted to remain anonymous confirmed that such horrible activities happened on a daily basis.

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Although, this time we found no evidence to prosecute the culprit, the police launched preventive measures against the recurrence of such cruelty.

Care for Dogs Foundation and WDT would like to extend our gratitude to the Deputy Inspector (Suppression) Tanongsak Prasobchokechai, Police Lance Corporal Bhanuwat Punyakarn and 3 other police officers from Sansai Police Station for their cooperation.

Care for Dogs have posters available for you to help us spread the word against this cruelty. If interested, please call the shelter at 084752 5255 (English) or 086 913 8701 (Thai).

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Community Outreach

As part of our “500 Dogs Sterilisation Drive” in our local community within our grant from Dogs Trust, we were invited to speak to the staff and children at Baan Namprae Primary School.

Khun Jum, one of our staff members, went and spoke to 25 students about the importance of responsible pet ownership.

Topics included: Sterilisation: What happens during the surgery, will the pet be in pain, aftercare and where to get your pet sterilised.

Also included was the importance NOT to give birth control injections, as this can cause life threatening conditions such as pyometria (a very serious infection) and cancer.

Everyone enjoyed the seminar and we plan to continue these events monthly within our community.


Dr. Maew – Shelter Veterinarian (Temporary)


I had raised many dogs when I was young. Then, it made me realize that a dog is a great loyal animal. My most favorite among them all was a dog named Sunny. He was a smart and handsome Golden Retriever. Every time I went outside, he would always await me eagerly. And when I was back, he would wag his tail very hard and leap with joy. One day, he got sick. He didn’t eat and got skinnier. So we took him to see a vet, the vet said he caught Canine Distemper. Sunny was severely weak that the vet could not cure him. Then, we took him home. On his last day of his life, he still waited for me. Once I was home, I saw him crying and passing away latterly. From then, I was out for helping another loyal friend. Therefore, I chose to study on a Veterinary Medicine.

Since I have started working at Care for Dogs, people around me stated saying that I smelled just like dogs! Exactly! I work with a load of dogs each day. I always sleep like a log at night because I get very tired after work. However, I love it here! At Care for Dogs, we devote ourselves for helping needed animals without thinking about any profits. The only thing is to do the best to take care of them. Working here may get my energy away, yet I feel very happy to do it. More than that, I am so proud of myself. There is no better feeling to be compared with this. Nine-hour-each-day is not that long for me, it is worth every second of all my time helping these cuties. Furthermore, I have the best team here. They are all hardworking, devoted, and good-hearted.

“A pet could not complain when they are sick. But once they are cured, the happiness is shine bright in their eyes. And we can feel it. Yes, it’s the greatest thing in my vocation.”


Black Jack – A special dog for special people!


Who can resist Black Jack´s cute round face and Labrador puppy looks? Most people think that he is still a puppy, but it is estimated that he is 3-4 years old. That means his puppy looks will last forever! This small, adorable looking boy weighs just 11.5 kilos, an ideal size all around.

Black Jack was brought to the Care for Dogs´ shelter in December 2014 when he seemed to be almost paralyzed. We still don´t know what was wrong with him. Maybe a car or scooter had hit him or malnutrition had caught up with him. As a street dog, we may never know for sure. He also may have had a pinched nerve when lying down and that is why he doesn´t always stand with his right front leg.

His healing process started with acupuncture treatment. This, along with massage and walking him with a ‘swing’, gave stimulation to his nerves and muscles, and after three weeks of treatment he had the necessary abilities for survival. With the help of Finnish donators, Care for Dogs continued special treatments to aid in Black Jack’s movements and daily walks.

The results have been so good that Black Jack is now ready for adoption. He can walk continuously at least 500 meters at this moment and it is important to give him this exercise several times daily. Scratching, rubbing and massaging this lovely dog is also good for his circulation and muscles. He should not gain weight however, as it would burden his left front leg too much. His new owner will get tips for helping Black Jack live the healthiest life possible.

Black Jack generally likes people, but when you come to the shelter please approach him very kindly. He starts to recognize the people who treat him well and soon he will try to lie on your lap and take you for walks. He really is very cheerful and friendly just like any other lab.


At Care for Dogs, we love adoptions!

To see our dogs find loving homes after the heartache and uncertainty they have been through makes us so happy!

Thank you to the following individuals who chose to adopt from a shelter and give these deserving dogs( and kitty) a chance to experience a loving home, something that most of them have never had.

Please remember, Adopt – Don’t Shop!

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