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“Find My Past” – a Television Program for the Travel Channel in the U.S.

Travel-LogoThe Travel Channel has unveiled plans to develop a diverse slate of new programming. Pilots for eight new original series have been given the green light for production. The one that caught my eye is a genealogy program, to be called “Find My Past.” The announcement was made by Shannon O’Neill, President, Travel Channel.

The announcement states, “‘Find My Past’ is a hosted series that follows Americans on a journey to breathtaking locations throughout the world...

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Women in China’s Miao Minority Wear Helmets Made of Hair from Their Ancestors

Miao-minorityMany of us are fortunate enough to inherit heirlooms or other items from our ancestors. However, women in the Miao minority of China often have mementoes from many generations of their maternal ancestors: hair.

Instead of throwing away their hair when they comb it, women of the Long-horn Miao minority save the strands and add them to their collection of hair that allows them to create spectacular headdresses. The hairpieces are passed down to daughters as more and more hair from each generation is...

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Today is St. George’s Day

st-george-killing-dragonSt. George became patron saint of England in 1415 AD, over a thousand years after his death. His cross forms the national flag of England, and is featured within the Union Flag of the United Kingdom, and other national flags containing the Union Flag, such as those of Australia and New Zealand. Actually, St. George never set foot in England.

St George was born to Christian parents in 270 AD in Cappadocia, which is now Eastern Turkey. He moved to Palestine and became a Roman soldier, but later...

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Go Back in Time with Google Street View Archives

StreetViewGoogle Street Views has to be one of the coolest applications on the Internet. With just a few mouseclicks and keystrokes, you can visit most any address. You can look at your house, at a street in London, or one in Mumbai. I used Google Street Views a lot when looking for a new home. I “investigated” properties and neighborhoods online before traveling to each house. I crossed several properties off my list after virtually checking out the neighborhoods. That saved a lot of time and...

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Woman Finds Love Letter 6 Decades Old and Tracks Down the Soldier Who Wrote It

Be careful when you write love letters! You never know who will find them. Then again, who writes letters these days?

A woman from Murrells Inlet, S.C., purchased a pile of paperbacks at a used bookstore and found a letter inside one of the books. The envelope was postmarked November 1951. With the help of a genealogist, the woman was able to locate the soldier, now a 83-year-old veteran in a suburb of Detroit. A phone call was made and now the letter has been returned to the ex-soldier.


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