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Shot With an Arrow and Survived

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Imagine being homeless and trying to find food and a safe place to rest your head at night.
Then, you become the target of cruelty simply for being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

This is what happened to Bailey.

We were alerted to Bailey’s dire situation by a kind woman that was in the area. It was obvious that Bailey needed immediate help as he had been shot with a metal arrow.

We needed to act fast and Bailey was too scared to be caught easily. Our team headed to the area with blow darting equipment so we could catch him easily without causing more stress to Bailey.

On scene, there were also 2 security guards who were concerned about Bailey and offer to help.

Now safe, Bailey is in our care receiving the treatment he needed, to survive, what appears to be an act of cruelty by someone not wanting him in the area.

Thank you to everyone involved who helped us get Bailey into our care so he can rest safely and recover.


Did You Say It’s Time for A Walk?

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Looking after the needs of 180+ dogs at our shelter is no easy task. Daily cleaning, feeding, rounds of medicine and treatments, surgeries, sterilisations, assessing incoming animals, emergency rescue call-outs, it can be overwhelming.

You probably think our dogs never get out for walks and fun? Not True!!

Thanks to our dedicated dog walking volunteers, our dogs get to enjoy daily outings, walks and fun .

In the month of November 2014, our amazing dog walking volunteers walked 450 dogs!! Simply amazing! Our dogs are truly blessed to have such a caring group of volunteers, dedicated to their well-being and making sure EVERYONE gets walked.

On behalf of the entire Care for Dogs team, Thank You for your commitment and dedication to making the lives of our dogs a little brighter each day.




Pictured is Lima who was adopted into a loving home.


From Having His Life Threatened to Happy Ever After!


Before Abe (Boon Chuay) came into our care, his life nearly came to an end as people had threatened to kill him.

While safe in our care, he caught the attention of one family that was looking to offer a loving home to one of our rescued dogs.

They are celebrating the one year anniversary of when Abe (Boon Chuay) came into their life.

His adopter writes:

“It has been one year since we’ve adopted Abe and he is still as wonderful as ever. He and m son are still always together and very, very rarely apart throughout the day. Abe has a heart of gold and I call him my nanny dog. The cats love to sleep with him.

We’ve recently taken in a puppy who needed a good home, as well as a cat and Abe has welcomed the new family members and has helped them settle in. He truly is the world’s most perfect dog!”

It truly makes us happy to hear such a wonderful story like this! Thank you for opening your hearts and home to a very special dog in need.


December 2014 – Another Pawsome Month!


Thanks to our dedicated team, December 2014 was another awesome month for helping our furry friends in need.

Adoptions: 26
Dogs sterilised: 78
Cats sterilised: 3
Rescue cases: 42

We would also like to Thank all of our supporters, as our success would not be possible without your generosity!


Need to get in touch with Care for Dogs ? - Email us at contact@carefordogs.org

Alternatively, you can visit the web site http://www.carefordogs.org and read more information about our activities.

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