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Keynote speaking and presentations and more...

Keynote speaking and presentations

Paul Wallbank speaks on how businesses, workplaces and communities are changing in the twenty first century


ABC Nightlife: Pokemon Go and the end of the ideas boom

On this month's ABC Nightlife we look at what Pokemon Go tells us about the future of Augmented Reality and the post election future of the ideas boom.


Embracing business disruption

Pam Murphy, the Chief Operating Officer of software company Infor believes businesses have to embrace change in order to survive today's period of disruption


Thinking about networked thinking

In a world awash with data managers may have to start thinking about networked thinking


Seizing the collective insanity: Secrets of the happy creative

Ignore the money and make people happy is how to be a happy creative worker believes the designer behind Twitter's Fail Whale, Yiying Lu


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