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Yappy Hour tickets!


Get Ready!

We are happy to announce that The River Market will be hosting Care for Dogs Annual Fundraiser, Yappy Hour 2014!

It will be a memorable evening of Cocktails and Vegetarian Canapés, featuring our 3 signatures cocktails Mutt-Mojito, Doggone Daiquiri and the Mischievous Margarita.

This event will be held on Sunday, November 16, 2014 from 5:30-8:30pm.

There will be lots of door prizes and a fantastic assortment of silent auction prizes, with all proceeds going to help dogs in need.

Nat Motors has even graciously donated a scooter that you can have a chance of winning!

Please come out to support the abandoned, abused and forgotten dogs and help us create a better tomorrow by giving them the second chance they deserve.

Tickets are available at the Care for Dogs Shelter or via our Online Shop:


Ann Gough – Charity Support Coordinator

Ann Gough

I am a dog advocate because as a child, I looked into a dog’s eyes and saw a soul as real as mine.
- E.H.G

For as long as I can remember, animals have had a profound affect on my life.

Pictured with me is 2 of our rescued pets. Abby, who is from Care for Dogs, and Tia, who was rescued from a horrendous puppy mill in Canada. Our other family members include Gracie, and Riggs (our cat) who were all rescued and moved to Thailand with us.

Being a part of the wonderful team at Care for Dogs is a dream come true. Having worked in the animal welfare sector in Canada, this allows me to continue my passion to try and help the many abused, homeless and forgotten dogs in Northern Thailand.


From a Cruel Beginning to a Wonderful Life!

As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

When Lamai came into our care, she was a very shy, frightened dog. We didn’t know why, but certainly she had endured a life of a lonely street dog, trying to survive.

Buddy had been abused by his previous owner before he came into our care. He too, had endured a life full of misery and never knew the kind and loving touch of a human hand.

Lamai and Buddy were adopted by a loving couple in Germany, and are now much loved members of their family.

Every day at Care for Dogs, we see unimaginable cruelty, sadness and despair that is sometimes hard to put into words.

Let these pictures speak for themselves.

We are so appreciative of this family that opened their home and hearts to two unknown street dogs who needed a safe place to call home.

Thank You Nicole & Frank!



Khun Cory – Shelter Manager

coryMy wife always says that no matter how angry or depressed I am, all she has to do to make me feel better is show me a picture of puppies. My love for animals started when I was really young. While my friends where catching frogs, lizards, and all types of insects, I was letting them go. When I was 8 I rescued an alligator snapping turtle. This was the first time I realized how smart animals were because the turtle would snap at everyone but me.

My first dog was a rescued Labrador Collie mix named Wylie. He was a great dog and unfortunately died from cancer; but in his 10 years he hooked me. I knew that I would always want animals around me. After a few years as a teacher I decided that I needed a career change. I followed the words of Voltaire, “hold true to the dreams of thy youth.” The dream of my youth was to work with animals.

I am fortunate now to have met Karin and to have been invited to join the Care for Dogs team. I am now able to get back to what I love, working with and for animal. Humanity must speak for the animals. We need to scream and shout for them so they can be heard. Care for Dogs gives thousands of animals the chance to be heard.

I know I have found a great job and a wonderful place to work. I am grateful for the work this job allows me to do. I would recommend Care for Dogs to anyone who loves animals or wants to adopt a four legged friend.


Community, military and CFD together rescue mother and puppies

On June 26 Khun Jum got a rescue call from someone who had found a mother dog and her puppies, staying inside the drain at the moat at Chang Phuek and they needed our help because soon the water will be released into the moat so they afraid that all of them will drown.

K.Jum headed to the place right after the she got off the phone to meet the people who had seen the dogs -K.Job and K.Phet (shown in the photos). As soon as she arrived and met these kind people, they saw the 5 puppies and their mommy inside the drain. Seeing this is sad and happy in the same time.

And one more thing that really impressed us was the soldiers at the base camp helped us to get all the puppies out from the drain. With the help of everyone, now the mother and her pups are safe and sound now at Care for Dogs.

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