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Chinese businesses take on the world and more...

Chinese businesses take on the world

Xiaomi and Lenovo's appearance in the global smartphone rankings show the increasing confidence of Chinese businesses



Where next for the telco industry?

The telecommunications industry is facing a cultural shift as the market moves against the sector



The fight for cloud computing’s sweet spot

An old PC industry was is being re-fought in the cloud. Will the result be different this time.



Zuckerburg’s curse

Zuckerburg's curse -- Twitter is not Facebook and nor are most startups


Klout and marketing’s holy grail – an interview with Joe Fernandez

For three months in 2007 Joe Fernandez had his jaw wired shut following surgery and found himself relying on social media for news and companionship. Over that three months of sitting on the net Fernandez found he had become a social media influencer and the idea for Klout was born. In many respects Klout is the [...]


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