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Could You Be The One to Finally Give Boeing a Home?

13086884_10154170579129044_5388095990692269260_oBefore coming into our care in August, 2014, Boeing was in danger of being killed.

Boeing is very sweet but can be a little shy when she first meets new people. Once she gets to know you, she adores attention and is so happy! She is good with other dogs and LOVES her walks with our volunteers.

Drop by and meet Boeing and let her know that not everyone is out to harm her. She deserves a second chance and a loving home.

If you would like to arrange to meet Boeing, please call:
099 721 0012

Thank you for your support!


Would You Be My Hero?

13112745_10154175557329044_6794546221487624076_oPlease read about me and see if I could be your new K9 friend.

My name is Amino, and did have a place I once called home. It was a crematorium and I was removed because it was a very unhealthy living situation and no one there cared enough to help me. There wasn’t anyone to give me the proper care that I needed to survive – and no one for me to love. I may look like an average black dog, but I assure you, I will bestow on you everlasting loyal companionship and all my affection.

I’m very grateful to have this new opportunity at a full, happy life. All I need is you to take a chance on me, as I was once a poor fellow with a hopeless past. Let me be the best reason you get up every morning. I promise to not disappoint you and you can restore my faith in kind. I think this is known as a win win!

If you would like to meet Amino, please call: 099 721 0012

Thank You


Wonderful News!

13072739_10154180605929044_7282999174309385592_oAfter 3 years of patiently waiting for her forever home, Yanna has finally been adopted!

Thank you Ashley and family for opening your hearts and home to one very special dog.

We couldn’t be happier that Yanna finally has a loving home that she so deserved.


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