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Breeding and Culture of Siamese Fighting Fish

Fighting fish is a popular freshwater aquarium fish species often referred to as betta and known as pla-kat in its native homeland, Thailand.  It is member of the gourami family (Osphronemidae) or labyrinth fishes, which has lung-like labyrinth organ that could use atmospheric oxygen. Fighting fish is native to the Mekong Basin in Southeast Asia […]


Homebased Cashew Nut Processing Business

Cashew (Anacardium occidentale) is widely grown in the tropics because of its cashew nuts and apples. The cashew apple can be eaten raw or used in the production of jam, chutney, pickles or various beverages like juice and wine. The primary product of cashew nut is the kernel which is used extensively in the confectionery […]


Hot to Make Native Longanisa for Food Business

Among the fresh processed meats, longganisa is the most regularly purchased pork product, which is known to be a Filipino version of hotdog. Any part of a pork carcass like ham (pigue), shoulder (kasim) loin (lomo), and others, except the belly (liempo), can be made into longganisa. Estimated Investmest Cost (in Php based on 2009 […]


Breeding and Culture of Goldfish

Goldfish is a small member of the carp family (Cyprinidae). It is called goldfish because it started from a gold variety of silver carp. They lack barbell which distinguishes it from common carp with two barbells. Goldfish is one of the earliest fish to be domesticated and still one of the most commonly kept aquarium […]


Breeding and Culture of Livebearer Ornamental Fish

Livebearers are small ornamental fishes that give birth to live young. The most popular livebearers (guppy, swordtail, platy, and molly) belong to Family Poeciliidae, known as livebearing tooth-carps (upper and lower jaw have teeth) Livebearers originated from South America. They are considered as beginner’s fish because they are the easiest pet fish to keep and […]


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