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Justice for Juice


In 2012, Juice found herself dumped and abandoned in front of our shelter.

More than 2 years later, Juice had started the preparations to travel to her new loving home in Finland. Sadly, someone decided to do evil to one dog, and that one evil act had deadly consequences for Juice.

While in foster care in a nearby village close to our shelter, Juice and 2 other dogs were going for their usual walk after diner with their foster mom. Without anyone knowing, someone had placed food laced with poison on the road, intended for another dog.

Juice and Namon decided to investigate and quickly snatched up the poison laced food. Within minutes, both dogs were fighting for their lives.

Immediately, Juice and Namon were rushed to a vet hospital. Sadly, Juice died just as they arrived.

Because of one person’s cruel intentions, it has caused unbearable grieve for countless people.

Care for Dogs Foundation have been to the police to report this unspeakable cruelty. We have also put up posters in the village with a reward for any hints that will lead to the person responsible.

Banners will also be placed informing people of the penalties for the new animal welfare law, which are up to 2 years in prison and a fine of up to 40,000THB.

As a tribute to Juice, here are a few words from her adopter.

“I was supposed to bring Juice to Finland to my parents in June. I had got to know Juice well and knew that she would have been a perfect dog for my mother and father, along with Alfa, another rescue from Care for Dogs.

She was such a sweet and loving soul. My parents, family and friends never had the chance to know Juice and everyone is shocked about how something like this could happen. There are so many people who will miss Juice. She had already touched the hearts of people that she had not even met yet. I loved her”.

This type of intentional cruelty can only be described as heartless, and we will continue our search so that there will be justice for Juice.

RIP sweet Juice.

(Pictured is Juice and her adopter Jenni)


Abandoned and Left To Fend for Themselves!

11174918_10153260874904044_5307178033614174540_n abandoned 1530302_10153260875274044_155554887753234201_n 11110183_10153260875724044_225059614192599393_n

Imagine, being part of a family and life is good. Then, for reasons you don’t understand, find yourself tied to the porch and everyone familiar to you is gone.

These 3 sweet dogs found themselves abandoned by their owners when they moved away. They were tied to the porch and left in the hot sun without food or water. All 3 dogs managed to chew through the ropes to try and find shade, food and water.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the dogs were given one week by the land owner to find somewhere else to live or he threatened to poison the dogs.

We were contacted by a kind member of the public who asked for our help. These lovely dogs are now safe in our care and are looking for a loving home, where they will never have to worry about being abandoned again.

They deserve another chance at finding an owner who will care enough to make them a permanent part of the family.


Volunteer of the Month April, 2015 – Meet Jenni!


On behalf of the entire Care for Dogs team, we would like to express our appreciation to the amazing individuals who volunteer their time to help us care for the many abused, homeless and forgotten animals that come into our shelter.

Jenni first came to volunteer at Care for Dogs with her spouse in April 2014 and again in May 2014. She missed the dogs so much that she decided to return to Chiang Mai last October. She says that “when you get to know 200 dogs by their names and personality, it is not easy to leave them when they are in need of walking, care and love.

Jenni will do anything she can to help out from clipping nails, bathing, walking dogs, adoption fairs, fundraising events, FB stories and photography.

As she points out, “Dogs are the dearest thing to me. Dogs are so straightforward and honest. They are ready to love you with all of their hearts. They are great company, fun, faithful and thankful.”

Thank you Jenni for your dedication and compassion to all the dogs in our care. You have truly made a difference in the lives of so many.


Operation Clean and Fed Pooches – A Success!

A BIG Thank You to all of our volunteers who came out to help Pii Meow and her dedicated team that look after 25 abandoned dogs at the Haiya Crematorium.

It was a fun (and wet!) time and the end result was 12 very clean, tick-free, happy dogs.

Thank You Pii Meow and friends for looking after these very sweet dogs. They had been unwanted and dumped, but now they have someone who cares. You are doing a wonderful job!

Thank you to Cathy and Emma, Care for Dogs volunteers, who organized this fun day.

Well done everyone!


Hunchy – Another Street Dog in Need


Like so many homeless dogs, Hunchy’s life has been that of hardships and uncertainty.

We were alerted to Hunchy’s desperate situation by a kind member of the public who noticed that Hunchy was very thin and could not walk.

After coming into our care, our vet team discovered that Hunchy was suffering from blood parasites , which is transferred to dogs from ticks. If this condition is not treated, the results can be deadly.

Since her treatment began, she is making constant improvements. Hunchy is a sweet dog who makes us all smile with her loving personality.

Hunchy is now getting the second chance that she so desperately needed.


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