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What constitute a duplicate ad?

It is considered ad duplication if the content of the ad is 80% or more of another ad of seller regardless of the Title and attached imaged. It is considered spamming and against our Ad Prohibition Policy.

All ads that is found to be a duplicate copy will be moved to “Pending” section . Users will be alerted by email. All ads marked “Pending” will no longer appear on our search result, unless the user modify the ads and conforms with the policy.

If you have several items...

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How to Avoid Scammers from Buy and Sell Ads Online

There are a lot of ways to avoid be scammed online when buying or selling items. Numerous articles and write-ups has been posted giving tips and advice from the very obvious to the more sophisticated ways scammers do to unsuspecting netizens. The following two articles list the best ways to avoid being scammed.

  • Being scammed (paying for an item but not receiving it, or buying a damaged item, or receiving a counterfeit product) is a very rare circumstance that is generally easy to avoid,...

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How to Embed Video or Image


  • Get embed code from or any video sites and paste into ad post description


  • Go to any image hosting site and get the embed code and paste into ad post description


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