Hair Wigs are a Great Fashion Accessory and more...


Hair Wigs are a Great Fashion Accessory

Hair Wigs are a Great Fashion Accessory
By Shelia M Goss

If you would have asked me several years ago about wearing wigs or hair weave, I would have looked at you crazy. It only took one bad experience at a hairdresser and my mind changed.  I asked for a Rihanna bob cut and apparently she didn’t fully understand. Anyway, when I was trying to grow my hair out and not use a curling iron on it on a daily basis, I became an advocate for wigs. Wigs are a great fashion accessory.


New Born Free Cutie Wig

Reasons why I love wearing wigs:

1. Convenience – I don’t have to mess with my hair every morning. I can just brush my hair and attach and go. I get a relaxer every six weeks and I wash and condition my hair weekly. (Some are probably saying, why not go natural? Well, let’s just say I tried going natural and it just didn’t work out for me.)

2. Style Versatility – If I’m wearing wigs, I can change my hair on a daily basis to match my mood. I also like wearing different hair styles and wearing wigs offer that option.  (In my ideal world I can afford to go to the hair salon every time I want to try a new style, but my budget doesn’t agree.) It’s also great to add color to your hair style without worrying about damaging your hair.

3. Savings – Although a good wig may cost money; it’s worth the investment. If you take care of a wig, it can have a long life span. I normally keep a wig for about two to three months but...

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USA Today Review of The Aftermath by Shelia M Goss


“The Jones family can rival any TV drama series on prime time.” ~ USA Today

I’m excited to share that my new book The Aftermath was reviewed by Michelle Monkou and is featured on USA Today. To see the full review, CLICK HERE.


Men of Hollywood Series Contest – Time Sensitive

helpI’ve completed the Women of Hollywood series: Secret Relations, Secret Liaisons and Secrets Uncovered (coming June 2015) and now I’m about to start working on the Men of Hollywood series.

This is where you come in. I’ve been trying to come up with book titles with a keyword in each title (“Secret” was the key word in each one of the women in Hollywood book titles.).

If your suggestion is used as the title, then you will get a complimentary e-book copy of each one of the Men of Hollywood Books when they are released.

Leave your title suggestion in the comment field on this post. Thanks



One To Love By Michelle Monkou

One+To+Love+Cover1About One To Love

Nothing is going to keep Belinda Toussaint from her goal of starting a horse-riding camp for kids who need a fresh start, which means teaming up with the man who’s been hired to help turn her vision into reality. But soccer legend Jesse Santiago is as arrogant as he is irresistible. Giving in to the passion igniting between them could head Belinda straight for heartbreak.

After a devastating injury ended his pro sports career, Jesse’s ready for a major change. The job as head contractor on this innovative project could be the new beginning he craves. It took courage for Belinda to break away from her family’s media empire and follow her own ambitions. Now Jesse intends to be true to himself, as well. But when his past threatens to sabotage his future with Belinda, will he be able to convince her that they share the same dream of being together forever?

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About Michelle Monkou MK

MICHELLE MONKOU became a world traveler at three years old when she left her birthplace of London, England and moved to Guyana, South America. She then moved to the United States as a young teen. An avid reader, mixed with her cultural experiences, set the tone for a vivid imagination. It wasn’t long before the stories in her head became stories on paper.


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Bahama Love by Khara Campbell

BahamaLove2Money can’t buy him love, and trust is worth more to her than what is in his bank account.

American-Bahamian Nathan Cooper, family owns a multi-billion dollar International resort company. However Nathan had learned early on – more money equals more problems. Especially problems in relationships. The women are only looking at his dollar signs instead of wanting to truly get to know him. This here lines his major trust issue.

Riley Clark, young, career-driven, Bahamian, bank manager has concerns of her own when it comes to finding the one. She needs to have trust before she could allow her heart to fall in love. It’s a rule she stands by along with another rule to help guard her heart and mind from being hurt.

Can these two overcome their issues to allow one another completely into their lives, especially with outside forces adding fuel to the fire?

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Connect with author Khara Campbell:khara+Campbell

Twitter: @KharaCampbell
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Instagram: @KharaCampbell


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