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Calling all Thai Vets!

safe_imageCalling all Thai Vets! We currently have an opening for a licensed Thai Vet. This is an exciting opportunity to be a part of an international NGO. Please see the link below for more details.

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Chayen would like to say hello!

She has been with us for 5 weeks now and is ready for her forever home. Please contact us at 099-721-0012 if you are interested. She is waiting for you!


Another Rescue!

13619918_10154366267844044_5729571049747301652_n 13612402_10154366267884044_6797566764258415557_n

This friendly boy was brought to WVS / Care for Dogs with the most horrific injuries to all four legs. The front left paw was completely broken and only a piece of infected skin kept the paw attached to the leg. Maiju, the clinical director was able to save him by treating the wounds and amputating the leg. Only 12 hours later he was happily hopping in the yard and loved a good cuddle.


Meet Coco-Lee!

coco-lee-sponsor-for-1-monthMeet Coco-Lee, she came to Care for Dogs in 2011 after we were notified of a large group of dogs that had been poisoned. Sadly, she was the only survivor. Unfortunately Coco-Lee had a bad eye injury, and after several attempts to save the eye, surgery was necessary. In the beginning, Coco-Lee was very shy and preferred to stay by herself. With the help of volunteers, she has become more trusting of people and will now approach volunteers to say hello! We are always in need of volunteers to work with special dogs like Coco-Lee, but you can also help by sponsoring her or any dogs in our care.



Thank you all for attending the 10th Anniversary Open House!

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Thank you all for attending the 10th Anniversary Open House. Congratulations to the winner of the Marriott Hotel certificate! It was wonderful to meet everyone and the dogs enjoyed meeting you as well. Please support us to ensure we will be here for another 10 years!

Click the below link to make a donation.


We appreciate the continued support!


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