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A Very Happy Family Reunion!

happy A couple of days ago, we brought the story (facebook_link…) of a poor female dog that could not give birth due to birth control injections.
After emergency surgery, the mother was not producing milk, so we needed to find urgent foster homes for her 4 puppies.

We are thrilled to report that mom is feeling better after her surgery and is producing milk. We put the family together again and mom is taking very good care of her babies.

Wonderful news!


Could you Help to Improve our Shelter Fencing?



At Care for Dogs, our puppy and teenager enclosures are located opposite our main yard. Some adult dogs from other enclosures are climbing artists and manage again and again to jump over the fence and into the puppy /teenager area. This sometimes results in bullying the smaller puppies or teenagers or the adult dogs stealing the puppy food.

Thanks to kind donors we have been able to provide slope fencing in a few other enclosures, which has been very effective for keeping the dogs in their areas.

Since fencing is quite expensive in Thailand, we are now looking for support to be able to continue the slope fencing in the puppy and teenager enclosure. The costs for two enclosures would be approx. 12,000 THB.

Would you be able to donate towards this project? Your gift will help to improve the lives of dogs in our care.

If you would like to donate towards this project, please visit our DONATE page and mention “Sloping fence project”.

Thank You for your kind support!


Dog of the Week – Sii Tdaa!

11087482_10153206481204044_2605339854306070941_oSii Tdaa is finally relaxed after thoughtful and caring people reported the abuse and poisoning attempts he had been through. This beautiful boy is trusting in spite of all he’s endured and if you can provide a loving new home for this gorgeous male, please don’t wait–he’s ready to be loved and treated kindly again now!

Please mail inquiries to: contact@carefordogs.org or call 084-752-5255(English) or 086-913-8701(Thai) for more information on Sii Tdaa.


Sponsor A Dog Program – India!


keltic139@hotmail.com India editedWe are not certain what kind of a life India had before coming into our care. What is certain is that India found herself unwanted and dumped at our shelter in 2010. She has been waiting over 1,572 days to find her forever home!

By sponsoring dogs like India, you can help us keep our promise to provide a safe place to call home until she finds a family of her own.



Thank You Royal Canin!

10305976_10153175720159044_8562875338631167487_nWith over 185 dogs in our care, we go through a tremendous amount of dog food.

Thank You Royal Canin for your recent generous donation.

We appreciate your support!


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