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  2. tikka tacos
  3. the best sandwich I ever made!
  4. a frozen birthday
  5. season’s eatings
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my mom’s signature concoction, reinvented!

A few years back, I had shared with you all my mom’s signature concoction. It is hands down the best dish my mom makes and I just LOVE it.


As I was thinking of a topic for writing a post for Mother’s Day this year,  I remembered that post, her classic recipe and all the wonderful memories associated with it. I decided to treat myself to some khichadi for lunch, but soon realized that I was out of the key ingredient, sabudana. There was, however, a box of sabudana-like ingredient in my pantry, the Israeli couscous!

Sabudana Khichadi wCouscous

…And that’s how my mom’s signature concoction got reinvented!

I had a lot fun playing in the kitchen that afternoon, recreating traditional flavors using some new ingredients and new...

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tikka tacos

Seems like I just blinked and April’s gone! With May comes Cinco de Mayo i.e. May 5th, the day when everyone here in the US is more than happy to celebrate the Mexican culture with some delicioso Mexican food and drinks. For me, its a great excuse to put some quick and easy tacos or quesadillas on the dinner table for my family.This year, for Cinco de Mayo, I’m thinking of switching things up a bit. I’m going to make Indian version of the Mexican tacos – the chicken tikka tacos!



It is not exactly a fusion food as the name might suggest; the original dish was an inspiration for me to come up with my concoction. I took the concept of a classic Mexican taco and gave it an Indian spin with sizzling chicken...

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the best sandwich I ever made!

Clean eating is all the buzz these days! I first came across the term “clean eating” while browsing on Pinterest and was hooked! Pins after pins, there are so many infographs, articles, meal plans and recipes out there on the topic of eating clean and staying healthy.  This is how I interpreted it – eating whole, unprocessed foods, in their most natural state and focus on making better choices, controlling portions and savoring every bite without rushing through my meal. I think it’s essentially the same old principle of eating a well-balanced diet and leading a healthy and active life. Now that sounds like a simple concept, doesn’t it?!


Since the last couple of years, I have been focusing on...

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a frozen birthday

‘Twas that time of the year again, when I have to gear up for a big production! It was my daughter’s birthday end of January and this year she asked for a “Frozen” birthday. Yes, like most girls her age, she still is very much into the movie and everything else about it! So as per her wish, my husband and I threw her a “Frozen on Ice” birthday party at an ice skating rink near by.


Once we locked the theme down,  I spent hours on Pinterest, looking for fun ways to weave in the different aspects of the movie into the party invites, decorations, favors and menu planning. With the detailed instructions from this website, I made the cute party badges for the kids to wear around the neck, before they...

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season’s eatings

Here we are in 2015 and I didn’t even realize when the holidays came and went! I didn’t realize how fast 2014 came and went, for that matter! I sure was having fun all year long and ended it with a refreshing staycation in the last two weeks of the year and making the most of the holidays. Since a few years now, I try to take time off from work in the holidays and spend it at home with my family. This year, in addition to attending a bunch of holiday parties every weekend, my husband and I hosted a scotch and wine tasting holiday party at home.


Among all of the season’s eatings this year, the one thing that stood out was the slow-cooker lamb curry I made on Christmas day.


Christmas day generally turns out to be one of...

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