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  4. oat idlis for lil’ ones – by Gauri
  5. a big production
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a good start

I hope you had a good start to 2014!


Like with every new year, I have hit the reset button and I am all charged up about getting back to blogging regularly, writing up all those wonderful stories that I’ve been wanting to write in 2013 but just didn’t get to them. I’m also very excited about the brand new toy Santa got me and can’t wait to share the beautiful pictures it takes for me. In the first few days of 2014, I’ve been cooking and clicking away!

Today I am sharing one of my recent successes in the kitchen – Lentil  & Chickpea Salad with Cumin Vinaigrette

Lentil & Chickpea Salad with Cumin Vinaigrette

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Kanchan’s cooking experiments

And there I go…just couldn’t keep my promise :( . What a long unexpected hiatus this has been! Its the same story; I’ve been nothing but really very busy with work and before I realized Summer’s already over!  While I had been focussed on work, it was great to come home to delicious mom-made food!  Mom and I swapped a few recipes before she went back, which I will be sure to post in the upcoming weeks but in the meantime, to help  jump start my blog, I have invited my friend, Kanchan, to share some of her creative concoctions.


Kanchan and I were together in Engineering school, back in my hometown, Pune. She now lives in NJ with her husband and an adorable 3 year old baby girl, who keeps her on her toes all...

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Girl talks, giggles and good food with a splash of alcohol - now thats a perfect recipe for a great girls’ nite! No matter how busy we get, my girl friends and I make it a point to meet up regularly. It is our much needed time, away from all those day-to-day things, just getting together and having a ball of a time.


Sometimes it does become a little difficult to get out and meet up – like this last time a couple of weeks ago. That didn’t stop us! We just got together at my place for a girls’ night in! The guys were out somewhere, the kids got to have a playdate while we hung out out in the family room, sipping our favorite wines by candle light, chatting, laughing and relishing a savory array of  homemade...

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oat idlis for lil’ ones – by Gauri

Gauri and I go back many many years, all the way to kindergarten! Over the years we drifted apart, but thanks to “the social network” we have managed to stay in touch over the years. Recently I saw the picture she posted of steamed rice and oat cakes she made for her kids. When I asked her to pass the recipe along for the blog, she happily shared it with me. Hope this quick and healthy twist on a classic recipe, that originally comes from her mom, inspires you to create delicious and nutritious food for your lil’ ones!

Oat Idlis

My mom is the best cook! She always manages to cook the tastiest dishes while also making them healthy. She recently sent me a recipe for oat idlis especially since my daughter, Rushika, loves idlis. I...

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a big production

Every year, as the holiday season starts winding down, I gear up for a big production – my little princess’ “royal birthday”! The cupcake birthday was probably the last one I planned for her without her involvement. From then on, she plans her own birthday parties. Growing up, I don’t remember caring for my birthday, but my little “big girl” has it all laid out for every birthday coming up in the next few years!

This year she wished for a Princess Tea Party with her favorite Disney princess – Ariel, the little mermaid. And here’s how mommy and daddy made it happen…

A Big Production-001 (2)

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